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Mansi Vijay is a content writer with WeTheGeek. Being a Mass Communication graduate, her knowledge is not restricted to only Content Writing. She loves to experiment with Software and holds interest in Graphic Designing as well. She enjoys little things in life & in her free time, loves to swing on the beats of music!

Author: Mansi Vijay

Software, Top 10 - 2021-03-07

7 Best Server Monitoring Software & Tools (2021)

Server Monitoring, hands down, the most important task any IT Professional will execute in their daily routine. The process ensures that all production servers and applications are running at peak performance without any hiccups. Using the best server monitoring tool, you can prepare automated reports, run scheduled scans and get pre-emptive warnings related to the…

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Cyber Security, How-To - 2021-03-06

How To Fix “Avast Won’t Update Virus Definitions’ Issue (2021)

Avast is a popular antivirus software used by millions of individuals, worldwide. The security software is responsible for protecting users from a variety of viruses and malicious codes. Additionally, the Internet Security Tool also protects users from visiting phishing websites and blocks suspicious URLs and other new/existing threats. Avast Antivirus uses a large database of…

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Cyber Security - 2021-03-05

Avast Vs AVG | Ultimate Comparison (2021)

Antivirus Solutions have undoubtedly become one of the most crucial utilities in the market. Avast & AVG are among the most prominent names in the computer security industry. Both the programs are best-known for their abilities to safeguard user’s systems from malicious content that gets induced from the Internet. Although both the Internet Security Tools…

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How-To - 2021-03-05

How To Record Meeting In Google Meet? (2021)

The ability to Record Google Meet Video Calls has several perks. For instance, a recorded meeting can be useful for sharing it later with other colleagues, or for training purposes. Alternatively, the Google Meet recording can be useful for rehashing the details of a project or jotting down notes on what was discussed.  If you…

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Cyber Security, How-To - 2021-03-05

How Do I Stop My Computer From Making A Whirring Noise

Is your computer making strange noises? Have no idea where the whirring noise is coming from? Are you worried? Well, don’t panic, there are plenty of things that can be responsible for causing the buzzing sound at startup. Though some sounds are completely standard, others can be an indication that your system may require attention…

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