Facebook Videos Not Playing? Here’s How To Fix It!

Over the past few years, Facebook has evolved into a platform that thrives on video-based content, offering users a rich and engaging browsing experience. Imagine you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, looking forward to watching some videos, but suddenly, you hit a roadblock: the videos won’t play. However, you are not alone in this. Facebook Videos Not Playing or cannot play videos on Facebook is a common issue that many users encounter. Today we’ll explore several effective ways to troubleshoot and fix this annoying issue, ensuring you can enjoy seamless video playback on Facebook once again.

So, without further wasting any time, let’s get started.

Diagnosing the Problem: Why You Cannot Play Videos on Facebook?

There are several reasons why Facebook videos might not be playing for you. Here are some of the most common culprits:

  • A weak or unstable internet connection is the number one suspect. Facebook videos, especially high-definition ones, require a decent amount of bandwidth to stream properly.
  • An outdated Facebook app can sometimes develop glitches that hinder video playback.
  • Like the Facebook app, your web browser might need an update to ensure smooth video playback.
  • A cluttered cache, full of temporary files, can slow down your device and affect video playback on Facebook.
  • Other apps or programs running in the background might be hogging resources, leaving insufficient processing power for Facebook videos.
  • In rare cases, the video itself might be corrupted, preventing it from playing correctly.
  • Occasionally, Facebook experiences server-side issues that can temporarily affect video playback for some users.

Now that we have identified the potential reasons behind the issue, let’s dive into the solutions.

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How to Fix Facebook Not Loading Or Playing Videos

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

This might seem obvious, but it’s crucial.  Run a speed test to confirm your strong and stable internet connection. If you are having trouble with your Wi-Fi, try fixing it. If your Wi-Fi is acting weird, consider switching to your cellular data plan for a more stable connection. If you’re using cellular data, ensure a good signal and consider switching to Wi-Fi if available.

Fix 2: Restart Your Device

Sometimes, a simple restart can work wonders. Turn off your phone, tablet, or computer, wait for a few seconds, and then power it back on. This clears temporary glitches and frees up memory, potentially resolving the video playback issue. Restarting your smartphone can also help clear out temporary memory buildup, which can sometimes cause issues with playing videos. Sometimes, a simple restart can work wonders.

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Fix 3: Update The Facebook Application

When a new version of the Facebook app becomes available, it’s a good idea to update your application. These updates often include fixes for bugs and solutions to any glitches you might be facing.  To update Facebook, simply go to your Play Store or App Store. If there’s an update available, update it by clicking on that Update button.

Fix 4: Temporarily Disable Data Saver Mode

These settings, designed to reduce data consumption, also restrict video playback quality.  Try temporarily disabling the data saver or low data mode on your device and see if the Facebook videos play smoothly.  Remember to re-enable this setting if you encounter data usage concerns.

  • Open the Facebook app and from the bottom right corner click on the three-horizontal line menu icon.

facebook profile

  • Now scroll down a bit and then select Settings & Privacy.

settings and privacy

  • Then click on the Settings


  • On the next page, scroll down a bit, then click on the Media option, listed under Preferences.


  • Here, you’ll see two options for Video Quality: Data Saver and Optimized. Tap on the Optimized option to disable Data Saver Mode.

data saver

Fix 5: Disable Low Data Mode on Your Smartphone

Many mobile users, like yourself, prioritize data savings by enabling low data mode.  While this is a fantastic way to extend your data plan, it can sometimes clash with Facebook’s video playback, especially for high-resolution content.  Disabling low data mode specifically for Facebook allows you to enjoy smooth video playback without sacrificing your data plan entirely.

For Android Users

  • Open Settings and then tap on Connections > Data usage.

mobile network option

  • Make sure that the Data saver option is turned off.

data saver

For iPhone Users

  • Open Settings > Mobile Data.
  • Next, click on Mobile Data Options.

mobile data

  • Then make sure the Low Data Mode is turned off.

low data mode

Fix 6: Verify if the Facebook Video is Still Accessible

Facebook allows users to upload and share all sorts of videos, but those videos aren’t guaranteed to stay there forever.  For various reasons, videos might be removed from the platform. Let’s explore some reasons why the video you’re trying to watch might be missing:

  • Deleted by the Uploader: Maybe the person who uploaded the video had a change of heart and decided to remove it.
  • Policy Violation: Facebook has community guidelines that users must adhere to. If a video violates those guidelines, it might be taken down.
  • Copyright Issues: Uploading copyrighted material without permission is a big no-no on Facebook. If the video infringes on someone else’s copyright, it could be removed.

So, What Can You Do?

  • Check the source: Did the video come from a friend, a page, or a group? Try reaching out to them and see if they know why the video is unavailable.
  • Move on to the next video: The vast world of Facebook offers endless video entertainment! Don’t let a missing video ruin your scrolling fun.

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Fix 7: Log Out & Log In Again

Think of your Facebook app session as a virtual connection between you and the platform. Sometimes,  these sessions,  like a dropped phone call, can get interrupted unexpectedly. This can lead to strange app behavior,  including issues playing Facebook videos. The good news?  Just logging out and back in will solve the issue.

Fix 8: Try Changing the Quality of The Video

Because Facebook allows for uploading HD videos, the quality and speed of playback are influenced by the type of network you’re using. If Facebook videos aren’t playing, it could be due to difficulties with buffering on your internet connection, or perhaps there are too many users sharing the same network.

  • Open the Facebook video you want to watch and tap on the Settings (Gear) icon from the bottom right corner.
  • Click on the Quality option and choose a lower resolution for your video.

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Fix 9:  Report the Issue to Facebook (Last Resort)

If you’ve exhausted all the troubleshooting steps and the video still won’t play, it might be an isolated issue with the specific video itself. You can report the issue to Facebook by clicking the three dots on the top right corner of the video and selecting “Report Video.

Fixed: Facebook Videos Not Playing

Facing issues with Facebook videos not playing can be frustrating, but with the right troubleshooting steps, you can overcome these challenges. By following the ten methods outlined in this guide, you can effectively diagnose and fix the underlying causes of video playback issues on Facebook. Remember to stay patient and persistent, and soon enough, you’ll be back to enjoying your favorite videos and reels hassle-free.

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