Photo Organizer: Declutter You Digital Photo Chaos

Most of us click countless number of pictures and if you are a professional photographer or a selfie lover you end up clicking hundreds if not thousands of photos each year. As a result, of which you find yourself stuck with a large number of digital photos scattered on your Windows 10 machine. Thus, making managing and looking for digital pictures difficult.

Hence to handle such a situation we should have a dedicated photo management program installed on our electronic device. A modern-day photo organizer tool works as a lifesaver in such a situation.

You can find various photo organizing tool in market but knowing which one is best is a task. Therefore,  here we bring for you one of the best photo management software, Photo Organizer.

It doesn’t matter if you have few images to sort through or thousands. This photo management tool provides various options and tags that make organizing digital photos simple and easy. Most importantly, even when handling collection of thousands of photos Photo Organizer is responsive. Furthermore, you can simply import photos from the entire system or selected folder, rename batch photos, undo changes and get report about organized photos.


Why should you use Photo Organizer?

Photos are worthless if you cannot find them when you want them.

When it comes to organizing photos on Windows 10, the best we all do is to sort them on basis of date. Due to which family photos, selfies, landscapes all get mixed. And still, the question what is the use of photo organizing application?

We all like to click photos and save them. But no one has the time to sort them as it is a time-consuming task. Therefore, we create folders based on date due to which a number of great photos gets mixed or are completely overlooked. Hence, we need a photo organizing software to tackle this problem.

Obviously, we all don’t have the same requirements when it comes to using and selecting software. Some might want to use simple software while others may like software with extra features. But still, to manage and organize tens or hundreds of thousands of photos we need photo organizing software.

The best photo manager will help you in doing all this. The most interesting part about this photo organizing tool is, it categorizes your photos based on different criteria and is designed for all type of users.

Whether you are looking for software with added features or a simple to use tool you get it all in Photo Organizer. You might not agree with me at this time. But once you download and use Photo Organizer to manage and organize images you’ll agree with what we are saying.

Download Photo Organizer Now-

What makes Photo Organizer different?

This photo organizing tool gives centralized access to all image files. You can perform functions like batch file renaming, deleting duplicates and more. Plus, digital photos will be organized in a better way to increase productivity. Moreover, this photo organizing software allows editing metadata of images having IPTC, XMP, EXIF and other tags.

Image metadata is details stored within a file about basic camera settings, location, date, timestamp, and other things. IPTC (International Press Telecommunications Council) and XMP are a standard metadata system supported by almost all programs for tagging. But editing these tags isn’t easy. Your OS doesn’t allow editing RAW file as it doesn’t know how to re-save a RAW file.

But IPTC and XMP aren’t the only tags that generate image metadata. Besides, them another most common tag is EXIF (Exchangeable Image File). It is standard, automatic, and contains information like ISO settings, shutter speed, aperture, and so on. When an image is uploaded online this EXIF data is also uploaded with it. One who knows about it and where to look for EXIF data can know a lot about you. Certainly, the information revealed by EXIF data is harmless.

But today due to the increase in the use of Internet risk of exposing private information has also enhanced. Hence, we should change metadata.  EXIF data can lead to a privacy breach due to our carelessness. Therefore, to stay secure a close watch at image metadata should be kept and it should be edited before image is uploaded.

With this, we hope you have the answer for why to use photo organizing software and what makes Photo Organizer different.

Features of Photo Organizer:

  1. Quickly Organize And Load All Image Formats
  2. Import Photos From External Devices Like Camera, Smartphone, External Hard Drive On Windows Operating System
  3. Batch Image Renaming And Processing
  4. Import Photos either from the whole system or from selected folder
  5. Centralized Color Settings.
  6. Professional Photo Management Tool
  7. Organize Photo Library Using Various Sorting Techniques
  8. Import RAW Files
  9. Browse And View Imported Images
  10. Support All Popular Image Formats Including RAW
  11. Windows Explorer-Like User Interface
  12. Simple And Easy To User Interface
  13. Duplicate Image Finder

All these features make Photo Organizer a powerful and advanced digital photo management tool. Using this photo organizing software, you can import, organize, rename, process batch images and more in a snap. Not only this, but it also provides many options that help to organize and search images quickly.

