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Sarang is an avid tech- blogger who loves to pour his heart out in form of words. The very thought of exploring new things especially from the tech domain fascinates him. When not writing you can find him either immersed in his own thoughts, taking a nap, listening to music or devouring on books, movies or even topics for his next blog.

Things To Do If Windows PC Shuts Down During Virus Scan

In a day and age where malware attacks are on the rise, the role of an Antivirus utility can’t be contested. According to researchers, 95.6% of new malware amounting to 59.58 million samples targeted Windows in 2022. But, what if when try...


4 Easy Ways to Fix “Game Security Violation Detected” Error

Gaming on Windows PC is a fun experience. And, if you are a frequent gamer, the feeling just can’t be expressed. However, time and again issues do surface that may cause worries. Take the “Easy Anti Cheat Game Security Violation Detecte...


How To Fix Volume Control Stuck on the top left Corner of the Screen

Volume is an important aspect of your Windows desktop or laptop. However, time and again, users have reported issues with Volume controls on Windows PC. One such issue is the “Volume bar stuck on the top left corner of the screen. If this...


7 Best Video Stabilizer Apps for iPhone & Android [2023]

When trying to shoot a video through a smartphone without a tripod, shakiness, and shudders may appear. The reasons could be one too many - trembling hands, accidental push from someone, etc. You may not be able to improve the video without...


How To Fix Can’t Open PDF On Windows 11/10

“One of my colleagues sent me a PDF that I needed to view, analyze and edit immediately. But, no matter what I do, I just can’t seem to open it. What do I do?” Many of us swear by Adobe Acrobat Reader as our primary PDF viewer or e...


7 Best 3D Modeling Apps for iPad in 2023

Computer-aided designing has evolved over the past few years and gone are the days when modeling an object - human, animal, furniture, or anything else, required a heavy-duty desktop with software. And, if you are looking for a 3D model mak...


7 Ways To Fix Double Click Is Not Working On Windows PC

“Even after several tries, double-clicking doesn’t open up the files and folders on my computer. The situation has surfaced recently and I am clueless about what needs to be done next. Please help.” Windows users often bump into a ...


How To Fix Unknown Bluetooth device error in Windows 11/10

Bluetooth is a way with which you can connect a Bluetooth device wirelessly to your computer. Under normal circumstances, when you switch on Bluetooth on your device, you can see those devices which are within your range and that your PC ca...


How To Clean up & Organize Mac’s Launchpad

Launchpad on your Mac is a dedicated place where all your apps are centrally located. As the name suggests, you can open the Launchpad and access all the applications that are installed on your Mac. But, over a period of time, your Launchpa...