Best Apps To Hide Your Private Photos on Android: Photo Locker Apps To Install In 2023

We’re a snap-happy bunch nowadays, collectively sharing more than two billion pictures and videos daily on social media. But not every photo stored on your smartphone is for public sharing, right? Some pictures are meant to be kept private & secured. Despite most of the phones come equipped with PIN/Password/Fingerprint security, they aren’t certain enough to stop those curious set of eyes from peeking into your phone.

So, have you come across any situation when you were showing someone your favorite family photos but accidentally end up presenting some private or sensitive images?

BAM! *sheer awkwardness & lots of embarrassment*

To avoid such gauche situations, make sure you always have the best app to hide your private photos downloaded on your phone. There are a plethora of gallery vaults in the market to make your selection process simpler. Here we are listing 10 best photo and video locker apps for Android!

Best Apps To Hide Your Private Photos – Top 10 Gallery Vaults
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10 Best Apps To Hide Your Private Photos On Android

Have a look at some of the most popular video, photo hide apps for Android phones.

These are the best apps to lock your private photos and videos on Android phone.

1. Keep Photos Secret : Hide Gallery Pictures Videos

Keep Photos Secret is definitely our number one choice for hiding pictures and videos on Android. The app is equipped with double-layered password security that works beyond expectations. It protects entire application as well as individual albums with a 4-digit pin.

Keep Photos Secret

The gallery vault also offers fingerprint locking. It takes extra care of your privacy and provides you, Stealth Mode that makes the application disappear from the recent app so that it cannot be tracked ever. What else? Keep Photos Secret is your best bet for photo/video management, viewing slideshows & videos in the app itself.

Download now to enjoy next-level protection for your photos & videos!

2. LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault: Hide Photos & Videos

LockMyPix by Fourchars is another popular safest gallery vault that protects all your personal media in one place. Unlike other best apps to hide photos mentioned here, LockMyPix brings a fake vault that opens a decoy vault where you can place other pictures and videos. Nobody will ever know that you have any other photo video locker to store your sensitive files.

LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault

The Android app also brings Intruder Selfie feature that captures a photo of invaders who tries to open your vault. Interesting right? Similar with Keep Photos Secret application, this tool also comes with the ability to make it fully invisible.

Click here to download

3. 1Gallery – Photo Gallery & Vault (AES ENCRYPTION)


1Gallery is another powerful app to keep pictures private with a few taps on your Android smartphone. Using the application, one can easily organize and secure their photos, videos, and other multimedia files, with their hidden and encryption features. It supports many file formats, including RAW, SVG, Panoramic, etc.

1Gallery supports multiple locking options like PIN, Pattern, and Fingerprint, making all your pictures and videos AES encrypted. Additionally, it comes with a built-in photo editor that allows users to crop, rotate, resize, add filters, trim videos, and more. This best photo lock app lets you see detailed information about your files related to image resolution, EXIF values, etc.

Click here to download

4. Gallery Lock (Hide Pictures)

Gallery lock is another best app to hide pictures and videos on Android, it provides an easy-to-use interface with support of Pattern and PIN lock. The gallery vault offers tight protection for protecting your sensitive files. After the third failed password attempt, the built-in camera will automatically capture the photo of the intruder.

Gallery Lock (Hide Pictures)

The application hides from the list of recent apps and also disappears from a launchpad in stealth mode. It features slide show support, cloud backup, file sharing within the app, and much more.

Click here to download

5. Private Photo Vault

As the name suggests, Private Photo Vault is another secure platform to set up additional layers of security with passcodes to hide images and video files. The application is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It also offers users the ability to create their own personal photo video locker, so that all the secret files are protected inside the app.

Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault has two levels of security it requires a password for the app and another password for the photo video locker album. You can change the cover of hidden albums as per your choice which makes it more secure. The application also allows you to share photos and videos from the app itself.

Click here to download

6. Vaulty Hide Pictures & Videos

Designed and distributed by Squid Tooth LLC, the application celebrates its 10 years of being the best photo lock app for Android, with millions of users worldwide protecting user privacy and security. Using the app, one can easily lock up any pictures and videos with a PIN or text password stored in a secure vault.


Unlike other best apps to hide photos, Vaulty offers multiple in-built lockers to store different albums that you want to keep protected from prying eyes. It even provides a Mugshot feature that instantly takes a picture of someone who enters the wrong password and tries to open the locked albums. It’s completely free, automatic, and features an online backup option, making it the best app to keep pictures private.

