Advanced Disk Recovery Vs EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Your computer is a treasure trove of data consisting of documents, audio files, images, video files, and everything in between. Despite trying your best, the fear of losing this data due to various reasons looms large. That’s where a data recovery tool comes to the rescue.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss not one but two of the most powerful data recovery software for Windows – Advanced Disk Recovery and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. We’ll explore their features, pros and cons, pricing, and various other aspects. In the end, you can choose which tool is right for your data recovery needs.

Advanced Disk Recovery Vs EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Some Deciding Factors

At the outset, both Advanced Disk Recovery and EaseUS Data Recovery can recover data that you have lost due to various reasons such as accidental deletion, formatting, OS crash, virus infection, etc.

While you may have your preferences when it comes to choosing a data recovery tool, we have zeroed down on some factors that may help you in your decision. In this blog, we’ll discuss each of the below factors in greater detail –

  • Interface
  • Notable Features
  • Recovery Rate
  • Pricing

1. Pricing – Free Vs Paid:

Advanced Disk Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

You can enjoy all the features of Advanced Disk Recovery for 24 hours. After that, only a few features will work. Pricing for the premium variant starts at $69.95/year.

You can get it at $39.95 at the current discounted price.

The free variant of EaseUS Data Recovery comes with limited features. For instance, you can recover up to 2GB of data for free and the free version doesn’t offer NAS data recovery. The price for the premium variant starts at $69.95/ month

2. Interface:

Advanced Disk Recovery

Once you install and launch Advanced Disk Recovery, the first screen lets you choose the area or the location on your computer that you want to scan for deleted files. Based on the area you have selected, you can further select the drive or partition and scan it for lost files. The same screen also shows you the scan history i.e. when you conducted your last scan, the file system of the drive on which the scan was conducted, and how many files were found.

disk recovery

Once you click on the Start Scan Now button you can select the mode of scan from the next screen. We have discussed what each of these modes of scan stands for in the features below.

scan data recovery

Once the scan is completed, the deleted files are enlisted in a tabular form where you can see the file name, file extension, location, file size, last modified date and time, attribute, state, and comment. Furthermore, you can also find out if the files are recoverable or not.

recover deleted data

At the bottom, you can further narrow down your search for deleted files, by clicking on the Filter Options button from where you can select various filters, some of which we have discussed in the features section below. You can also preview the recoverable files before actually recovering them.

data recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard boasts of a modern interface. The home screen shows you the locations or drives that you can scan for deleted files and folders.

easeus tool for data recovery

At any point in time, if you wish to go back, you can click on the Return to Home option that you can see at the top left corner of the interface.

Once you have selected the location and click on Search for Lost Data, the next screen appears. This screen can further be divided into two parts. On one side you can choose how you would like to see the identified deleted files – by path or by file type. Subsequently, the results will appear on the right-hand side. At the very bottom of the interface, you can see the scan mode that is in progress. If you want you can even stop or pause the scan by clicking on the appropriate button.

data recovery software

From the top, you can change the view of how files are enlisted. You can click on Details and see the name, size, type, and date modified of your files. Or, you can click on the Icons to view your files as icons.

One of the highlights of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is that, once you have chosen a certain number of files for recovery, you can see the exact size of files that you will be able to recover.

3. Notable Features:

Advanced Disk Recovery:

– Scan for Deleted Files From All Areas On Your Computer

disk recovery

You have various options to quickly and efficiently recover lost data. You can select a particular hard drive, CD/ DVD drive, or even partitions to scan for deleted files and folders. Advanced Disk Recovery also lets you identify deleted files and folders from removable disks such as SD cards, USB flash drives, and external hard disks.

– Support for Various File Systems

Advanced Disk Recovery supports all major file systems such as NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32,  and ExFAT.

– Multiple Scan Modes:

Advanced Disk Recovery offers two scan modes to scan the PC for deleted files. While the “Quick Scan Mode” is quicker and identifies the deleted files from the Master File Table, the “Deep Scan Mode” conducts a sector-wide scanning of the hard disk. It scans deleted files based on their signature.

– Save Scan Session

You can save the last scan session, in case it was incomplete. You can proceed from where you left off in the last scan session. This way you won’t have to initiate scanning from scratch.

– Multiple Filter Options

data recovery

You can customize the display of scan results based on various filters. To begin with, you can choose to show only deleted files or even include empty files as well. Furthermore, you can filter out files that are of a particular file size. Apart from that you can choose from several “File Health Filters”, and “Attribute Filters”.

– Preview Files Before Recovering Them

Before recovering files, you can preview them so that you can be sure that you are recovering the correct files.

We have discussed all the above features in greater detail and have also shown it in action in this post.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

– Recover Data From Various Locations On Your Computer

easeus tool for data recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery lets you recover accidentally deleted data from the various drives on your computer. You can even specify a location from where you wish to recover files. Apart from that the data recovery software also lets you retrieve lost files and folders from removable devices such as SD cards, USB flash drives, and external hard drives.

– Multiple Scan Modes

Unlike Advanced Disk Recovery, where you can choose the mode of scan when you click on the Search for Lost Data button, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard first performs a Quick Scan and then an Advanced Scan.

– Preview Files Before Recovering

Quite like Advanced Disk Recovery, you can preview all your recoverable files before recovering them.

– Support for Various File Systems

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard offers support for various file systems such as FAT (FAT 12/16/32), ext 2, ext 3, NTFS, exFAT, and HFS+

– NAS Data Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard intelligently identifies NAS servers. It eliminates the need to pull out disk or RAID deconstruction. To recover data in this case, all you have to do is select the NAS device, turn on SSH, and start recovering files from all network-attached devices. The data recovery software supports NAS from leading brands such as Synology, NETGEAR, QNAP, TERRA MASTER, etc

– Apply Various Filters To Find Files

Easeus data recovery

In order to zero in all the accidentally deleted files, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard provides you with many filters. You can filter your scan by file type, date modified, file size, and other advanced filters.

To dive deeper into all of the above features and see EaseUS Data Recovery in action, check out this post.

4. Speed (Recovery Rate) – How Quick Are The Tools At Recovering Lost Data

To ascertain the performance of both tools, we tried scanning and recovering deleted files from an NTFS drive with 240.7 GB worth of data and these were our findings.

Advanced Disk Recovery:

We selected the Deep Scan mode to recover deleted files. It took approximately 4 minutes to scan 17749 files and we were successfully able to recover a deleted movie file that we had deleted using the Shift + Delete operation.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard:

Since EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard automatically conducts both Quick and Deep scan modes to identify deleted files, it took a little over 5 minutes to scan 21913 files and we were successfully able to recover a deleted movie file that we had deleted using the Shift + Delete operation.

Which One Would You Choose For Your Data Recovery Needs

In the face of losing precious data, you can still be hopeful, since both Advanced Disk Recovery and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard display decent data recovery capabilities and are efficient in recovering accidentally lost items.

We hope that after exploring the various aspects of EaseUS Data Recovery and Advanced Disk Recovery, now it’s easier for you to decide which one suits your data recovery needs. By comparing their aspects, we’ve made it simpler for you to choose the right tool.

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