10 Fun Google Chrome Games To Kill Boredom: Download From Chrome Web Store

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Games have always been a great way to get into a happy mode. Since, these days, the focus has shifted from outdoors to indoors, what can be better than an impromptu gaming session on Google Chrome itself? The popular web browser not only provides a powerful way to surf the Internet but also offers an arsenal of games and extensions to enhance productivity!

In this article, we have gathered the top Ten Chrome Web Browser Games that can be played both online and offline.

Must-Play Chrome Games On Smartphone, PC & Tablet

Look, you can’t expect to find the processor-guzzling and gigabyte churning games on Google Web Store. Moreover, these Online & Offline Chrome Games are more of the time-pass mould – just simple and quick to play!

Top 10 Chrome Games To Play This 2020 Add These Web Browser Extension Now
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Play The Best Google Chrome Games 2020

Try out these web browser extensions to play some fun games individually or with your friends.

1. Tank Riders

Get all set for a real battle with Tank Riders, one of the ridiculously popular 3D action games. You must be prepared to attack the incoming enemies before they can take you down. The famous Chrome game has three modes for Campaign, Multiplayer & Invasion. You need to play your way through all the levels to grab victory!

2. Free Rider HD

Free Rider HD

This is one of the best ragdoll-based racers available on the Google Web Store. With more than 80 different levels, a plethora of vehicle types & lots of achievements to unlock, the popular Google Chrome game offers plenty of challenges to make through. Moreover, players can create their custom detailed 2D racing levels for a more thrilling experience.

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3. Basket & Ball

With a single aim to guide your ball to get into the basket, this fun Chrome game is a must-play choice you need to make. Make use of Arrows to change the direction of the basketball and hit the Space key to bounce the ball. Throughout the web browser game, you need to watch for fire, bounce around spikes & other dangerous obstacles.

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4. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope

You saw that coming, right? Cut the Rope doesn’t need any introduction; this popular Chrome Offline game is a household name today. With more than one million users on Google Web Store, Cut the Rope is a complete package of speed & excitement. The mysterious game features a little monster that desperately looks for candies. As a player, you need to collect lots of golden stars, hidden prizes & feed the little monster to stay long in the game.

5. Ping Pong Pro

Ping Pong Pro

If you are a true fan of the Ping Pong game, then you will fall for this online browser game. Ping Pong Pro is a well-designed chrome game, and it’s easy to play. You just need to place the ball at your favorite spot and hit it. The other side is controlled by the server; hence you don’t need any partner to enjoy this fun web browser game.

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6. Running Dinosaur Online Game

Running Dinosaur Online Game

Well, this offline Chrome game needs no introduction. Every time your Internet connection goes off, you get a greeting from the offline dinosaur. The web browser game is a popular choice for people when they are bored with their office tasks. However, you don’t need to go offline every time you want to play this running dinosaur online game. You can install it from Google Web Store, add as an extension and play instantly while browsing stuff on the Internet.

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7. Treasure Arena

Treasure Arena

Well, if you are looking for a multiplayer Chrome game, then your search ends right here. Play Treasure Arena with up to four friends battling with one another in a retro-style grudge match. The game mimics the old-school arcade game of yesteryear. The Chrome game features many exciting and scary enemies. Just start challenging your friends & fight against them to reach a higher level.

8. Happy Friday

Designed for every age group, Happy Friday is a free, fast-paced Chrome game. User (Happy Friday) follows an orange monster creature as it escapes a red monster while eating doughnuts. When it comes to strategy, honestly there isn’t much, but you do have to bypass the obstacles and figure out the right path to fight with red monsters. Interestingly, the player can turn into a ball to move at a faster speed.

9. Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy

Though the Chrome game version isn’t much different than the mobile gaming app, Little Alchemy is packed with lots of offline gaming modes. The player begins with four basic elements (Fire, Water, Earth & Air) & have to concoct an assortment of complex elements as they move further. You can spend long hours trying to unlock all the combos with the Little Alchemy Web Browser game.

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10. Entanglement


Last but not least, Entanglement is a popular Google Chrome Game based on the puzzles. Designed and developed by Gopherwood Studios, The web browser game will ultimately rejoice you as well as help you in killing the boredom. As a player, you need to collect the hexagonal tiles by rotating around your screen. Just be careful, if you touch, you can go out of this Chrome game.

Bottom Line

Google Chrome has an excellent reputation in the web browser world, but its impressive collection of Chrome Games doesn’t get a lot of press. I hope you found our list useful to help you kill some boredom in this Lockdown period. Do you love playing any other web browser games that we haven’t mentioned on this list? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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