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Things To Do If Windows PC Shuts Down During Virus Scan

In a day and age where malware attacks are on the rise, the role of an Antivirus utility can’t be contested. According to researchers, 95.6% of new malware amounting to 59.58 million samples targeted Windows in 2022. But, what if when try...


Cyber Monday: A Comprehensive Guide For Online Shoppers

Want to grab best deals but don’t want to wait in line? Go online with Cyber Monday sale, shop for your favorite gadgets and electronics from the comfort of your home. It is the absolute mega online holiday sale for those who missed out o...

For Android

How To Hide IP Address On Android

IP address is one of the most popular term when it comes to internet. You must’ve heard about IP addresses but probably couldn’t find the time to approach the bible of internet to know more. Before you get your head around hiding the IP...


How To Check If Your Android Phone Is Infected?

We probably use our mobile phone as much as our computers, for some may be even more. More than a luxury they have now become a necessity and why not? Apart from the usual, calling, texting, listening to music and gaming, we now use our pho...

Future Tech

Future Of Cloud Computing: Will It Be Dead Soon?

One of the biggest trends in last decade was to shift to cloud. People started to move their data, business, applications and services to the cloud instead of storing them on their own server or computer. Though the revolution has been here...