10 Best Uninstaller for Mac to Remove Apps Completely In 2021

Uninstall unwanted software completely from Mac using Best App Removers!

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Blog Summary- Use one of these best app uninstallers for Mac and get rid of the application along with all of its related files. Read more about the best uninstaller for Mac in this blog.

Downloading & installing Mac Apps is pretty straightforward. However, getting rid of them, along with their associated files, isn’t always easy. The most popular way to remove a Mac program is “Move to Trash”. However, it doesn’t remove the attached files & data that gets installed while setting up. Hence, you will never be able to get rid of the app entirely & not recover the significant amount of space occupied by these useless files.

But don’t worry, at WeTheGeek, you’ll always find the best & most effective solutions to your everyday tech problems. We are listing the Top 10 Easy To Use App Uninstallers For Mac. These are the best app uninstaller for Mac that can help you delete bulk programs in a few clicks & clean all the associated files that arrive with it.

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Most Popular Mac Uninstallation Software To Remove Apps (2021)

Here we list out the best uninstallers for Mac, the software mentioned in the list comes with extensive features. However, if you don’t want to go through an entire article and want our opinion, then you must go with Advanced Uninstall Manager. It’s a dedicated Mac Cleaning Tool that comes with lots of features to keep your computer in good shape. Its advanced uninstaller module is one such functionality that helps users to get rid of unwanted Mac applications in a few clicks. Additionally, you can get rid of Login Items with the help of its Startup Manager module and keep your Mac optimized with this best uninstaller for Mac.

Top 5 App Uninstallers For Mac 2021 (Compared)

We have tested more than 20 uninstalling applications for Mac & have prepared a quick review of the top five choices that are worth trying.

Top Mac Uninstallers Advanced Uninstall Manager

Advanced Uninstall Manager

Macbooster  8


cleanmymacX logo

App Cleaner & Uninstaller

app cleaner & uninstaller logo


appzapper logo

Compatibility   OS 10.11 and Higher OS 10.9 or later OS 10.10 and higher OS 10.10 Or Higher OS 10.10 Or Higher
Multilingual Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Delete Default System Programs? Yes Yes
Complete App Removal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extra Features Startup Manager System Cleaner, Duplicate finder,Privacy Tools Tools for Malware & Privacy Protection Can disable login items & startup apps Lets you keep apps license keys
Price $4.99 $49.95 $35.65 Free, $19.90 $19.95
Ease Of Use Simple Simple Simple Intermediate Simple
Last Updated Feb 19,2021 July, 2021 June 15, 2020
July 10, 2020
July 3, 2020

Best Mac Uninstaller 2021: Remove Useless Programs Quickly

To Remove Mac apps completely, Here’s the list of the best uninstaller apps for Mac:

List of Contents

  • Most Popular Mac Uninstallation Software To Remove Apps (2021)
  • 1. Advanced Uninstall Manager
  • 2. Macbooster 8
  • 3. CleanMyMac X
  • 4. Nektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller
  • 5. AppZapper
  • 6. IObit MacBooster 8
  • 7. CCleaner
  • 8. AppDelete
  • 9. TrashMe
  • 10. Osx Uninstaller
  • Frequently Asked Questions

1. Advanced Uninstall Manager

USP: Remove associated files along with application.

Latest Version: 2.5

Reason To Buy: Best app uninstaller for Mac at a very reasonable price.

Advanced Uninstall Manager is an easy-to-use application for Mac to remove unwanted applications. All it takes is to drag and drop an application on Advanced Uninstall Manager and then it will quickly accumulate the related files for that application. This way, it is easy to remove the application and the app cache files completely from your Mac. Advanced Uninstall Manager also shows you the history for the applications removed previously to keep a tab on it.  To avoid deleting an important application, add it to the Favorite Apps section and block it from the action.

Advanced Uninstall Manager



  • Budget friendly application.
  • Manage the login items.
  • Sends notifications for uninstalling apps.
  • Secure apps from accidentally uninstalling.

  • Nothing as such.

2. Macbooster 8

USP: All-Rounder Mac Cleaner; Uninstaller, Smart Cleanup, Startup manager & Privacy protector.

Latest Version: 8.0.5

Reason To Buy: A fast application that will uninstall programs easily and help you tune up your Mac.

As the name entails, Macbooster 8 is a cleaning application for Mac that comes equipped with powerful tools to boost performance. The essential set of features to optimize & tune up your Mac to run in the best shape.  Macbooster 8 is an efficient app remover, system cleaner, and startup manager for Mac. With its Uninstaller wizard, you can go through all the apps installed on your system & delete the unwanted ones with ease. Additionally, you can manage login items, clean large files, junk files, remove duplicates to recover space on Mac. It can also be effectively used to secure your Mac from unwanted online trackers by removing the privacy traces from browsers and running malware scans for Mac.

