10 Best Data Saving Apps For Android To Save Mobile Data and Money

Are you dealing with the most maddening question – How to save mobile data

Well, if that’s the case you are in the right place. Here, we will talk about the top 10 best data-saving apps. Using these apps on your Android phone, you can limit data usage and save yourself from paying unnecessary data bills. 

Best Apps to Save Data for Android Users

These days to attract users, every mobile carrier promises to offer unlimited data packs, but that isn’t true, because there’s a data cap. This means if you exceed the limit, you will end up paying huge data bills. Hence taking care of data consumption is a must. But, how can we save data, when mobile devices are meant to use it, right? 

Worry not, using these best data saver apps, you can achieve it. So, without postponing, let’s look at the best data saver apps for Android!

10 Best Data Saving Apps for Android – 2024

Save yourself from losing GBs of data and reduce unnecessary data consumption using the data saving apps listed below: 

1. Check Data Usage | Monitor Internet Data Usage

Price: Free (with ads)

First on our list for best data saver apps is Check Data Usage, the answer for all your data usage problems. Using this app, you can easily manage data usage and save on monthly data bills. The app shows real-time data usage by different apps and lists the app that consumes most data on the top. Not only this, but it also shows Mobile and Wi-Fi data consumption under different tabs. 

The best part about this app is its speed test function. This means you can run speed tests and know the upload and download speed thereby saving data consumption. 


  • Offers separate tabs for Wi-Fi and mobile data consumption
  • Real-time data tracker
  • Smart data plan used to help decide the best plan to buy 
  • Data usage notification when the set limit is surpasses
  • Speed test to check download and upload speed 



Read More: How To Check Data Usage & Monitor Internet Speed on Android

2. DataEye | Save Mobile Data

Price: Free (with ads)

DataEye, a well-known app, to save mobile data comes with a simple to use interface and real-time data usage alert. Using this data saver app for Android, you can see a list of apps accessing mobile data and can turn it off for apps that you rarely use or don’t want to sync data in the background. Compatible with almost all Android devices, this app manages local networks and data usage on roaming.

  • Helps control data traffic 
  • Informs about data usage by different apps
  • Ensure data saving is done on both local and roaming networks
  • Gives complete control over data management
  • Allows blocking background processes of data hogging apps


DataEye - Save Mobile Data


3. My Data Manager | Data Usage

Price: Free 

Downloaded by 14.7 million users, My Data Manager is one of the best Android data saver apps that help control mobile data usage. Using this app, you can track down the data you use and get alerts about running out of data. This helps stay at par from being charged unnecessarily. With a beautiful UI, using My Data Manager is very easy. 


  • Monitor data usage of everyone added to family or shared plan
  • Notifies user about data package exhaustion 
  • Track historical consumption to get the right plan 
  • Option to track data consuming apps and blocking background data usage
  • Set custom usage alarm to avoid being overcharged


Data counter widget - Data usage manager monitor


4. Data Usage Monitor

Price: Free (in-app purchases)

Equipped with an interactive user interface, this data saver app helps measure and analyze daily data usage in an effective way. Using Data Usage Monitor, you can stay protected from data over usage as the app notifies users when they are about to reach the daily traffic limit. Moreover, this data saver app for Android lets you sort the app by data usage and if you go with the premium version, you can also use the app widget. 


  • Automated traffic estimation when the app is in use
  • Tracks data usage on both Wi-Fi and mobile data 
  • Sorts app based on data consumption 
  • Measures data consumption between any intervals 
  • Details report with SSID


Data Usage Monitor


5. GlassWire Data Usage Monitor

Price: Free / Up to $9.99 per month

Fifth on our list of data saver apps for Android is GlassWire, a versatile data usage monitor app that comes with amazing features. The app shows data usage alerts before you reach the carrier data limit. Also, it provides real-time details of data usage to help control data consumption thereby helping saving money spent on unnecessary data bills. 

Moreover, GlassWire Data Usage Monitor blocks apps from networks that consume too much data. Its premium version offers more advanced features however if you don’t want to spend a penny, you can use its free version. 