Click here to download

7. Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos

Installed by more than 50 Million users around the world, Keepsafe is one of the most trusted & best apps to hide pictures and videos on Android. You can use PIN, Pattern & Fingerprint authentication to lock down the application.

Keepsafe Photo Vault Hide Private Photos & Videos

It’s encrypted Private Cloud securely syncs your photo albums and videos across all your devices. The gallery vault also offers Safe Send Photo Sharing option that will allow you to set how long a recipient can see the photo once received. The application has both free & premium versions.

Click here to download

8. Vault-Hide

As its name suggests, Vault-Hide is a one-stop solution for all your needs for locking & hiding stuff on your device. You can hide all your photos, videos, call logs using this gallery vault. The application uses your email ID to reset password and like all other alternatives mentioned here, it creates secure back up for your data and helps you to hide the app using stealth mode.


You can create multiple vaults with different passwords for storing your private data. It also secretly snaps a picture of anyone who attempts to access your photos with a wrong password. Vault-Hide captures the photo with time-stamp and PIN Code entered by the invader.

Click here to download

9. Memoria Photo Gallery

This one is certainly new in the category of Best Apps to hide your private photos & videos. But its extensive feature set creates a deserving space for itself in the top 10 list. For a start it provides very smooth and fast navigation experience, it offers various themes to customize the app. It features tons of photo/video viewing options.

Memoria Photo Gallery

You can secure all your private stuff via PIN, Password and Fingerprint protection. You can even mark your favorite pictures to keep them handy whenever you need them the most. It also allows users to cast photos and videos on TB with Chromecast feature. The application is much more than just a gallery vault.

Click here to download

10. Sgallery – hide photos & video

We’ll conclude our list of Best Photo Lock Apps for Android smartphones with Sgallery, designed and developed by FishingNet. The application is known for its incredible encryption techniques to safeguard your photos, videos, apps, and other multimedia files you want to protect from prying eyes.


Using this app for private photos is pretty simple; you just need to import your private snaps & videos to its built-in secure space and lock it with a strong password and fingerprint in a few taps. It also features a variety of fashionable icons, themes, and more to customize your photo locking experience. Lastly, it comes with a ‘Hide’ option to make the app icon invisible so that others will not find the existence of this best app to hide photos.

Click here to download

Frequently Asked Questions: Reviewing The List Of Best Photo Lock Apps (2023 Edition)

1. Which app is best for app lock?

Keep Photos Secret by Systweak Software is definitely one of the best photo lock apps for Android smartphones. The app is equipped with double-layered password security that works beyond expectations. It protects the entire application and individual albums with a 4-digit PIN and Fingerprint authentication.

2. How can I secretly save photos?

Using a professional app to keep pictures private like Keep Photos Secret, LockMyPix, and 1Gallery, one can easily keep their snaps, videos, apps, and other multimedia files tightly locked and protected. You just need to import the images, videos, and other data you wish to lock and set a PIN, Password, or Fingerprint to lock your media.

3. Can an app steal your photos?

Cybersecurity experts at Trend Micro have discovered a list of dodgy apps like Pro Camera Beauty, Emoji Camera, Awesome Cartoon Art, Beauty Camera, Selfie Camera Pro, and more that can be used for malicious purposes and stealing your pictures. So, we highly recommend that our users go through a list of Best Apps to Hide Photos on Android from reliable and trustworthy sources. Make sure you read their independent reviews before installing them onto your devices.

Keep Your Secrets Safe With The Best Apps To Hide Your Photos (2023 Picks)

The aforementioned Android Photo Vaults work amazingly well to secure your private snaps and other sensitive files to prevent unauthorized access. While you’re on the hunt for such apps to keep pictures private, make sure you research well and go through their respective reviews before downloading them on your Android smartphone. Our list has been curated after reviewing, comparing, and testing dozens of photo lock apps; our list has been curated so that our readers only choose the best.

Suppose you ask for our personal favorite choice. In that case, we recommend using Keep Photos Secret by Systweak Software, which allows users to securely keep all their private and family photos/videos protected using a PIN, Fingerprint authentication, etc.

Did we miss any other useful photo vault application that deserves a place on this list? Mention them in the comment section below. Also, connect us on our social media pages for regular tech updates, how-to’s, troubleshooting guides, reviews & much more. We’ll be happy to update our list!

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Stay Tuned!


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    An alternative app to hide your photos and videos securely and effortlessly. Gymnos is a smart vault application which helps the users to keep their phone galleries free from any delicate or nsfw media. Gymnos will sort and show you the photos or videos present in your phone gallery that are delicate in nature. You can choose to hide them or delete them from your gallery.

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