How To Use Systweak PDF Editor To Edit & Fine-Tune PDF Files

Dealing with large and bulk PDFs can be a real headache. Slow loading times, difficulty in finding specific information, and a lack of organization can make the process frustrating and time-consuming. Ugh, it’s a nightmare! But fear not, my friend! I’ve got the ultimate solution for you: Systweak PDF Editor!

With this excellent tool, you can open, read, edit, annotate, merge, split, compress, rearrange PDFs, and a lot more. Follow the instructions below to unlock the magic of Systweak PDF Editor and bid farewell to your PDF troubles once and for all.

But First, Learn More About the Systweak PDF Editor!

Systweak PDF Editor is the ultimate solution for all your PDF editing needs. It is fast, efficient, and stable, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. With its simple and intuitive interface, you can easily edit, convert, organize, and secure your PDF files. It offers a comprehensive set of both basic and advanced editing tools, making it the perfect choice for individuals and businesses alike. You can take advantage of security features such as password protection, unlocking encrypted PDFs, and digital signatures as well.

Keep reading to learn all about its features and how to use it!

How To Use Systweak PDF Editor?

Using Systweak PDF Editor is no rocket science. Simply follow the instruction shared below to get started:

STEP 1 – Download the latest version of Systweak PDF Editor from the official website.

latest version of Systweak PDF Editor

STEP 2 – Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

systweak pdf editor installation process

Read the License Agreement, accept the Terms, choose the installation location, and click Next.

installation location

install location

STEP 3 – Launch Systweak PDF Editor after the successful installation. You will be greeted with a clean and neatly organized interface.

Launch Systweak PDF Editor

STEP 4 – Open or Add Files

Click on the “Open PDF” module and add documents you wish to read and edit. You can add one or multiple PDFs at once.

Open or Add Files

STEP 5 – Navigate to the modules

Upon opening the PDF file, you will see an array of options to Annotate, Edit PDF, Views, Pages, Convert, Secure, and Tools. These modules are further categorized into sub-modules with extensive editing, organizing, and management capabilities.

options to Annotate

To Annotate Your PDF – You can choose any of the sub-tools under the Annotate module & make the changes to your PDF document.

1. Highlight Text: With this tool, you can select specific text within your PDF and apply vibrant color highlights to emphasize important information.

Highlight Text

2. Underline: This sub-tool allows you to underline text to mark and emphasize specific points. Just select the text you want to underline and the tool will add it automatically. You can further change the color as per your needs from the right-side toolbox.


3. Strikethrough: To draw a horizontal line through text, indicating that it has been deleted, crossed out, or is no longer valid. It’s useful for indicating changes or revisions in documents.


4. Squiggly Line: This tool lets you add wavy or zigzag lines beneath the text. It’s commonly used to indicate spelling errors, and inconsistencies, or to highlight sections that require attention or revision.

Squiggly Line

5. Freehand Line: This versatile sub-tool allows you to draw freehand lines directly on your PDF. Whether you need to make annotations, sketches, or add personalized markings, the freehand line tool provides flexibility and creativity. You can choose the desired color and adjust the opacity level and border width from the right-side toolbar.

Freehand Line

6. Eraser: As the name entails, the eraser sub-tool enables you to selectively remove or erase any annotations or drawings you’ve made.


To Edit Your PDF – With this PDF editing software for Windows, you can take advantage of various editing tools that allow you to add, modify, and personalize your PDF documents edit pdf

1. Add Text: Insert text anywhere in your PDF. Simply click on the desired location, type your text, and customize the font, size, color, opacity & border width to suit your preferences.

Add Text

2. Text Call out: With this sub-tool, you can place the callout shape at specific areas and enter your text to create informative annotations.Text Call out

3. Add Image: Easily insert images into your PDF documents. You can position the image & resize it seamlessly within the document as per your needs.

Add Image

4. Add Notes: Attach sticky notes to your PDF pages, providing additional comments, explanations, or reminders. Click on the desired location and a Notes window will appear where you can type your text.

Attach Notes

5. Sign PDF: This Windows PDF editing tool simplifies the process of signing documents. It allows you to add your digital signature or create a new signature using a mouse.Sign PDF

6. Add Stamp: With the add stamp sub-tool, you can apply predefined stamps to your PDFs. A long list of options is offered to users to choose from the right-side panel.Add Stamp

7. Add Shapes: Systweak PDF Editor offers a range of shapes including rectangles, lines, circles, polygons, and polylines. You can play with colors, strokes, opacity & more.Add Shapes

To View Your PDF – The PDF editor also allows users to customize their reading experience and optimize the display of their PDF documents.

actual size

1. Actual Size: This mode displays the PDF document in its original size, allowing you to view it at a 1:1 scale. It ensures that you see the content in its true dimensions.

2. Fit Width: This mode ensures that the entire width of the document is visible, eliminating the need for horizontal scrolling.

3. Fit Page: This mode adjusts the PDF content to fit the entire page within the viewing window.

Fit Page

4. Scrolling: This mode enables you to scroll vertically through the PDF document. You can smoothly navigate through the pages using the scroll bar or arrow keys.

5. Single View: This mode displays one page of the PDF at a time, allowing you to focus solely on the content of the current page.

