15+ Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions Everyone Should Use

Unless you have been living under a rock, there’s no chance that you’re unaware of what ChatGPT is.

ChatGPT, also known as the Generative Pre-training Transformer, is a neural network-based language model developed by Open AI, that generates human-like responses in real-time. From content generation to building virtual assistants, managing finances, providing personalized recommendations, and language translation. ChatGPT has a wide range of potential use cases and can be adapted to suit the needs of several industries and applications.

Quick Fact-Check = Ever since its launch, it has become one of the fastest-growing chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence & has recently crossed the 100 million active users milestone in January 2023. This impressive growth is expected to translate into significant revenue for OpenAI. The company has projected revenues of $200 million for 2023 and $1 billion by 2024. 

The only downside is, ChatGPT’s accuracy is limited to the training data in its model (which dates back to September 2021), and its language processing accuracy is impacted by ambiguity. That’s why, several AI tool developers have leveraged the opportunity to work on the limitations of ChatGPT and launched a variety of extensions, plugins, and other tools. These are capable of providing more efficient responses, improving productivity & enhancing your overall ChatGPT capabilities.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss some extremely useful Google Chrome Extensions that will streamline your ChatGPT usage and undoubtedly make your experience better & reliable.

Top 15+ ChatGPT Chrome Extensions That Will Supercharge Your Experience

The following Google Chrome Add-ons for ChatGPT will certainly take your language learning, content creation, communication & productivity game to the next level.

1. WebChatGPT


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Used by more than 7 million users worldwide, WebChatGPT is a wonderful Chrome extension that will augment your ChatGPT queries with relevant results from the web (as per current data). It is configured to write detailed answers to each prompt and you can change the number of results, time, and region as per the results you want.

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2. ChatGPT Writer

ChatGPT Writer

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ChatGPT Writer is a privacy-focused Chrome plugin that helps users to write entire emails and messages in a blink of an eye. You just have to add a context & it will produce the reply for you. The add-on offers enhanced support for Gmail. Besides Chrome, it works well with Brave & Edge browsers as well. All popular languages are supported with ChatGPT Writer.

3. Merlin


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Merlin is a revolutionary ChatGPT Chrome Extension that offers the ability to write content for social media engagement, generate fast email responses, summarize lengthy blogs into key pointers, get some fun replies, etc. It is flawlessly integrated with different websites & all you need to do is select any web content, press CTRL+M to open the Merlin box & choose what you want to do – create, summarize, get responses, etc.

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4. AIPRM for ChatGPT


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AIPRM is a powerful AI-driven SEO research Chrome extension. If you are an SEO who wants to perform keyword research and boost website traffic, it’s a perfect plugin to get started with. As soon as you add this ChatGPT extension to your Chrome browser, you will see a list of templates related to SEO. This includes Keyword Strategy, Outrank Article, Blog Post Title Generator, and more.

5. YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

YouTube Summary

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YouTube Summary with ChatGPT is dedicated to summarizing YT videos using natural language processing capabilities. This helps users quickly understand the critical points. Once you add the extension, you will see a new section next to the YT video you’re watching. Once you click it, you can see the transcripts of the entire video. You can further open it in the ChatGPT video & it will return the summarization of the video in layman’s terms.

6. ChatGPT Prompt Genius

ChatGPT Prompt Genius

Add To Chrome! 

Just like a good presentation that leads to good grades, a good prompt on ChatGPT will result in good and relevant responses. ChatGPT Prompt Genius is an open-source Chrome extension that comes packed with a wide repository of the best prompts. Using it, you can discover, share, import, and save your chat history locally & use them as & when required. You can even tinker with different themes to customize your user experience.

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7. TweetGPT


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TweetGPT is a powerful Chrome extension that integrates ChatGPT directly into Twitter so that users can instantly create and post replies for random things and interesting topics. The Chrome add-on leverages the power of ChatGPT’s API to create customized tweets that perfectly resonate with your target audience. Users can choose the language, and emotional tone and let TweetGPT do the rest!

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8. Voice control for ChatGPT

Voice control for ChatGPT

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Get ready to expand your ChatGPT capabilities with Voice Control for ChatGPT. The add-on allows users to have voice conversations with ChatGPT. As soon as you add the plugin to your Chrome browser, a button below the input file of the ChatGPT window will be added. By clicking the same, you can record your voice command & submit your query to ChatGPT. This ensures effortless conversion with your Intelligent conversation partner in a jiffy!

