Top 10+ Fastest Browsers For Windows 11, 10, 8 PC

While all web browsers maintain that they are fastest, do they really stand out? We have curated a list of the best browsers for PC including the features and speed to guide you to the fastest option. However, if you are short on time, our recommendation for the fastest browser of 2024 – Opera. It is one of the safest options apart from all-time favorite Google Chrome.

Having the right web browser can make a substantial difference in the way you browse the Internet. That is why it’s important to have the best browser for Windows 11/10/8 that can meet all your needs. But when it comes to selecting the right one for your computer you need to focus on certain factors. These include speed, security, privacy, compatibility, add ons etc. However, which one is exactly the best? Which is the fastest & safest browser available? Let us ponder more on this aspect in the next section before you select the fastest browser for PC.

What Should You Look for in a Web Browser?

Well, to save your research time while searching for the top Internet browser for your PC. We’ve listed the Top 10 Fastest Browsers For Windows 11/10 & below, and we’ve evaluated each browser based on these criteria:

  • Speed – It’s the most important factor to consider. Because, hey, who doesn’t get easily annoyed with slow page load times?
  • Navigation – Having the ability to navigate from one place to another quickly is the need of the hour.
  • Extensions – Add-ons for making browsing more convenient & satisfying. To get added customized functions to your web browsing experience such as password management, taking notes, blocking ads.
  • Privacy & Security – An excellent browser is one that focuses on user privacy & security. So, you might be looking for a web browser that helps you minimize how you’re tracked.
  • Customization – Well, the ability to customize the toolbar, change the browser theme & manage bookmarks, are some of the important things that every good web browser should have.
  • User Experience – Well, who doesn’t like a clean, intuitive & eye-pleasing interface? Of course, it might not be an essential factor to consider while choosing the Best Web Browser for Windows 10, but it does matter!

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The Best Fastest Web Browser By Feature

Best For Name of browser Features
Speed  Opera 
  • Prioritizes on user-centric features.
  • Includes the RAM/CPU limiters.
Extensions & Cross-platform support Google Chrome
  • Chrome web store includes numerous extensions.
  • Supports various operating systems and synchronization between them.
Integration with PC Microsoft Edge
  • Tab management.
  • AI-powered sidebar for efficiency.
Security Mozilla Firefox
  • Protects from digital tracking.
  • Anti-phishing and malware protection tools.
Customization  Vivaldi
  • Highly customizable toolbar.
  • Constantly adds user-friendly controls & tools.

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So, let’s explore the features, advantages & disadvantages of these Top 10 Most Fastest & Safest Browsers for Windows 10 & older versions. Also, do not forget to tell us your favorite web browser at the end of the article in the comments section!

Top 10+ Fastest Web Browsers For Windows 11/10 PC

Here is the list of the best and fastest browsers for Windows 11, 10, 8, and other popular OS.

1. Opera – Most Underrated Browser

Platforms Supported: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS & other basic phones.

Well, it’s one of the most underrated Web Browsers available in the market. You might recall Opera as using it on your Java-enabled mobile phones. Probably one of the oldest web browsers present today, Opera has received several active developments these days.

Be it customizable workspaces, integrated messengers, unit converters, snapshot tools, or crypto wallets. These latest updates have made the browser so much better; it surely deserves to be a part of this list of fastest browsers for Windows 10 & older versions




  • Opera lets you pin shortcuts to your favorite sites & most used settings to improve efficiency
  • Lightweight Windows 10 Internet Browser allows you to surf via voice commands.
  • The most secure browser that lets you sync across all the devices you use it on.
  • A built-in security feature that allows users to check websites for malicious content & other infections.

  • Little slower than other best web browsers for Windows 10, but it’s ideal for people who deal with slow connections.

2. Brave – Best Private Browser

Platforms Supported: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android & iOS.

If you are concerned about who is tracking you or you don’t want even your ISP to know what you are surfing on the Internet, choose Brave. It’s packed with all the standard features of an ideal web browser like the intuitive interface, faster browsing, multi-platform support, private or incognito surfing, multiple tabs management, and more.

Brave offers users much more than that; it brings the capability to earn for browsing. Yes, you read that right. It has become one of the most used browsers for making money. Wondering how? Read about its reward policy here. Check how you can contribute towards the Brave Community & make your browsing experience better.




  • Has an aggressive anti-ad attitude, making it one of the safest browsers out there.
  • Its built-in ad-tracker & ad-blocker removes advertisements that significantly speed up page loading times.
  • Consumes less data as compared to other Internet browsers for Windows.
  • Get paid for surfing the Internet via Brave Browser.
  • Truly respect the privacy of users, making it the best anonymous browser for Windows 11/10.

