Securely Erase iPhone Data Making It Completely Irrecoverable

Nowadays, phones are the most private thing for a person than anything else. All of us have important and personal data that we don’t want to share with other people. Also, while selling your phone, your first priority should be to erase your data permanently. We want to stress on the word permanent as data not properly deleted can be recovered and misused against you. Hence it is essential that we make any deleted data completely irrecoverable to ensure it never falls in the wrong hands.

Methods To Securely Erase Data

In situations when you want to delete your data permanently, there are two methods which can help you.

1. Apple Official Factory Reset Method

First method to remove your data from iPhone is to factory reset your phone. Follow the official steps to reset your iPhone.

  • Open the iTunes in your PC/Mac and connect your device to the computer.
  • If it asks for the security code or to trust this device, follow the on-screen instructions and get your system ready.
  • Then select your device in the iTunes.
  • Click on the button “restore device” to erase all of the data form your phone.
  • Note that if you are signed in to “Find My iPhone”, you will need to first sign out from there and then restore your device.
  • Click again on the “restore” button to make sure that your device is restored and has a fresh new phone.

Also, you can simply reset your iPhone without connecting it with iTunes and computer. All you have to do is opening your iPhone’s settings, click on “General” option and tap on the “Restore” button. After that, you will be prompted to give your phone’s lock code or Apple ID code. Provide the code and confirm that you actually want to erase all the data. After confirmation, it will take several minutes to factory reset your iPhone.

2. Using iMyFone Umate Pro

The second method to erase all of your data permanently from the iPhone is by using the software iMyFone Umate Pro. Just open the software and connect your iPhone with a data cable. Select your phone and follow the on-screen instructions to get the final interface.

Following are some of the prominent features you will get from iMyFone Umate Pro.

Erase All Data

First option that you get in iMyFone Umate Pro is to erase all the data in your iPhone.

1. At first, you need to connect your device to your computer via a data cable.

connect your device to your computer - iMyFone Umate Pro

2. Now click on the “erase all data” button and you will be prompted with some instructions on the screen.

click on the erase all data

3. Click on “erase” button.

Click on erase button

4. Select the security level depending on how strong and quick you want to erase your data. And click on the “OK” button to continue.

Select the security level

5. Now after selecting the security level, click on the ERASE NOW button to start the removing process.

click on the ERASE NOW button

Keep one thing in your mind that don’t use your phone in such process and also close any program that is running in the background. Backup your important data is once your data is erased using this software, you cannot recover that.

Erase Deleted Files

Follow the same steps from start and while choosing the mode, select “erase deleted files” option. Now the software will scan for the deleted files and they will be shown on the screen. Select the files, folders, images, contacts, videos etc. and click on the “erase” button to delete them permanently. Again, choose the security level for the deletion and start erasing the files.

Precautions are same for this mode also so don’t use or remove the phone while the process is being running.

Erase Private Data

You can use this software to easily remove and delete your private data permanently. Launch the software and connect your phone. After scanning, click on the “erase private data” option. Not only will it search for the private data like WhatsApp message, call history, messages, videos, images etc. and all the files will be previewed. Select the files you want to delete and click on “erase” button. After selecting the security level on the next screen, click on the “erase now” button to start the process.

One-click Free Up Space

Another great feature of this software is that you can free a lot of space by removing unwanted files, caches, junk files and cleaning memory. All of these actions under a single click. Connect your iPhone and run the software. Select the “one clicks free up space” button so that the software can scan your device. After scanning, the interface will show you all the elements which can be deleted to free up space.

IMyFone Umate Pro gives you an option to remove all the unwanted stuff with a single click, but along with this, you have individual tabs to clean one by one. Choose the things you want to clean, and it will show you how much space you have saved from this clean up.

Why To Choose iMyFone Umate Pro Over Apple Factory Reset Method

The main reason for choosing iMyFone Umate Pro over Apple Factory reset method is because the data that is wiped by the factory reset has some chances to be recovered. If you are looking for a solution to wipe your data permanently then it’s not beneficial for you as the data can be recovered.

This is where you can choose iMyFone Umate Pro because the data that is deleted by using this software can’t be recovered at all. So you can sell your phone easily after deleting your private data permanently. You can’t only delete the existing data but also the data that can be recovered. So there is no chance of recovery once the data is deleted by this software.

Click Here to Download iMyFone Umate Pro

And its “one click free up space” feature can be used often to maximize your phone speed and save a lot of space from unwanted files. Though this amazing software isn’t that much cheap but for the privacy, you can do anything. But iMyFone Umate Pro takes care of you that’s why there is a coupon code A06S-Y5V1 which you can apply at the buying page and get some amazing discount offer. Hurry up as this offer is for limited time only.


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