Macbooster 8


  • Smart Mac cleaning tools.
  • App uninstaller.
  • Manages Login Items.
  • Protects from malware.

  • Costly for an app uninstaller. 

3. CleanMyMac X

USP: Lots Of Modules To Clean Useless Apps, Caches, Logs, Duplicates & More.

Latest Version: 4.8.9

Reason To Buy: Easy to use and clears unwanted and suspicious applications quickly.

Read Review: CleanMyMax: A Must-Have Tool For Mac

CleanMyMac has made its space in the technology world for a long time now. It has undoubtedly become a leading player in the market to provide the best & practical utilities, majorly for Mac. The uninstaller program removes all types of apps along with their associated files for complete cleaning. It offers both paid & free uninstallation services. The premium version of this best uninstaller Mac allows you to optimize Mac & protect from online threats. Also the best free Mac uninstaller 2021 with limited features.

CleanMyMac X, complete cleaning software for mac


  • Has a Duplicate Finder, Driver Updater etc
  • Gives your Mac overall protection
  • Extra features to offer complete care

  • Free version lets you uninstall two apps only

4. Nektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller

USP: Quickly Disable Launch Agents, Login Credentials & Other Core Extensions

Latest Version: 6.7

Reason To Buy: Small size of application which can effectively remove the applications from Mac.

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Yet another excellent uninstallation software for Mac, App Cleaner & Uninstaller is a great tool to get rid of unwanted apps safely & securely.  Moreover, it can remove caches, app support files, preference files to recover a significant amount of disk space. Using such an uninstaller app for Mac, one can also delete unwanted service files and reset apps to their initial state. It can be used as another free uninstaller for Mac.

app cleaner & uninstaller, uninstaller app for Mac



  • Remove leftovers from previously uninstalled apps as well
  • Helps you manage browser extensions
  • Convenient interface
  • Remove screensavers, plugins, widgets

  • Free version lets you locate apps only not delete them

5. AppZapper

USP: Easy to use Mac Programs Uninstaller With Clear & Straightforward Interface

Latest Version: 2.0.3

Reason To Buy: This best uninstaller for Mac uses the simple technique of drag and drop to uninstall applications.

AppZapper uses the drag & drop feature, which is a natural way of doing things on Mac, and uninstalls apps along with its support files in no time. Just drag unwanted apps to AppZapper, and it will find all the associated files & enable you to delete all of them in a click. Well, this is not the only feature that comes with this app remover. It comes with a Hit List feature, which lets you browse applications installed on your Mac.

Appzapper, drag unwanted apps to AppZapper



  • Clear interface
  • Drag & Drop apps to remove from Mac
  • Lets you keep a record of purchased apps

  • Sometimes crashes suddenly

6. IObit MacBooster 8

USP: Famous Mac Cleaner With Advanced Features To Keep Your Mac In Tip-Top Shape

Latest Version: 8.0.4

Read Review: Make Your Mac Faster & Secure With MacBooster 7 (Previous Version)

Served as an all-in-one solution to make your Mac run faster & smoother, IObit MacBooster 8 is a reliable utility with lots of features to clean more than 20 different file types. Additionally, MacBooster brings lots of antimalware tools to protect your Mac from new & existing viruses, malware, & other online threats. All these extraordinary features are packed in an intuitive interface to provide users with a seamless experience.

iobit macbooster, antimalware tools to protect your Mac



  • Boost Mac speed in a click
  • Budget-friendly Mac app uninstaller
  • Through cleaning, including associated files
  • Offers complete details of app removal

  • Technical support is not active enough

7. CCleaner

USP: Popular & Reliable Mac Cleaning Utility To Achieve Plenty Of Optimization Tasks

Latest Version: 5.68.780

Reason To Buy: It can additionally clean cookies, temporary files and optimize Mac.

Despite CCleaner’s tainted security history, the Mac Cleaning Program has managed to receive overall positive reviews to manage & speed up Mac. It features multiple modules to uninstall apps, manage startup items, delete duplicate files, & thorough system cleaning. CCleaner offers both free & paid versions. The free version brings tools to keep your Mac running fast & delete unwanted cookies, logs & more, while the paid version does the same and also includes real-time monitoring & more.

ccleaner, manage & speed up Mac



  • Automatically removes extra data to speed up Mac
  • Variety of antimalware tools
  • Safest Mac Cleaning utility
  • Price of the premium version is reasonable

  • Wiping process can take a lot of time

8. AppDelete

USP: Free Mac Uninstaller To Delete Useless Apps, Widgets, Preferences, Panes, Plugins etc.