  • Fewer browsing extensions are available than other top web browsers mentioned here.
  • You’ll find a lot of features to be present in the beta stage only.

3. Google Chrome – All-Time Favorite Browser

Platforms Supported: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Google Chrome is the only Internet Browser that has rapidly raised the popularity charts as soon as it was introduced in 2009. It’s one of the most used browsers of all time with more than 60% of the market share. Yes, you read that, right?

It is a high speed browser for PC with an easy-to-navigate interface, and security controls. It works amazingly well when it comes to syncing your preferences & managing bookmarks across all your devices.

Google Chrome



  • Simple interface with a limited number of tools on the main page
  • Save your valuable time by loading web pages at a faster rate.
  • Useful Chrome extensions to improve browsing speed and security.
  • Proffers advanced inbuilt tools like PDF Viewer, Language Translator & more.
  • Easily integrates with other applications of Google like Gmail, Drive, AdSense, Google Ads

  • Uses a lot of your system memory.
  • Comparatively fewer options to customize buttons and menus.

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4. Mozilla Firefox – Best Alternative To Chrome

Platforms Supported: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS & Linux.

Firefox is the closest alternative to Google Chrome, & it’s all because of its versatile and feature-rich capabilities for both casual browsing and intensive research. As part of our testing, Firefox takes around 4.5 seconds to load full pages, including heavy-content sites. Its incognito mode is considered one of the secure browsing platform.

Though Firefox’s usage has been in decline for several years, after its reinvention with the ‘Quantum engineering project, the web browser has become better for everyday use. It’s one most used browsers for downloading songs & movies.




  • Built on modern underpinnings that have drastically improved performance.
  • Better recommendations, enhanced tab management, a new task manager & more.
  • Control what you share online with the powerful Private Browsing mode with added Tracking Protection.
  • Helps you disable tracking & blocking in-browser crypto mining.
  • Lightweight Windows 10 Internet Browser.

  • Bookmarked web pages aren’t easy to find.
  • The Landing page is packed with lots of suggested links and ads.

5. Microsoft Edge – The Standard Internet Browser

Platforms Supported: Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

Do you get frustrated when your browser takes a lot of time to load web pages?  If yes, then immediately switch to Microsoft Edge. It’s undoubtedly one of the best & fastest browsers for Windows 10.  Going back to its flagship web browser Internet Explorer built for Windows 95, Microsoft dominated the browser market with more than 90% of its share in 2003.

It’s one of the most popular browsers in the market & all thanks to its crystal clear privacy tools & lots of customization options. It’s noticeably fast and gives fine-grained control over how you browse the websites.




  • The Lightweight browser is available for Windows 11, 10, etc.
  • Reliable and easy to use.
  • Edge is one of the fastest browsers for Windows 10 as compared to other options.
  • Warns users about dangerous websites while browsing, making it one of the safest browsers for Windows PC.
  • Best browser for downloading websites as apps.

  • Not compatible with computers running earlier versions of Windows
  • Fewer browsing extensions are available than other top web browsers mentioned here

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6. Vivaldi – Fastest & Safest Browser

Platforms Supported: Windows, macOS & Linux

A new entrant in the field of “The Best Web Browser For Windows 11/10”, Vivaldi is built on top of the Chromium project. Bringing the best combination of Google Chrome and Opera browsers, Vivaldi is a uniquely fast, flexible, and secure browser available in the market.

This quick browser for PC offers incredible multiple-tab management features; you can even tweak every part of the browser windows for a more personalized experience. Here are some other features which make it one of the best search engines in our Best Internet Browsers For Windows 11/10 PC.





  • Fastest & lightest web browser for Windows 11, 10, etc.
  • The most customizable Internet Browser.
  • Enjoy custom shortcuts, keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures & bookmark manager.
  • Offers built-in Notes feature to save your ideas, username, passwords, etc.
  • Fast forward & rewind feature for speedy navigation.
  • Wide range of settings to manage your data safely, making it the Best private browser for Windows 10.

  • Occupies a significant amount of memory.

7. Tor – Best Anonymous Browser

Platforms Supported: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS & Android.

Want to browse the Internet more secure & protect overall privacy? Well, if you just wish to surf the Internet without revealing your identity and completely anonymously? Then the best web browser you are looking for is Tor. One of the fastest browser for Windows 10 undoubtedly provides an ultimate defense against tracking, censorship, and surveillance.

