10 Best Uninstaller for Mac to Remove Apps Completely

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Unable to uninstall an application on Mac? Frustrated with manually deleting the residual files after uninstalling an application? In this post, we tell you about some of the top Mac app uninstallers which will help you with this task.

As a Mac user, you know that uninstalling apps is not as simple as dragging them to the Trash. Apps leave behind residual files and they can take up space and clutter your system. Manually deleting files isn’t that easy as you need to locate the correct files for the respective application. There comes the need for an app uninstaller software. An app remover software helps you remove unwanted apps completely and safely. In this blog post, we will introduce you to some of the best app uninstaller software for Mac and explain their features, pros and cons. Whether you want a free or paid solution, we have something for you. Read on to find out more.

How to choose best uninstaller software ?

Since there are many uninstaller software available, but not all provide the effective solution. To choose the best uninstaller software, you need to keep these points in mind –

– Compatibility: Your Mac operating system and apps you wish to remove should be compatible with the uninstaller software.

– Features: Batch uninstall, Ignore List, History are some of the features to be included in the best uninstaller software for Mac..

– Performance: It should be quick, accurate while uninstalling applications and thorough in eliminating all traces.

– Security: There shouldn’t be any virus or adware on the uninstaller program; it should be reliable and safe, protecting the device and your privacy.

Should You Use A Third-Party Uninstaller?

Unlike Macs’ native uninstaller that just deletes apps, a professional uninstallation software runs a check on the program’s standard installer and efficiently cleans up any files that a program may have left behind. This includes preference files, caches, logs, supporting files, and absolutely everything else associated with that program. Moreover, these nifty utilities offer a quick, easy and simple way to uninstall apps in bulk from one place in a go.

Most Popular Mac Uninstallation Software To Remove Apps

Here we list out the best uninstallers for Mac, the software mentioned in the list comes with extensive features. However, if you don’t want to go through an entire article and want our opinion, then you must go with Advanced Uninstall Manager. It’s a dedicated Mac Cleaning Tool that comes with lots of features to keep your computer in good shape. Its advanced uninstaller module is one such functionality that helps users to get rid of unwanted Mac applications in a few clicks. Additionally, you can get rid of Login Items with the help of its Startup Manager module and keep your Mac optimized with this best uninstaller for Mac.

Top 5 App Uninstallers For Mac (Compared)

We have tested more than 20 uninstalling applications for Mac & have prepared a quick review of the top five choices that are worth trying.

Top Mac Uninstallers Advanced Uninstall Manager

Advanced Uninstall Manager

Macbooster  8


cleanmymacX logo

App Cleaner & Uninstaller

app cleaner & uninstaller logo


appzapper logo

Compatibility   OS 10.11 and Higher OS 10.9 and higher OS 10.10 and higher OS 10.13 and Higher OS 10.10 Or Higher
Multilingual Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Delete Default System Programs? Yes Yes
Complete App Removal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extra Features Startup Manager System Cleaner, Duplicate finder,Privacy Tools Tools for Malware & Privacy Protection Can disable login items & startup apps Lets you keep apps license keys
Price $4.99 $49.95 $35.65 Free, $19.90 $19.95
Ease Of Use Simple Simple Simple Intermediate Simple
Last Updated Oct 12, 2022 Jun 18, 2022 Apr 03, 2023
Apr, 2023
Jul 3, 2020

List for the best app uninstaller for Mac –

There are many app uninstaller software for Mac that can help you remove unwanted apps and their associated files from your device. We have mentioned some of the best ones in this post.

1. Advanced Uninstall Manager

Latest Version – 3.2

Price – $3.99

Compatibility – macOS 10.11 or later.

USP: Remove associated files along with the application with deep scan.

Reason To Buy: Best app uninstaller for Mac to get rid of apps, preferences pane, plugins & downloads

Advanced Uninstall Manager by Systweak Software is a powerful application that helps you remove unwanted applications from your Mac. It will scan your Mac for all the installed applications and display them in a listed format. The best uninstaller for Mac will easily select the ones you want to uninstall and delete them with a single click. Advanced Uninstall Manager also cleans up the leftover files of the uninstalled applications, freeing up valuable disk space. It also allows you to disable the login items which can improve your Mac’s performance. The Favorite Apps list can be used to add apps which you do not wish to be removed. A notification informs you if you are trying to uninstall one of the apps from Favorite apps.


  • Removes apps along with residual files.
  • Add exclusions in Favorite apps’ list.
  • Check uninstalled apps history.
  • Disable login items.

  • Free version is not available.

2. Macbooster 8

Latest Version – 8.2.0

Price – $59.95

Compatibility – macOS X 10.9 or later.

USP: All-Rounder Mac Cleaner; Uninstaller, Smart Cleanup, Startup manager & Privacy protector.