To Manage Your PDF Pages – With this PDF editing application, you can efficiently manage and manipulate the pages of your PDF documents.

manipulate the pages

1. Rotate Clockwise/Anticlockwise: It allows you to rotate individual pages in your PDF document either in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Simply select the Page you want to rotate and hit the option “Rotate Clockwise” or “Rotate Anticlockwise”.

Rotate Clockwise/Anticlockwise

2. Remove Pages: With this sub-tool, you can easily delete unwanted pages from your PDF document. Select the page you wish to delete and hit the “Remove” button!

Remove Pages

3. Split Pages: This tool enables you to split a PDF document into separate pages. Select the pages you want to separate from the PDF and hit the dedicated option.Split Pages

4. Extract Pages: This feature allows you to extract selected pages from a PDF document. This functionality is handy when you need to create a new PDF with specific pages or extract content for separate use. Select the desired pages & hit the Extract button!

Extract Pages

5. Insert Duplicate or Blank Page: With this sub-tool, you can insert duplicate copies of existing pages & you can even insert blank pages into your PDF document.

For this just select the pages you wish to make changes to, hit the Insert button, and choose between Duplicate Page or Blank Page. For the latter option, you get the freedom to add a blank page after the last page or before the first page.

insert Duplicate or Blank Page

To Convert PDFs – It offers a versatile set of conversion tools to convert your PDF documents into various formats and vice-versa.

1. Create PDF: With this sub-tool, you can effortlessly create PDF documents from various file formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Just select the format in which you want to create PDFs, add the file, and let Systweak PDF Editor complete the rest of the task.

Create PDF

2. Convert PDFs: This mode allows you to convert PDF files into Word, Excel, PPT, Image files, HTML, SVG, and more.

Convert PDFs

Open the file you want to convert, hit the “To Word, “To Excel” or other options listed in the toolbar. On the next window, you can choose any other format of your choice, select the output folder and hit the Convert button!

3. Batch Convert: This amazing PDF editing tool also offers a convenient batch conversion feature that allows you to convert multiple PDF files to different formats simultaneously.

Batch Convert

To use this, click on the Batch Convert option, add the files/folders you want to convert, select the format of conversion, and output the folder. Next, hit the “Convert” button!

To Secure Your PDFs – Systweak PDF Editor offers plenty of tools that allow you to protect and redact sensitive information in your PDF documents.

Secure Your PDFs

1. Protect: This sub-tool enables you to apply password-based protection to your PDF files, restricting unauthorized access. Clicking on the “Protect” button will open the pop-up where you can add the password to encrypt the file.


2. Unprotect: It allows you to unlock encrypted PDFs and freely edit them without any restrictions. When you open a locked file, you will be prompted to enter the password for unlocking the PDF.


3. Mark for Redaction: This tool helps you mark specific content or areas in your PDF that need to be concealed. You can highlight sensitive text, images, or other elements that should be permanently removed from the document for confidentiality purposes.

Mark for Redaction

To redact, you have to select the area you want to permanently blackout and hit the Apply Redaction from the toolbar to hide information permanently.

4. Search & Redact: You can search for specific keywords or phrases within your PDF document and apply redaction to all instances automatically.

Search & Redact

To Optimize Your PDFs – You can further take advantage of advanced sub-tools to enhance your PDF editing & optimization experience. This includes:

1. Combine PDF: This tool allows you to merge multiple PDF documents into a single cohesive file. You can even merge the PDF pages according to the page numbers.
Click on the Combine PDF button & on the next window you can add more files to merge, manage the page numbers from where you want to merge the files, and hit the Combine option to complete the process.

Combine PDF

2. Compress PDF: With this tool you can reduce the file size of your PDF documents without compromising on quality. It offers different compression modes, such as High, Medium, and Low, allowing you to optimize the file size based on your requirements.
Upon pressing the “Compress” button, you can choose the desired mode of compression and hit the Compress option to begin the process!

Compress PDF

3. Bookmarks: The Bookmarks tool enables you to create and navigate between bookmarks within your PDF files. Bookmarks act as interactive links that allow quick access to specific sections or pages within the document.


From the left-side panel, you can create and manage your bookmarks!

To Edit Scanned PDF – Systweak PDF Editor eliminates the limitations of static, non-editable PDFs, as this software leverages OCR to convert scanned documents into searchable files. To use the feature, simply open the scanned PDF file and the software will show the option to Perform OCR. Click on the same & that’s it!

Edit Scanned Image

To Print Your PDF – Once you are done editing and fine-tuning your PDF files, simply click on the Print icon from the top menu and select your preferences to get the physical copy of the PDF.

To Print Your PDF

STEP 6 – Now that you are done editing and organizing your PDF file, it’s time to save your document. Simply navigate to the File tab and hit the “Save” or “Save as” button to save your final edited version at a desired location on your computer.

editing and organizing your PDF file

Don’t you think Systweak PDF Editor is an effortless choice when it comes to handling all your PDF editing, organization, and management needs? We think it was super easy and fun to use!

Unleash your PDF superpowers with Systweak PDF Editor!

Whether you’re a student, professional, or an individual who frequently deals with PDF files, Systweak PDF Editor offers the necessary tools to enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow. By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, you can easily harness the full potential of Systweak PDF Editor and unlock a world of possibilities for efficient PDF management.

Say goodbye to PDF headaches and hello to effortless PDF management. Do share your personal experience with this tool in the comments section below!  Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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