Glary Duplicate Cleaner Vs Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro – Which Cleans Duplicate Photos Better?

When clicking photos, we don’t just settle with one single shot, do we? For that one perfectly aesthetic shot, we take tens, hundreds, or sometimes more shots. However, when we sit down to process these photos, we have to deal with countless duplicates. These duplicate photos don’t just make the post-processing task a nightmare but they even take up a lot of storage space and are immensely hard to manage.

Now, it may take hours to clean duplicate photos manually. And, worse, in the process you may even end up deleting the right photos. In this situation, you can use a tool that helps you remove duplicate photos safely. Here we have compared two of the most popular duplicate photo-removing software – Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro and Glary Duplicate Cleaner.

We have tested both of these tools on the factors mentioned below –

  • Interface
  • Features
  • Performance/ Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Pricing

Let’s discuss each of these factors in greater detail.

1. Interface – Glary Duplicate Cleaner Vs Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Why Interface Matters?

Regardless of your expertise in photography, you would want to use a utility that’s intuitive and easy to use. It shouldn’t be confusing. Needless to say, the interface is one crucial factor when choosing software for cleaning duplicate photos.

Which One’s More Intuitive and User-Friendly – Glary Duplicate Cleaner Or Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro:

As can be inferred from the screenshot, the main screen can be divided into two parts. The left-hand side lets you add folders or photos. You can either click on the Add Photos or Add Folder button or drag and drop photos directly into the interface. The right side panel lets you choose the comparison method so that you can choose whether you want to scan exact duplicate photos or similar-looking photos.

Delete Duplicate image

Once you click on Scan for Duplicates and the scanning process is complete, the next screen enlists the duplicate photos in groups. Here you can further customize the interface and watch the duplicates in the form of images or details. In the latter format, you can see image details such as path, size, create date, image width and height, etc. You can see the preview of the images on the right.

scan Duplicate image

From the top, you can click on the Auto Mark option or even change the Auto Marking priorities, something that we have discussed in the features section.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Glary Duplicate Cleaner:

When you launch Glary Duplicate Cleaner, the first screen asks you to first select the location that you want to scan for duplicate files. From the bottom left, you can click on Options and further narrow down your searches by defining duplicate file match criteria, assigning the size of files that you want to scan, and selecting particular file formats.

Duplicate image finder

Once the scan is complete, the next screen is divided into three parts. The top of this screen comprises the Menu bar. Here, from the File menu, you can further add or exclude folders. The Edit menu offers ways in which you can configure scan parameters or check the identified duplicate files in a variety of ways.

Duplicate image

The View menu lets you customize the interface in multiple ways. You can choose to view identified files either as a list with detailed information for each file r opt for  Group View which segregates the interface into three sections. In Group View, files are categorized by type. When you click on each file type, subsequent contents appear in the second column, while duplicate versions are displayed in the third column.

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2. Features

Why Features Matter?

Features are crucial for any utility, especially when it comes to duplicate image cleaning. It lets you accurately and safely delete duplicates. In our opinion, more relevant features typically result in better & precise outcomes.

Which Is More Feature Rich – Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro or Glary Duplicate Cleaner?

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro:

Here we have mentioned some of the notable features of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. To dive deeper into all the features, and how it works,  you can check out this inside-out review where we have discussed how this app can help you get rid of duplicate images across various platforms.

  • Multiple Comparison Methods –

Duplicate photo finder

You can choose between exact and similar matches to search for duplicate images. Furthermore, when it comes to finding similar matches, you can narrow down the search based on matching level, bitmap size, the time gap between photos, and location and you can also include rotated or flipped images.

  • Scan Multiple Locations for Duplicate Photos –

Find Duplicate image

You can scan for duplicate photos at various locations on your computer – hard drives, Dropbox, Google Drive, Picasa Library, Lightroom Classic, and the Photo Organizer app.