Why is Photo Organizer one of the best image organizing Software?

It is free to use tool and you can use all its features without any restriction. Moreover, it fits into everyone’s requirement. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a simple or advanced tool, Photo Organizer benefits all. Once you use it, you’ll love the product. Certainly, because it is free to use tool we cannot rely on it.

Therefore, it is important to know about the program before you start using it.

What Photo Organizer has to offer?

This photo organizing tool offers customizable tagging methods

Everyone is unique in its own right and same is true for photo organizing and managing software. Some might offer different tagging methods – EXIF data, keywords, rating and while some may have none. This photo organizing tool allows you to customize tags as per the requirement.

Benefits of Photo Organizer

  • Provides automatic tagging, filtering, and searching tools

Once digital images are tagged, a good filtering and searching tool is needed to find specific photos. This best photo organizing tool provides advanced searching tools and different ways to display image, to bring clarity and finesse to your collection.

  • Fast and responsive

When working with hundreds and thousands of high-resolution images, you would not like any hindrance like waiting for the program to respond. Sometimes the response depends on your computer, but some programs like Photo Organizer are capable of handling large files without any glitches. It is capable of reading and processing files quickly to let you focus on the task and increase productivity.

  • Easy to use

Along with responsiveness, this photo organizing software is easy to use. There’s no sense in using a tool that would ask you to get trained. A program that works for both professionals and novice and prioritizes ease of use makes working much easier.

  • Batch Rename Images

With this photo organizing tool, you can not only organize photos but can rename multiple images too.

Naming image files according to the event, occasion, or place makes them more manageable and easier to locate. Photo Organizer allows renaming multiple photos in a go while they are being organized into sub folders based on date taken, camera model, etc.

  • Deletes Duplicate Photos

Besides, organizing your digital photos into subfolders this image organizing and managing tool makes sure there’s no redundancy in your photo gallery. While your photos are being organized, Photo Organizer deletes duplicate images automatically in the background, making your photos collection more streamlined. What’s more, this image managing tool helps recover valuable hard disk space by deleting duplicate images.

  • Find photos without any hassle

Photo Organizer makes locating a specific image file really quick and simple. The program organizes photos as per EXIF information which can be used to find images based on several criteria like name, date taken, date modified etc.

  • Revert Changes Anytime

Undo all changes and move images to the original location. If not satisfied with the changes made by Photo Organizer you can use ‘Revert’ option to send all images back to their original locations. This would remove changes made to filenames and metadata.

  • Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10

The program is compatible with Windows. But soon it will be available for Mac users too.

How to use Photo Organizer?

When it comes to using this amazing image photo managing tool to organize photos, it’s a matter of a few clicks.

Click here to download the product.

Once the product is downloaded and installed, follow the steps to run it and organize photos.

Steps to use Photo Organizer

  1. Welcome screen with two scanning options is the first screen.
    Here you can select from either of the options:
    System Scan to scan complete system and organize all digital photos.
    Folder Scan to scan a specific folder
    Photo Organizer
  2. After selecting the scanning option click Next.
  3. Here, you’d need to specify destination folder where organized folders will be saved. By default, it is C:\<profile name>\Pictures. Also, you can customize the folder hierarchy. Once done click Next.
    Photo Organizer step-3
  4. Here you can choose to move or copy photos to an organized folder. Also, you can decide if you want to delete duplicates from the original location. Once done click Next.
    Photo Organizer -4
  5. If you wish to exclude a folder or file name you can do this from here. Once done click Next.
    Photo Organizer step-5
  6. The program will now start importing and organizing photos.
  7. Once done you’ll be able to see the report. To preview organized photos click Finish.
    Photo Organizer step-7

Now that the photos are organized based on Exif data, you can create albums, organize folders, rename photos, browse photos of a specific date, mark pictures as a favorite, edit album, add photos to an album, change image properties and much more.

We hope you’ll love using this product. This amazing tool will really help you in getting your photos under control. You can customize sub folder in the format you wish whether it is DD-MM-YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD, photo organizer will help you with it. Moreover, if you want to move all the photos into an organized folder you can do so and can even delete duplicates when the photos are being organized. Whatever, you want to do, you can do it all using Photo Organizer. This is why it is called as one of the best photo organizing software.

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