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Author: Sarang Bhargava

Tech News - 2021-04-09

Beware – Fake Oximeter Apps Can Steal Your Online Identity

Amidst several self-check methods that you can use to test yourself for COVID 19, one that has especially become popular is the use of an oximeter, a device that is used to check the blood oxygen levels in your body. If it falls below a particular level, you should immediately consult a healthcare specialist. Putting…

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How-To, PC Optimization - 2021-06-09

How To Remove Or Fix Browserassistant.Exe Error?

A well functioning browser is essential to surf the web seamlessly, isn’t it? But, what if you find that your choice of browser is acting up? What if you start encountering pop-ups appearing for no evident reason? You will be worried. One of the most hazardous elements that lead to unwanted popups or browsers acting…

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How-To, PC Optimization - 2021-10-22

How To Fix Or Disable SearchApp.exe?

Many users have reportedly come across an issue where they weren’t able to get rid of SearchApp.exe. You must be wondering, what is grave with this process? Firstly, it is a CPU intensive process, which means SearchApp.exe consumes high CPU power. Some users have also complained that they could not shut SearchApp.exe down in Task…

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Driver Guide, For Windows 10 - 2021-10-18

Fix: AMD Driver Crash on Windows 10

A graphics card is such an important component of a modern-day computer or laptop. Be it heavy-duty games that have high-resolution graphics or powerful software that are power-packed with larger-than-life interfaces and features; all need a good graphics card to function well. When it comes to graphics cards, AMD is a force to reckon with,…

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duplicate removal tool, How-To - 2021-04-22

How To Delete Duplicates From Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular and widely used cloud storage mediums used on multiple devices – Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It’s a great way to upload files and folders of all formats. You can upload word documents, PDF’s, images of varying formats, audio and video files, and whatnot. You can even keep…

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