9. ChatGPT Sidebar

ChatGPT Sidebar

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ChatGPT Sidebar serves as your personal AI assistant and helps you in completing your everyday tasks. The versatile Chrome extension can assist you with reading & writing tasks. As a reading assistant, it can help in summarizing long content, finding similar pages, explaining concepts, translating to any language, etc. Being a writing assistant, it can help in rectifying grammatical errors, rephrasing content, generating Ad scripts, writing video scripts & more.

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10. ChatGPT for Google

ChatGPT for Google

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ChatGPT for Google is a handy Chrome extension that integrates ChatGPT directly into your favorite browser search results. Hence, you can easily get quick & relevant answers to your queries without leaving the search engine. This ChatGPT browser extension is compatible with Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Naver & more. Besides this, you can copy the results to the clipboard, change the theme, and access ChatGPT instantly from the extension pop-up.

11. Superpower ChatGPT

Superpower ChatGPT

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Next on our list of Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions is Superpower ChatGPT. It lets you sync history locally, export chats, search from the results, pin chats & access thousands of prompts that come packed with the plugin. It also lets you change your ChatGPT response language to more than 190 different languages. You can even change the tone & writing style of ChatGPT response as per your needs. Besides this, it has a lot of potential to maximize your productivity & user experience while using the AI chatbot.

12. Promptheus


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Promptheus is a widely popular ChatGPT Chrome extension that adds a series of valuable features to your ChatGPT window. You can use the spacebar to use your voice as a command to converse with ChatGPT. It even assists users in customizing their language, so that they can talk to the AI chatbot at their convenience. The Google Chrome add-on effectively converts the chatbot into a handy voice assistant like Siri.

13. ShareGPT


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ChatGPT provides a great way to enjoy fun and smart conversations with AI Chabot. But the sad part is, you cannot share them with anyone else. ShareGPT is a single-click Google Chrome extension that allows users to share the most interesting ChatGPT conversations with others. You can easily send permanent links to friends, family, and colleagues with this amazing ChatGPT extension.

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14. Summarize


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Similar to the YouTube Summary extension we listed above, Summarize works similarly but rather than just videos, it offers the same functionality for text. Using this Chrome extension is simple. All you have to do is, add the extension to the browser, and open any piece of content, be it an article, email, or website. Click on the extension and you will get a neat summary of the entire content within a few seconds.

15. FancyGPT


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FancyGPT is considered one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions because of its design and unique capabilities to beautify ChatGPT conversations. The plugin supports neon, sketch, dark, and light styles at the moment, and plans to expand more in the future. It holds the ability to add different design elements to your conversations and you can easily change the art style, exclude certain messages, and export the conversation into an image, PDF, or text file.

16. ReaderGPT


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ReaderGPT is quite similar to other summarizing ChatGPT Chrome extensions that we’ve mentioned above. But what sets it apart, is its capability to generate a summary of long articles in short bullet points or even 50 words. Moreover, it lets you translate a piece of text into Spanish or other popular languages of your choice. You can even simplify texts for five years old or write captions accordingly. Besides this, you can even edit the response as per your needs.

17. Copy for Chat GPT

Copy for Chat GPT

Add To Chrome! 

If you are someone who loves using ChatGPT, then you should definitely get your hands on this wonderful Chrome extension for enhancing your experience. Copy for Chat GPT allows you to copy the responses shared by ChatGPT with a click or using keyboard shortcuts (CMD + K on Mac & CTRL + K on Windows). But the amazing part is, it automatically runs the generated content through plagiarism detectors. This way, you will be able to check whether the response can be flagged and warn you about it.

18. GPT-3 Meta Descriptions

GPT-3 Meta Descriptions

Add To Chrome! 

Our list of best ChatGPT Chrome extensions will be incomplete without mentioning GPT-3 Meta Descriptions. If you are an SEO expert and want to use the power of ChatGPT to improve your website traffic & overall performance, it’s the perfect Google plugin for you. It uses OpenAI GPT-3 to generate SEO titles & descriptions. You just need to add keywords & ask the tool to create a meta. As per the Google guidelines, all the meta titles are capped at 70 characters & descriptions are capped at 160 characters, automatically.

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Bottom Line

ChatGPT is a revolutionary tool that holds the ability to manage your work and personal life needs effectively and efficiently. And, with the blend of the right ChatGPT Chrome Extensions, you can unlock more of its potential and help you get more work done in less time. Whether you’re looking to streamline your daily workflow, improve your skills or automate everyday monotonous tasks like drafting emails, preparing tweets, or writing captions, taking the help of these Google Chrome extensions can be of great help.

Let us know your personal favorite Chrome extensions for ChatGPT and how you will use them in the comments section! In case we’ve missed any popular Chrome plugin that should’ve been part of this list, feel free to shoot your suggestions in the box below! 


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