Using this best anonymous browser, you don’t need to worry about your digital safety anymore. Its various protective tools ensure to cloak your browsing session entirely, so that users can surf the Internet without thinking about anyone tracking them, just under the protective blanket of Tor!




  • Open-source Internet Browser which means anyone can inspect the code
  • Privacy-conscious top search engine.
  • Surf Deep, Dark & even blocked websites without any restrictions with this desktop browser.
  • Provides complete anonymity, and allows you to hide your original IP Address.
  • Browse non-indexed pages on Yandex, Bing & Google.
  • Have iPhone & Android browsers as well.

  • Doesn’t recommend for use with BitTorrent or any other torrent clients.
  • Reduced bandwidth speeds.
  • Outdated interface

8. Chromium – Best Open-Source Browser

Platforms Supported: Windows, macOS, Linux & Android 

We all realize that Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers among people, but there would be no Chrome if there would be no Chromium. Fastest browser for PC is the open-source project that underpins the Chrome Browser. By look & features, Chromium is similar to the desktop browser Chrome.

You can simply sign in with your Google account, sync data, download extensions & more. But there are still some differences that might help users to make a better choice. Fewer to mention, Chromium doesn’t support automatic updates & doesn’t even offer a player component, so might be taken as a major flaw for several Windows users.




  • Since it’s an open-source project, anyone can freely use & modify it
  • Chromium can access Chrome’s extension.
  • It is a default desktop browser for a lot of Linux distributions
  • The top web browser is open source & without proprietary codecs, it is free.

  • Chromium doesn’t support Adobe Flash natively similar to Chrome.
  • Both Web Browsers for Windows 10 possess security sandbox mode.

9. Maxthon – The Feature-Rich Secure Browser

Platforms Supported: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Our list of Fastest Web Browsers 2024, cannot be completed without mentioning Maxthon. It is both a lightweight & private Windows 10 Internet browser. Packed with standard features found in other Best Web browsers, Maxthon offers an advanced bunch of features and tools too that sets it apart.

The majority of the users love its split-screen browsing, Ad Hunter, Customizable skins, RSS reader, support for Internet Explorer plugins, and more. It receives constant updates to enhance the overall user experience.




  • The fastest browser for Windows 11/10 with lots of customizable features.
  • Drag & drop content feature available with this most popular web browser.
  • Keeps your PC optimized while using it.
  • Doesn’t confuse users by showing irrelevant ads.
  • Best web browsers for accessing websites that are not responding to Chrome or Firefox.
  • Boosts up Internet connection & loads web pages faster than other top browsers mentioned here.
  • Doesn’t use a lot of RAM and memory.

  • Doesn’t automatically install updates
  • Maxthon default security settings are not enough to protect you from phishing schemes and malware

10. Comodo IceDragon – Best Browser For Downloading

Platforms Supported: Windows, Mac & Android

Considered one of the fastest and more secure versions of Firefox, Comodo IceDragon is our last Top Web Browser in the list. It’s very light on system resources and helps users with smooth surfing performance by loading webpages at a faster rate than other options mentioned here.

It claims to be the best browser for downloading large files & we cannot agree more that it works at a blazing speed. Using Comodo IceDragon, you can be assured of excellent privacy and security as well.




  • Best private browser for Windows 11, 10 PC.
  • Offers multiple browser extensions.
  • Comes integrated with social media platforms; hence you can instantly share stuff.
  • Offers a portable option during installation.

  • Sometimes have frequent crashing problems

11. Epic Browser

Platforms Supported: Windows, Mac & Android

Epic is another of the top web browsers for Windows 10 which is based on Chromium. It is a private and secure web browser that constantly blocks ads and online trackers. Developed by Hidden Reflex and centers around the privacy of users.

It deletes the history on closing the web browser thus making it safe for usage. Even at the time of web browsing, little information is saved by the browser to be used in the ongoing process.





  • Google Tracking codes are removed.
  • Deletes history on exiting the browser.
  • Prevents data leakage.
  • Additional widgets for social media, chat, and emails.

  • Few Chrome Add ons are available.
  • Some websites do not work with it.