Reason To Buy: A fast application that will uninstall programs easily and help you tune up your Mac.

Macbooster 8

Macbooster 8 is second on our list of the best app uninstallers for Mac. It can help you remove any unwanted app from Mac safely. It scans your Mac for all the associated files of the apps you want to uninstall, and lets you delete them with one click. It also cleans up your junk, optimizes your Mac’s performance, and provides tools to protect your privacy. This feature-rich app includes a powerful uninstaller with deep scanning, batch uninstall, and forced uninstall options. Additionally, it also offers other system optimization tools and privacy protection features.


  • Complete remove button to uninstall app with related files.
  • Application Reset option is available.
  • Removes all related files.
  • System optimizer and cleaner.

  • Large file.

3. CleanMyMac X

Latest Version – 4.14.6

Price – $34.95

Compatibility – macOS 10.13 or later.

USP: Lots Of Modules To Clean Useless Apps, Caches, Logs, Duplicates & More.

Reason To Buy: Easy to use and clears unwanted and suspicious applications quickly.

Read Review: CleanMyMax: A Must-Have Tool For Mac

CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is a popular Mac optimization app that also helps you uninstall unwanted applications from your Mac. With its help, you can remove any app completely along with its associated files. CleanMyMac X also lets you manage your extensions on your Mac. Whether you want to get rid of unused apps, outdated versions, or malicious software, you will find tools for it. While the full version is paid, the free trial offers a powerful uninstaller module that digs deep to remove app leftovers.


  • Dedicated uninstall manager.
  • Mac optimizer and cleaner.
  • Delete related files.
  • Reset applications.

  • Free version lets you uninstall two apps only
  • Expensive

4. Nektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller

Latest Version – 8.2.6

Price – $14.95

Compatibility – OS 10.10 or later.

USP: Quickly Disable Launch Agents, Login Credentials & Other Core Extensions

Reason To Buy: Small size of application which can effectively remove the applications from Mac.

Read Review: App Cleaner & Uninstaller: Efficient Tool To Uninstall Apps Swiftly From Mac

Nektony App Cleaner & Uninstaller

Next on our list is another useful Mac app uninstaller software – App Cleaner & Uninstaller. It is developed by Nektony and it comes power-packed with useful features to remove unnecessary and redundant apps and their associated files. With App Cleaner & Uninstaller, you can free up disk space efficiently by uninstalling apps, managing extensions, preferences panes, plugins and disabling startup programs. This Mac uninstaller software has a unique “Force Quit and Uninstall” feature for stubborn apps. Additionally, it includes app management tools and a duplicate file finder to free up storage space on Mac for optimized performance.


  • Remove traces of uninstalled apps.
  • Disable system daemons & launch agents.
  • Remove login items.
  • Manage startup programs.

  • Limited features.

5. AppZapper

Latest Version – 2.0.3

Price – $19.95

Compatibility – OS 10.10 or later.

USP: Easy to use with Clear & Straightforward Interface

Reason To Buy: This best uninstaller for Mac uses the simple technique of drag and drop to uninstall applications.

Appzapper, drag unwanted apps to AppZapper

AppZapper is a simple yet powerful application for Mac that allows you to uninstall any unwanted apps with just a drag and drop action. But unlike the default uninstalling method, AppZapper will remove all the related files, freeing up more space. AppZapper also shows you all details of associated files and lets you preview them before deleting. You can also create a list of apps that you want to keep safe from accidental zapping. AppZapper is the best app uninstaller for Mac users that enjoy accuracy and simplicity. This easy to use app uses an intelligent scanning to find app leftovers on your system.


  • Drag and drop app to uninstall.
  • Batch uninstall apps.
  • Automated cleanup is available.
  • Browse all apps on the ‘Hit List’.

  • Shredding only available in Pro version.

6. PowerMyMac

Latest Version – 5.2.4

Price – $39.95

Compatibility – macOS 10.13 or later.

USP: Uninstaller tool does not leave residues of unwanted applications.

Reason To Buy – Complete Mac Assistant with advanced cleaning and security features.


PowerMyMac is another of the Mac uninstaller software which helps you remove unwanted programs and files from your system. It can scan your Mac for all installed applications and give their detailed information on file size, app version, and last used date. PowerMyMac uninstalls apps along with deleting the related files. It can also help you find and remove the leftovers of previously uninstalled applications.


  • Unused, Leftovers shown in separate lists.
  • System optimizer.
  • Junk cleaner.
  • Protects privacy.

  • No antivirus protection.

7. CCleaner for Mac

Latest Version – v2.9.185

Price – $29.95

Compatibility – macOS 10.10 or later.

