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For Mac

How To Remove From Mac (2023)

Search Baron is a fake search engine that hijacks the browsers installed on your Mac. Technically, it’s not a virus and it doesn’t replicate itself. You can better categorize it under a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), a browser hija...

Security & Privacy

5 Best VPN With A Free Trial To Use In 2023

Short On Time? Use This Best VPN Software With Free Trial Systweak VPN offers one of the Best VPN Free Trials at the moment. You can enjoy a 7-day trial on your Windows PC, get access to all the functionalities at lightning-fast speeds. ...


How To Avoid Being A Victim of Phishing (2023)

There’s a good reason why phishing attacks are so common and successful. Millions of malicious messages, links, and attachments are shared every day. And we as users, are relentlessly clicking on links, downloading files from unprotected ...

Cyber Security

New Changes In Facebook Towards Data Privacy

Amid ongoing Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook recently announced a number of changes to its privacy settings. These changes have been made user-centric that are easy to access and provide complete control to users on what they share, d...

Backup & Recovery

1Password Vs LastPass: The Trusted Comparison

In this ever-demanding internet world, we are supposedly putting too much pressure on our heads. To maintain a social life online and to remember a dozen of the passwords associated with all of the accounts, has become troublesome. Here is ...


10 Best Free Password Manager Apps For Android

Looking for an Android password manager as remembering passwords is one hell of a task. There are so many platforms we sign up for daily, and remembering the password for each login is next to impossible. Now you can’t keep a written reco...


Banking Apps Or Browsers: What’s More Secure?

Around half the world's population uses mobile applications to do various financial transactions. As smartphones are getting advanced day by day, the ways to attack them are also increasing tremendously. In the past years, Banking and Finan...