Latest Version: 4.3.3

Reason To Buy: Additionally cleans the leftover files from the previously uninstalled applications.

AppDelete is a fantastic program to uninstall apps on Mac. Along with this, the uninstaller for Mac can also remove widgets, preference panes, plugins, and screensavers. Moreover, the app also gets rid of the leftover files of the deleted apps, which not only recovers space but also prevents further issues. AppDelete’s smart algorithm helps to find files faster to get your work done in no time.

appdelete, space recover


  • Affordable premium Mac uninstaller
  • Deleted apps can be achieved to a Zip file
  • Smart search filters to quickly locate apps
  • Force empty trash button to remove stubborn items

  • Not effective support team

9. TrashMe

USP: Fastest Drag & Drop Uninstaller For Mac

Latest Version: 2.1.23

Reason To Buy: Remove any application, plugin, widget, and preference pane using it.

If you want to uninstall apps on Mac, Trash Me is another excellent option to choose. The program can remove apps from Mac along with all the hidden files, temp files, caches, and settings to recover precious space in no time. Whenever you drag an app to Trash, this app remover offers a clean uninstall process. The best uninstall for the Mac app also notifies the user when your Trash bin is full, and you can empty it by clicking the alert button.

trashme, recover precious space



  • Smart Detection to remove app & residues
  • Drag & drop software to delete in a click
  • Resolve potential system issues
  • Free up a significant amount of space

  • Very basic dashboard

10. Osx Uninstaller

USP: Straightforward Interface With Clear Instructions On Screen To Remove Programs

Latest Version:

Reason To Buy: This allows you to try out all of its features in the free trial before purchase.

Our list of Best Mac Uninstallers is undoubtedly incomplete without mentioning Osx Uninstallers. The app remover features a handy design with a clear interface & easy to navigate buttons. Its single scan scours the whole system and lists all the elements & files related to each application. Using this free uninstaller for Mac, you can delete both default system apps & third-party software without any hassles.

Osx Uninstaller, Osx Uninstaller



  • Offers on-screen instructions to use the tool
  • Fastest app remover for Mac
  • Offers Force Remove option for stubborn apps

  • Doesn’t provide a trial version

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Is The Best App Remover For Mac?

These are some of the best uninstaller apps for your Mac. Try them and remove unwanted applications along with the associated files from your system without any hassles. Removing large, unwanted & unused programs helps you recover a significant amount of storage space & make your Mac perform faster. After comparing lots of Mac Uninstallation Utilities, we found Advanced Uninstall Manager to be the most convenient choice among users. It not only helps to remove apps from Mac but it will effectively delete the associated files. You can certainly use its additional modules to speed up & optimize Mac performance by changing the login items.

2. Is Mac App Remover Safe?

Yes, the process of removing a Mac app is safe when you are using the best app uninstaller for Mac. While doing this manually can be unsafe as you might end up deleting the wrong files. Therefore, we suggest you take the help of Macbooster 8, which is the best Uninstaller app for Mac. It not only removes the app safely but keeps your Mac safe by cleaning privacy traces.

3. How Do I Completely Remove An Application From My Mac?

Using the best uninstaller for Mac, you can quickly get an application removed completely. It also eliminates the files associated with the deleted application. It can become a tedious job if you choose to do it manually. Therefore, we advise you to use the best app uninstaller for Mac to get the best results.

4. How Do I Uninstall Programs On Mac Completely? 

Deleting the program is not enough, and all the support files for the application must be deleted too. Use Advanced Uninstall Manager as it is the best Uninstaller for Mac and removes all files related to the program along with it. This is a user-friendly program that will provide you with a solution to uninstall unnecessary programs on Mac completely.

5. How To Select An Uninstaller For Mac?

While looking for an uninstaller for Mac, always keep a few things in your checklist. First, It must be user friendly, so the tools and features must be easy to recognize. Second, it should give you great results when uninstalling a program entirely from Mac. The best uninstaller for Mac should make your life easier by making the task of uninstalling apps as simple as possible. Looking for all these qualities, one must select an uninstaller for Mac, here we recommend Advanced Uninstall Manager.

6. Which Is A Free Mac Uninstaller?

If you are looking for a free uninstaller application for Mac, you can choose AppDelete. It is one of the best free app uninstallers for Mac as it lets you uninstall the programs for no charge. One can also choose to use CleanMyMac, another best app uninstaller for Mac to remove two applications in the free version.


We recommend using Advanced Uninstall Manager as the best uninstaller for Mac because it shows amazing results.

You are most welcome to add valuable feedback in the comment section below!

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