  • Provides alerts and notifications about data usage
  • Keeps track of roaming and roll-over minutes
  • Speed meter to check real-time data usage
  • Allows creating different firewall profiles
  • Knows when a new app accesses the network


GlassWire Data Usage Monitor


6. Data Monitor: Simple Net-Meter

Price: Free (in-app purchases $1.29 – $3.20 per item)

How about using a flexible, proactive data saver app? Meet Data Monitor app to save data that includes net-meter, network analysis, and more. This best data-saving app shows a traffic usage breakdown, network connection analysis, and a lot more. Moreover, it also includes a Wi-Fi scanner and offers widgets that you can use to monitor data usage. 


  • Precisely monitors data usage
  • Includes useful widgets
  • Analyzes network connection, cellular data, and shows traffic breakdown.
  • Wi-Fi scanner
  • Simple to use a data-saving app for Android


Data Monitor - Simple Net-Meter


7. Net-Guard

Price: Free (in-app purchases $0.99 – $8.49 per item)

Looking for an automated best data-saving app? Well, with Net-Guard, you can save both data and money. This app works well with all Android devices and blocks access to data hogging apps. To use the app, you don’t have to root the device, neither you have to share any data. This top data saver app works flawlessly with other apps and helps save data by blocking unnecessary data consumption apps. 


  • Simple to use the app to save data usage 
  • Supports Tethering 
  • Ad-free data-saving app 
  • Doesn’t interfere with other apps 
  • Help save battery even when playing games 




8. Data Saver

Price: Free (in-app purchases $0.99 per item)

Want to try a crowdsourced data saver app? Meet Data Saver is a powerful app that allows sharing Wi-Fi networks that are used by other users too. The app uses your GPS coordinates to search the database for Wi-Fi networks and imports the information allowing you to connect to them. Also, the Data Saver app is free to use and offers a lot of advantages. When you are around an open Wi-Fi, you can skip using 3g/4g data as this data-saving app helps connect with them. 


  • Lightweight data-saving apps for Android 
  • Free to use the top app to save data
  • Help save mobile data as gives information about open Wi-Fi
  • Shows data usage
  • Backs up Wi-Fi list


Data Saver


9. InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall

Price: Free (in-app purchases $3.99 – $4.99 per item)

Want to try a data saver app that is based on a VPN interface? Then, InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall is your go-to app. Using these best Android data saver apps, you can save data in different ways and can also save battery. This app to save data on Android gives you full control to allow or deny individual apps and domains to access Wi-Fi or mobile data. 


  • Automatically blocks apps that access network in the background 
  • Reduce data usage
  • Allows blocking of app connectivity 
  • Alerts when apps access the internet 
  • Offers 5 aesthetic background themes.


InternetGuard Data Saver Firewall


10. Data counter widget: Data usage manager/monitor

Price: In-app purchases $0.99 – $4.49 per item

Lastly, on our list for the best app to save data on Android is the Data counter widget: Data usage manager/monitor. This stunning data saver app keeps track of how much network traffic your mobile uses, and it also finds out apps that steal data. With a simple and discreet user interface, you can monitor mobile data usage easily. The app also allows customizing the interface and configure widgets. 


  • Shows local and roaming usage
  • Keeps data usage history
  • Tests internet speed
  • Offers home screen widget
  • Flexible data plans and billing cycles 


Data counter widget - Data usage manager monitor


Final Verdict

Now, these were the best data-saving apps that you can use on your Android device. Most importantly all these apps are free to use so you don’t have to worry about the price or charges. Do let us know which data saver app you picked from the list and why in the comments section. However, if you are looking for our recommendation, we suggest Check Data Usage, as the app is easy to use and light on system resources. 

If you have any questions feel free to drop in the comments section, we will reply to them ASAP. 

FAQ – Top 10 data-saving app for android

What is Android Data Saver?

It is a built-in functionality offered by Android to save data and money. When the Data Saver is enabled apps and services running in the background don’t use mobile data. 

Which is the best data-saving app?

  • Check Data Usage
  • DataEye
  • My Data Manager
  • GlassWire Data Usage Monitor is amongst the few best and top data saver apps. To learn about the complete list, read the post on 10 Best Data Saving Apps for Android. 

How can I save my mobile data on Android?  

To save mobile data without using an app, follow the steps below:

  1. Head to your phone’s settings. 
  2. Connections > Data Usage > Data Saver
  3. Enable it by tapping on the slider

That’s it you will now be able to save mobile data.

Which apps use a lot of data?

Generally, video streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Instagram, and others consume most data.    


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