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However well you earn, it is nearly impossible to save some amount until you track your spending. With the ease of payment and rampant culture of plastic money, you don’t think twice before swiping against the goods, which are hardly needed. Had you known the amount you’ve always spent and left with, you would think twice. Well, better late than never, you can start keeping an eye on your expenses and earning with the help of technology.


Rather than paying a dedicated time with your daily-diary, use your Android that lets you record your spending on the go. Today, we’re going to talk about 10 best personal finance and budget apps for Android in 2021 for you to select from:

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1. PocketGuard:

pocket guard

As the name indicates, PocketGuard keeps a sharp eye at your spending by managing your bank accounts, credit and debit cards regardless of which bank is it from. The app syncs your loans, savings, and investment details followed by gathering them at one place so that you can observe and decide your expenses for near future. With 128-bit SSL encoding PocketGuard keeps your data safe with a 4-digit PIN.

2. YNAB:


According to the developers YNAB breaks your paycheck to paycheck cycle and help you get out of debt and save more money. Apart from connecting all your bank accounts at one place, it also helps you get out of debt. With ‘You Need A Budget’ app, you can pull the complete report of your spending and earnings. Should you have any query, the support team is there around the clock.

YNAB (You Need A Budget)
YNAB (You Need A Budget)

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3. Monefy:


Monefy is an intuitive application that tracks your income and expenses. It allows you to put a widget on display and record any transaction handily. The app provides with a backup and supports multiple currencies. Monefy also lets you use its inbuilt calculator and protects your information with the help of a passcode.

4. Goodbudget:


Goodbudget is a professional budget application that has myriads of recommendations from global technical giants. Goodbudget lets you sync your data among multiple devices, which empowers you to make your finances arranged with your loved ones too. With this app, you can check your available balance as well as split your spending.

Goodbudget: Budget & Finance
Goodbudget: Budget & Finance

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5. Mvelopes:


Mvelopes is another good finance and budget app for Android in 2019 that brings together all the expenses and earnings and helps you make a better decision towards savings. It uses an envelope budgeting method that lets you plan and track your spending. With Mveopes, you can assign and manage your budget and get feedback when its required.

Mvelopes Budget App
Mvelopes Budget App
Finicity Corp.

6. Google Sheets:

google sheet

With no surprise, Google is here too. Though, its not a dedicated personal finance and budgeting app; however, it helps you the other way. Google Sheets creates, edit and collaborate with other spreadsheets from your Android. It can be used anywhere and anytime with the support of opening in MS Excel and other such tools. Google Sheets keeps you free of worries as it saves automatically as soon as you type. Along with other formatting and insertions, Google Sheets also lets you share and add comments.

7. Money Manager:

money manager

Money Manager is said to be one of the most popular personal finance and budget apps for Android. It automatically records your earnings as soon as they get credited to your account. The app uses graph technology to showcase your spending and earnings that helps you make decision for the rest of the month. Money Manager protects your privacy with a passcode and lets you transfer and between assets.

8. My Finances:

my finance

My Finances is a expense control tool that also offers to manage your home budget. According to developers, My Finances helps you save more with a keen eye on your spending and selected features. It has a simplified interface that lets you gather your income and expenses in an intuitive way. With My Finances, multi account managing you get your incoming and outgoing funds statistics with a tap that helps you analyze your budget more precisely.

9. Prism Bills:

prism bills

Prism Bills doesn’t need you to be a geek and helps you anaylyze your funds handily. Prism Bills lets you know about the due date of your bills as well as lets you check your bank statement. Prism Bills offers to have your bills paid with just a swipe. Apart from its operation, setting up Prism Bills is as easy as a piece of cake that includes add bills, add your account and payday, and you’re good to go.

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10. Wallet:


Like your own wallet is used to keep your money safe, The Wallet app helps you flexibly plan your budget and track expenses, which keeps you in control and achieve your goals of savings and investments. Wallet just requires you to install it and rest of the operations are done automatically. It automatically updates your bank and plan your budget. To help you track your status, it lets you fetch the insightful reports.

Taking everything into account, you can observe that budgeting apps are certainly of some use. Unlike other manual diaries, these apps are directly connected to your accounts and cards and makes you free of reporting manually. Although, its you who decide to spend or not in the end, but these apps are going to let you know the real time condition of your funds to help you make a decision.

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