How To Back Up Your iPhone – 3 Different Ways

Losing your iPhone or using a smashed screen phone, is a true nightmare. But, not able to have access to the data stored in it is a bigger concern., which is why we’ve come up with some of the best resources for backing it up.

Well, learning how to backup iPhone data is easier than you might think. Just follow our step by step guide to creating iTunes, iCloud and create backup within a few minutes.

How To Backup iPhone

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PART 1: Frequently Asked Questions: How To Backup iPhone?
PART 2: How To Backup iPhone To Mac With iTunes?
PART 3: How To Create iOS Backup To Mac With iCloud?
PART 4: How Do I Backup My iPhone With A Third-Party Tool?

PART 1: Frequently Asked Questions: How To Backup iPhone?

What Data Is Not Included In The iPhone Backup?

Backing up your iPhone data does not include your iTunes Media Library such as Podcasts, Ringtones, Music or iTunes. You can’t even backup the Books & Movies synced or purchased by iTunes.

How Long It Take To Backup My iPhone?

It totally depends on the size of the data you have on your iPhone. Lesser the clutter you have, the faster the backup process would be. You can check out Duplicate Photos Fixer & let the app assist you to find and remove unnecessary duplicate & similar-looking photos that are probably of no use.

Is It Possible To Backup Two iPhones To One Mac?

Of course, you can backup as many iOS devices as you want. Where it goes tricky is: (1) Having enough space on your Mac, (2) Syncing issues with multiple iOS devices.

(1) Make sure you clean your Mac machine so that it has a significant amount of space to backup data of two or more iPhone devices.

(2) Unlike backing up, syncing means all your apps & data would be synchronized with the apps stored on your Mac machine. That being said, you should only sync one iPhone with your Mac, to avoid unnecessary clutter!

PART 2: Learn How To Backup iPhone To Mac With iTunes?

Using this method, you can backup everything from your iPhone, be it Photos, Videos, Messages, Apps, Music & other Multimedia files to your computer. Though iTunes is free to use, there are certain things that should be kept in mind:

  • There are two options to create iTunes Backup: Manual & Automatic. But most of the users find that backing up via latter option consumes lots of network bandwidth at the wrong time & resulting in an unwanted expense
  • You need to have significant space on your Mac’s hard drive to store your iPhone data.

The process to backup iPhone to iTunes is pretty straightforward, just follow the steps below:

Step 1- Download & Install the latest version of iTunes of your Mac machine.

Step 2- Connect your iOS device to your Mac, and run iTunes. Head towards the Device tab & click on Summary. Here, you’ll find the Backups section. Just click on the Back Up Now button & let iTunes start backing up your iPhone device.

To verify if the iOS backup process is working successfully, just keep an eye on the Date & Time below the Last Backup.

Backup iPhone To Mac With iTunes

How To Backup iPhone To iTunes Wirelessly?

With the help of Wi-Fi sync, you can easily backup your iPhone data via iTunes. All you have to do is:

Note: You must be running iOS 5 or above & have iTunes 10.5 & above installed.

Step 1- Open the updated iTunes on your PC.

Verify your device if asked for authentication!

Step 2- Connect your iPhone to your Mac machine, and go to the Summary tab.

Step 3- From the list, click on “Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi” option to enable it.

Backup iPhone To iTunes Wirelessly

Just save the changes & disconnect your iOS device. Now you are all set to sync your iPhone device to iTunes without connecting to your system.

On your iPhone device, head towards Phone Settings > tap General > locate iTunes Wi-Fi Sync option and tap the “Sync Now” button.

PART 3: How To Create iOS Backup To Mac With iCloud?

iCloud is an iPhone feature that comes with iOS 5 & above. The functionality allows you to backup iPhone to iCloud automatically, but first, you’re required to enable the feature on your device.

Walkthrough the steps to turn on iCloud backup feature:

Step 1- Launch Settings on your iOS device.

Step 2- Tap on your Apple ID, at the top of the screen & hit the iCloud feature.

Step 3- Now flip the switch next to iCloud Backup to enable it.

Step 4- Tap Back Up Now!

iOS Backup To Mac With iCloud

Stay connected to your Wi-Fi network till the backup gets finished. Just follow the same steps again & see the date & time of your last backup to confirm the backup process is completed!

How To Backup iPhone to iCloud Automatically?

To let iCloud create an iOS backup on daily, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1- Enable the iCloud feature on your device.

Step 2- Connect your iOS device to a power source & connect your phone to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Make sure that your device’s screen is locked & you have enough space available for creating a backup on a regular basis.

Pricing Models:

  • The first 5GB of space comes free with iCloud Backup.
  • For 50 GB, it’s $0.99 per month.
  • For 200 GB, it’s $2.99 per month.
  • If you need more space, for like 1 TB, you’ll be charged $9.99 per month!

PART 4: How Do I Backup My iPhone With A Third-Party Tool?

iCloud or iTunes can surely take care of backing up your apps and settings. But, using a third-party tool like Right Backup Anywhere is undoubtedly a reasonable yet reliable solution. It stores & safeguards your Photos, Videos, Texts & other Multimedia Files – in a secure & a complete way. The application is compatible with almost all iOS versions.

Backup iPhone to iCloud Automatically

Follow the steps below to learn How To Backup iPhone using Right Backup Anywhere:

Step 1- Download Right Backup Anywhere on your iPhone device.

Step 2- Once installed, just sign up with the app, Right Backup Anywhere provides 30 days Free Trial.

Step 3- After signing up, choose what you would like to create a backup of Photos, Videos or Contacts.

Step 4- Give necessary permissions & choose what photos, videos & contacts you would like to create a backup of.

Right Backup Anywhere

Tap on the Start backup button & let the app create an iOS backup!

Done & Dusted: Never Lose Any Important Data Again!

Having a good backup strategy means that your data stays protected, no matter what happens. Thankfully, backing up your iOS device isn’t that difficult. Hope this article helped you throughout to backup iPhone to iTunes, iCloud & using third-party tool.


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