Top 10+ Best Web Browsers For Windows 11/10 Compared

Most Popular Browsers Owned By Price Software License Current Layout Engine Recent Release Version
Opera Opera Software Free Proprietary Blink 79.0.4143.22
Brave Browser Brave Software, Inc. Free MPL2.0 Blink 1.28.106
Google Chrome Google Free BSD (Chromium Executable Closed-Source Features) Blink 93.0.4577
Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Foundation Free MPL2.0 Gecko 92.0
Microsoft Edge Microsoft Free BSD (Chromium Executable Closed-Source Features) Blink 93.0.961.52
Vivaldi Vivaldi Technologies Free Proprietary Blink 4.2.2406.44
Tor The Tor Project Free BSD 3-clause license Gecko 10.5.6
Chromium The Chromium Project Free BSD Blink 93.0.4577.83
Maxthon Maxthon International Limited Free Proprietary Blink, Trident
Comodo IceDragon Comodo IceDragon Free MPL2.0 Gecko
Epic Browser Hidden Reflex Free Proprietary Blink 104.0.5112.81

Wrapping Up: Best Web Browsers For Windows 10

If you are suffering from a slow internet or slow device, that will not help you with the speed of the web browser. Consider cleaning up your storage for a smoother performance and take help from the PC manager to optimize your Windows device. Thereafter, you can select a fast browser for PC from the above mentioned list. Four main factors to consider when selecting a browser for your computer are – Speed, Security, Privacy and Add ons. Give the best Internet Browsers a try! Follow us on social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flipboard,  and Pinterest.

Frequently Asked Questions: Top Web Browsers

Q1. Which browser uses the least RAM?

Microsoft Edge uses the least amount of RAM as compared to its counterparts listed under the fastest browsers for PC. Next in line comes Firefox and Chrome when comparing RAM consumption.

Q2. Which web browser is best?

A web browser which fulfills all your needs can be the best browser for you. Currently Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge are the top browsers with most user friendly features available.

Q3. What is the fastest browser on Windows 10?

Opera is one of the fastest browsers on Windows 10 as it quickly launches the application and lets users navigate from one web page to another speedily.

Q4. What is the least laggy browser?

Opera is the least laggy browser as it uses less resources while web browsing. You can also find tons of additional features on the web browser for your Windows device including built-in VPN and social media app integration. This is the reason for it being the best browser for PC for multitasking.

Do you have something else to add to this list of Internet Browsers? You can share your best Web Browser for Windows 11, and 10 in the comment section below!


  • comment_avtar
    My all-time favourite is Opera. Much better optimisation for multi-tab browsing. Great password management.

    5 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Tech Lord
    Windows Defender found a Trojan virus in Brave browser upon install.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    The new Edge is a lot better than the old one, and is not just a ‘standard browser’ anymore. It’s based off of Chromium, and Microsoft ditched the Legacy Edge’s EdgeHTML rendering engine for the same one as chrome, and it truly shows. I think the new Edge deserves more love, but due to it having the same name as the old Edge, a browser that was mistaken for Internet Explorer many times, I doubt that people would switch over due to the flaws of the old Edge.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Far too many ads which keep appearing, in spite of the ad-blockers I use.!

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    microsoft edge developers
    microsoft edge is fastest browser ranking no 2 population after chrome

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    chrome is all time best

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Abhi Sharma
    I have switched to Edge since it was upgraded and was rebuilt under Chromium code. But I’ve been hearing about Tor browser and it’s security features. Will you recommend using that?

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    steve sammet
    For about a year now, I have hated Firefox with a passion. After a couple of hours, cpu and memory is hogged and it gets so bad that I cannot even open “start task manager” to “end process” of firefox. I have to power off my computer via my power button, and then restart. I have performed every trick in the book and nothing helps.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    im well pleased with my instalation of comodo ice dragon… its very simlar to firefox in many ways

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Firefox is my personal favourite.

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Chrome runs smoothly and it is my personal favorite. I’d definitely try others 🙂

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Paul S
    Chrome initially starts out fast, but over time it gets painfully slow to the point that you would pull your hair out. It’s one heck of a resource hog. Not recommended for work where you need multiple tabs open simultaneously.

    3 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Edge sucks
    Edge is the worst and Opera the best

    3 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Chrome tells me the clock is wrong and I can’t seem to get it to work

    2 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Mridula Nimawat
      Hello, Try to reinstall Chrome on your computer. Hope it helps.

      2 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    of all the browsers I have tried I love Opera and then Vivaldi. I won’t use Edge at all.

    2 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Opera dropped the ball with privacy. I used almost all it’s features and there is nothing that comes close to that beautiful beast. After that, used Ice Dragon for a year but it seemed too much vulnerable to malware. Now i use Vivaldi. Fast, lightweight and it is starting to look a lot like the Opera browser… … but for grown ups…

    2 years ago

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