  • Auto Mark Duplicate Photos and Set Auto Marking Priorities –

Duplicate photos

Once the scan is over, the results are shown in the form of groups. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro lets you auto-mark one duplicate photo in each group. You can further narrow down the search for duplicate photos by modifying auto-marking priorities. For instance, you can mark images with smaller resolutions, add folders of photos that you want to exclude from scanning, etc.

  • Preview Photos

scan Duplicate photo

Before taking any action on duplicate photos, you can preview them. You can also view the metadata associated with photos as well.

Glary Duplicate Cleaner:

  • Search for All Kinds of Duplicate Files

Delete Duplicate photo

When it comes to searching for duplicates, Glary Duplicate Cleaner is not just restricted to photos, it lets you scan your PC for all kinds of duplicate files such as audio files, documents, video files, photos, and everything in between.

  • Custom Matching

remove Duplicate photo

When it comes to Glary Duplicate Cleaner, you can filter out duplicate files based on various parameters. You can narrow down the search based on their file name, size, and type. However, one difference that we noted here is that, unlike Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, a lesser number of photo-related filters are offered. For instance, you can’t filter out photos based on location or bitmap size.

  • Exclude Folders From Search

Find Duplicate photo

Similar to Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, even Glary Duplicate Cleaner lets you exclude folders of photos that you don’t want to include in the scan. This way you can save yourself from accidentally deleting important folders.

3. Performance – Speed Matters

How Did We Ascertain The Speed?

When we talk about a utility for cleaning duplicate photos, speed is indeed a crucial factor.  To ascertain the speed of both the given utilities, we tested them out on a given number of duplicate photos (exact as well as similar duplicates). All these photos varied in resolution, and some of these were even slightly altered.

Now how accurate these utilities were in finding duplicates is something that we’ll discuss in the “Accuracy” section just below, for this part, we’ll rather focus on how quick they are in finding duplicate photos.

Which One’s Faster – Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro or Glary Duplicate Cleaner

To assess the speed of the duplicate photo cleaning software, we conducted a test using 27 MB JPEG and PNG photos, including those that had been rotated or cropped.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro took approximately 30 seconds to identify duplicates.

Glary Duplicate Cleaner

Considering that Glary Duplicate Cleaner scans not just photos, but different kinds of files, it did a decent job and scanned for duplicate files in the targeted drive in nearly 40 seconds.

4. Accuracy – Finding Exact Vs Similar Duplicate Files

What Kind of Accuracy Are We Referring To?

Most utilities that claim to delete duplicate photos can identify exact duplicates only, but what about those that have been slightly altered? Before we compare Duplicate Photos Fixer and Glary Duplicate Cleaner, let’s first get a basic idea of what are we talking about.

As far as duplicate photos are concerned, there are mainly two kinds of duplicates – Exact duplicates and similar or near-identical duplicates. The exact duplicates are identical in every possible aspect, be it size, resolution, or even content. The similar or exact duplicates are not identical but exhibit a high level of similarity. They may differ slightly in resolution, file format or may have undergone minor alterations such as cropping, watermarking, or color adjustments.

Which Is More Accurate – Glary Duplicate Cleaner Or Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

As we mentioned we had knowingly rotated some of the photos and also made minor edits to test the accuracy of either tool. For instance, we had also cropped some images. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro was able to find duplicates from all such images, thanks to the filters it offered.

5. Pricing – Glary Duplicate Cleaner Or Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Glary Duplicate Cleaner is available free of charge and there is no cap on the number of duplicate files that you want to delete. As for Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro, you can remove up to 15 duplicate photos for free. After that, you can opt for the premium version that sells at $69.95.

Which Tool Will You Choose for Removing Duplicate Photos?

In the end, we’d like to conclude that both Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro and Glary Duplicate Cleaner are excellent options. However, if you are an avid photographer, who often deals with exact and similar duplicate photos, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro gets an extra edge. It offers features that are tailored to find duplicate photos regardless of their format, size, location, resolution, or any other criteria. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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