USP: Popular & Reliable Mac Cleaning Utility To Achieve Plenty Of Optimization Tasks

Reason To Buy: It can additionally clean cookies, temporary files and optimize Mac.

CCleaner for mac

CCleaner for Mac can be used as a free uninstaller application for Mac. It will clean the redundancy apps from your Mac without any hassle. CCleaner for Mac, isn’t as popular as its counterpart for Windows, but it does a decent job in cleaning apps and its remnants. It will provide you with basic features in its free version. However, with the premium version you can clean up your browser history, cache, cookies, junk, duplicates and free up your storage space.  CCleaner for Mac has an easy to understand interface and hence the app removal becomes a simple task.


  • Empty Trash automatically.
  • Clear duplicate files.
  • Remove junk and cache.
  • Mac optimization tools.

  • Limited number of features.

8. AppDelete

Latest Version – 4.3.3

Price – $7.99

Compatibility – macOS 10.7 or later.

USP: Tool To Delete Useless Apps, Widgets, Preferences, Panes, Plugins etc.

Reason To Buy: Additionally cleans the leftover files from the previously uninstalled applications.

appdelete, space recover

AppDelete by Reggie Ashworth is another in our list of best Mac uninstaller software. In addition to removing unwanted apps and its files from your system, it does more. AppDelete can remove widgets, preference panes, plugins, bundles, and screensavers. This uninstaller can free up more disk space and keep your Mac clean and optimized. It also has a simple and intuitive interface that just like AppZapper, it lets you drag and drop apps to its interface to uninstall them. In addition you can also search for the app in its browser. You can also undo any deletion in case you change your mind.


  • Shows previews for files before app uninstallation.
  • Undo button to stop apps from uninstalling.
  • To uninstall ‘Search for’ or ‘Drag and drop’ apps.
  • Delete from Launchpad.

  • Not effective support team

9. TrashMe

Latest Version – 2.1.23

Price – $14.99

Compatibility – macOS 10.13 or later.

USP: Fastest Drag & Drop Uninstaller For Mac

Reason To Buy: Remove any application, plugin, widget, and preference pane using it.


TrashMe will delete your apps smartly and it has a smart detection feature that automatically detects apps that are moved to the Trash and offers to uninstall them completely. With TrashMe, you can create a Favorite apps list to protect them from getting accidentally deleted. It also shows a warning to you for a Trash full sign. Plus, you can find the duplicate files stored on your Mac. It will clean unwanted extensions and apps from your Mac and clean junk files. You can also get a system overview to understand what is using the disk space.


  • Smart Detection to remove app & residues
  • Drag & drop software to delete in a click
  • Resolve potential system issues
  • Free up a significant amount of space

  • Very basic dashboard

10. Osx Uninstaller

Latest Version:

Price – $39.95

USP: Straightforward Interface With Clear Instructions On Screen To Remove Programs

Reason To Buy: This allows you to try out all of its features in the free trial before purchase.

Osx Uninstaller, Osx Uninstaller

Osx Uninstaller can remove all traces of the apps you want to get rid of by deleting the associated files completely. It can also remove the app preferences, caches and logs. Its interface clearly shows you the list for all the installed apps on your Mac. By using the search, sort, filter, you can search for any app and click the “Uninstall”. It also supports the drag and drop feature to add an application directly onto the application to uninstall it. allowing you to remove multiple apps at once.


  • Offers on-screen instructions to use the tool
  • Fastest app remover for Mac
  • Offers Force Remove option for stubborn apps

  • Doesn’t provide a trial version

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the best Mac Uninstaller?

Best Mac app uninstaller software is the one which provides you with a comprehensive scan and accurate results while removing app and associated data. Advanced Uninstall Manager is the best app in this category as it comes equipped with a robust scan engine and multiple additional features.

Q2. What is an easy Uninstaller for Mac?

Advanced Uninstall Manager by Systweak Software is the easiest of the Mac app uninstaller software. It can uninstall multiple applications at once, as well as remove all related files from your Mac.

Q3. What is the best way to uninstall an app on Mac?

Best way to uninstall an app on Mac is to use any of the best app uninstaller software for Mac. As they can efficiently detect the associated files and remove them safely from your Mac along with uninstalling an application.

Q4. Does Mac have an Uninstaller?

No, Mac does not come with any built uninstaller apps. Therefore, you are required to download a third party app uninstaller.

Verdict –

We have added the top 10 app uninstallers for Mac in this blog post so you can remove apps safely and completely. Examine them carefully and select the most practical method for uninstalling Mac apps best suited for you. The best app to use for uninstalling Mac apps completely is the one which follows these points – an easy interface, quick steps, removes additional components for the app. We recommend using Advanced Uninstaller Manager as it includes all the features required in an app uninstaller software for Mac.


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