How to Recover Photos from Keepsafe On Android or iPhone (2023 Updated Guide)

Keepsafe is a wonderful vault app that allows you to lock your private photos and videos on Android and iPhone and protect them from unauthorized access. Besides multimedia files, it keeps your sensitive documents, apps, and browsing private. Trusted by over 75 million users worldwide, Keepsafe aims to protect users’ privacy and give them peace of mind. 

However, you may accidentally delete or lose Keepsafe precious memories and other important stuff. That’s why you need to learn how to recover photos from Keepsafe on Android & iPhone. 

This article will show you how to get back your Keepsafe photos in a couple of clicks. So, keep reading! 

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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Keepsafe (2023)

If you wish to recover your favorite photos and other files from Keepsafe securely, make sure you fulfill the listed perquisites:  

  • Keepsafe’s Private Cloud should be Enabled. 
  • Keepsafe Premium is what you’re using. 
  • During the recovery process, Wi-Fi or mobile data should be activated.  

Now that you’ve followed all the aforementioned requirements, make sure you use any workarounds to recover photos from Keepsafe. 

Method 1: Retrieve Photographs from the Keepsafe Trash

Keepsafe has a dedicated ‘Trash’ folder where you can find all your deleted photos. You can have those pics anytime, but unfortunately, the feature is not available for Keepsafe’s free edition users. 

Nonetheless, you can upgrade to the Premium edition if you are very serious about recovering photos from Keepsafe.

So, here’s how to get photos back from Keepsafe Trash on iPhone or Android:

  • From your iPhone or Android, simply sign in to your Keepsafe account.
  • On the main screen, simply navigate to the top-right corner of the screen and tap the Trash/Bin icon. A number may appear on the Trash icon, indicating the number of files in the folder.

Recover Photos from Keepsafe

  • Find and select the deleted photos you want to restore from the Keepsafe Trash.
  • Once marked, from the top-left corner, tap the Restore button.
  • Choose the album where you want to move the photos. 

That’s it; you now have access to your accidentally deleted Keepsafe photos!

But what if you are not using the Keepsafe paid version? Wondering how to recover Keepsafe photos without premium? The app will prompt you to upgrade while restoring your lost images. You can get your hands on the premium version and recover pictures from Keepsafe.

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Method 2: To Recover Deleted Photos, Reinstall Keepsafe

Did the aforementioned method not work? Install the app again! This workaround will work if you have enabled the Private Cloud Backup and have not emptied Keepsafe Trash. By enabling Private Cloud, you can download and recover Keepsafe photos (and other items) to another device if your iPhone/Android is broken, lost, or stolen. 

Here’s how to reinstall Keepsafe to recover your photos:

  • Uninstall and reinstall Keepsafe from your mobile phone’s app store.
  •  Log in to the Keepsafe account that you used to recover the photos. 
  • Select Menu > Settings. 
  • To enable it, check the Enable Private Cloud box. 

Close Keepsafe and reopen it on your phone. All of your lost or stolen Keepsafe photos will be recovered. If you have trouble recovering photos after reinstalling the app, please contact Keepsafe tech support at [email protected].

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Method 3: Take the help of Data Recovery Software to Restore Keepsafe Photos

When none of the above-mentioned solutions worked for you, consider using a reliable data recovery app to retrieve photos/videos from Keepsafe. Depending on your device, you can search for the best file recovery software that works flawlessly with your Android & iPhone.

For advanced Android file recovery on your device, you can consider using Photos Recovery by Systweak Software or simply check out the list shared in this guide. For iPhone users, we highly recommend using Stellar Data Recovery to specifically restore lost Keepsafe files on your iPhone or iPad without any backup. 

Let’s now discuss the steps to recover Keepsafe photos using the Stellar Data Recovery tool on your Mac or iPhone. 

  • Download, Install and launch Stellar Data Recovery for your machine.

  • Now connect your iPhone to a computer and select your iPhone device. 
  • Once the application is launched, you will find multiple options on UI in which you have to select the “Recover from iPhone” option.
    Recover Photos from Keepsafe
  • Select the “Photos & Videos” section on the next screen and proceed!
    Recover Photos from Keepsafe
  • Now you can see all the Keepsafe pictures on your computer. You could select single or multiple files.
    how to recover Keepsafe photos without premium
  • Once you select all your keep safe pictures, you click on the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the screen. On the new dialogue box, Select the folder you want to retrieve in and click ‘OK.’

how to recover Keepsafe photos without premium

This is how you can recover your Keepsafe pictures and many kinds of data like videos, documents, tunes, chats, etc. The stellar Data Recovery tool is among the most used and recommended data restoring tools for Windows and Mac, through which you can connect your Android and iPhone/iPad devices for hassle-free data recovery. 

Wrapping Up:

In a nutshell, we can say that recovering pictures from Keepsafe is quite easy and is something not to be worried about. The aforementioned methods make it quick and reliable for you to restore your important memories. If you can’t find your photos in Keepsafe, try looking in the Trash folder! 

Alternatively, you can try to recover them if they are not even found there by reinstalling Keepsafe. If nothing else works and your photos are permanently deleted from Keepsafe, use an advanced Android or iPhone recovery tool, as described in this post.

Download the compatible version for your computer or phone from the official website. Comment your thoughts and reviews below. 

FAQs | How To Recover Photos From Keepsafe (2023)

Q:1 How can I recover photos that have been permanently deleted?

Recovering permanently deleted snaps isn’t that complex; all you need to do is take the help of trustworthy data recovery solutions listed below for your respective Operating System: 

Q:2 How can I recover permanently deleted photos from Keepsafe?

The Keepsafe app does allow you to recover deleted photos. Premium and trial users of the Keepsafe app can recover photos from the trash folder. Private cloud recovery will work as long as you have activated that feature on the device you are attempting to recover data.

Q:3 Can I get my photos back after 30 days?

Your best bet for recovering deleted photos after 30 days is to use a local iTunes backup: Connect the iPhone to the Mac.

Q:4 How can I recover permanently deleted photos?

Ans: This folder is usually found under mnt/sdcard, mnt/flash, storage/sdcard0, storage/emulated/0, and so on. This location may differ depending on make and model of your device. Keep safe folder should be found in your device’s root folder, alongside folders like “Android.”


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