How To Recover Data From Toshiba Memory Card

Toshiba SD cards are one of the most trusted cards. One of the reasons why it is preferred by users is because of its fast reading and writing speed. But, that doesn’t change the fact they are prone to damages or situations where you may lose data.

While using a Toshiba memory card on your Android device or digital camera, you may lose data accidentally in case of card formatting, accidentally deleting data, file system corruption, or for any other reason. Some users have also reported data loss from their Toshiba SD card when they wrongly ejected it from their device.

If you are amidst any of these scenarios, you can still keep your hopes high. Here are some of the best ways to restore data from a Toshiba memory card.

Possible Data Loss Scenarios And Chances of Recovery

While there is always hope you can restore deleted files from your Toshiba SD card or any other memory card. However, there are circumstances when the data is irrecoverable. Below we’ll discuss some of these data loss scenarios –

  • When A File Is Removed Using The Standard Way – When a file is deleted typically even from the “Trash”, it isn’t permanently erased, it’s just that the space occupied is marked as empty. You can recover the file easily under this circumstance.
  • Data is Overwritten – If the file that you have deleted is overwritten by another data, it becomes irrecoverable. Hence we urge you to use file recovery software immediately before the deleted data is overwritten.
  • Physical Damage – Recovering files from a damaged Toshiba SD memory card depends on the extent of physical damage. You may still be able to recover data from the SD card if there are minor scratches, bends, or buffs. However, if it’s significantly damaged, has deep scratches, or if the SD card is broken, the data recovery may completely be out of the scope of data recovery software.

Best Ways To Recover Data From Toshiba Memory Card

– Recover Lost Files Using A File Recovery Tool

For recovering accidentally deleted files from a Toshiba memory card, the best bet is to use file recovery software. You can use professional file recovery software like Advanced File Recovery. Before we demonstrate how you can easily restore lost files on your memory card, let’s first quickly have a look at some do’s and don’ts that you should pay heed to –

Do’s Don’ts
1. If you are aware that you have lost data, immediately but carefully eject your Toshiba SD card to avoid overwriting files. 1. When restoring files, ensure that you don’t restore them on the original disk as this move can overwrite the files.
2. Promptly install data recovery software like Advanced File Recovery. 2. Don’t format your SD card.
3. In general, you should always back your data up so that in the worst-case scenario, if you are unable to recover data, you can use your backup.

Wish to know more about Advanced File Recovery, its features, and various other aspects.

Wish to know more about Advanced File Recovery, its features, and various other aspects. Here is an in-depth review of this file recovery tool.

How To Use Advanced File Recovery To Recover Data From Toshiba Memory Card

Step 1 – Download Advanced File Recovery on your Windows PC and run the installation file.

Step 2 – Plug your Toshiba memory card to your laptop or desktop using an SD card adapter or reader.

Step 3 –  Under the Location section, select Removable (drive name of your Toshiba memory card)

Advanced file recovery

Step 4 – Choose the mode of scan. We recommend checking the Deep Scan checkbox to conduct an in-depth scanning of deleted files and for better chances of data recovery.

Recover deleted Data

Step 5 – Click on Next.

Step 6 – Click on Scan All Data and then click on Start Scan. Let the process complete.

Recover Data

Step 7 – Once the scan is complete you will have a list of files that you can recover. You can see the files by File Type or in the Tree View format.

Restore Data

Step 8 – Select the files that you want to restore. You can also preview the file so that you select only files that you intend to recover.

Recover your Data

Step 9 – Once you have chosen the files that you want to recover, click on Recover Now and save the files to a location other than the original to prevent overwriting.

Please Note – The trial version of Advanced File Recovery supports only scanning the selected drive. To restore deleted/ lost/ missing files from your Toshiba SDHC memory card, you will have to switch to the paid version.

Tip – What If the Toshiba Memory Card Has Become Corrupted?

Even though Advanced File Recovery in itself is capable of recovering files from a corrupted SD card, however, if the corruption is beyond repair, you can repair the corrupted SD card using the ways mentioned in this post.

Files Once Gone Are Not Gone Forever

Before you format your Toshiba memory card or lose all hopes of getting back accidentally lost data, give Advanced File Recovery a try. We’d again like to reinstate that the moment you realize that you have accidentally deleted data, stop using your SD card and eject it safely from your laptop or desktop. Also during the recovery process, it is important to restore deleted data on a drive other than the original location to avoid overwriting.

If this post has been useful to you and if you were able to successfully get back your lost files, do share your experience in the comments section below. For more such content, keep reading WeTheGeek. We’d also urge you to share this post with a friend who has lost precious data and is looking for a solution to get those files back.

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