An Emergency Guide On How To Repair Water Damaged iPhone!

Accidentally dropped iPhone in water or this summer’s pool party became your phone’s drowning crash? Well, they say, ‘A Stitch In Time Saves Nine’. And this guide can actually fix water damaged iPhone with quite simple efforts that need to be taken on time.

Though the good part is that new phones are mostly coming with water-resistance and you may be able to save your huge bucks by investing good in the beginning. But can’t blame them for water peeking into the core areas from anywhere. Better get ready and learn this iPhone water damage repair guide today only!

How To Repair Water Damaged iPhone
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Ways To Repair Water Damaged iPhone

Immediate Course Of Action!

Pull out your water damaged phone as soon as you realize its fall, and follow these steps:

1. Turn off the phone first. This step will eliminate the chances of any kind of short-circuit.

2. Remove the case so that air can flow in and around and keep the phone dry.

3. Open your phone’s sim card tray which might be trapping water.

4. Remove any kind of attachments like headphones, card readers, etc.

5. Wipe off your phone with good absorbent cloth or paper towels. Also, use a thick pin or a toothpick, cover it with tissue paper/cloth or clean the ports and sim card tray.

6. Have patience and leave the phone in a non-humid place to dry for a considerable amount of time.

7. Lastly, if you still feel it’s humid, dismantle it and let it dry for around 48 hours.

8. If these steps work out, turn on the phone and take the backup of all your data quickly.

Your last resort option would be to take water dropped iPhone to the store for repair.

What Not To Do?

In such a situation, it is possible that you may panic and, in a hustle to fix water damaged iPhone, there are chances you take the wrong steps without understanding. Well, DO NOT perform any of these actions mentioned below!

1. Avoid putting your iPhone in wall socket by charging it. Your water damaged phone may fail to come alive after a short circuit.

2. Avoid placing phone in the oven so that it can dry fast. You are actually making the situation worse.

3. Do not blow a hairdryer to fix water damaged iPhone.

4. Avoid using the concept of iPhone repair by keeping it in rice for a few hours. You should remember that rice husk or powder may penetrate into various ports and cause more damage than already present.

5. Do not shake your phone much or rotate in all directions as this can bring water even into those areas where it hasn’t reached.

Is My Phone Absolutely Alright?

Well, once the phone turns on and looks perfectly fine, some symptoms of water damaged phone pop up with time. Let’s just understand briefly the types of damage or symptoms of water dropped iPhone.

1. If The Phone Is Getting Hot?

Since your iPhone contains lithium-ion batteries, there are higher chances that they can catch fire after getting water damaged. If your phone is getting heated up regularly, better turn it off.

2. If Speakers Are Not Working?

When speakers do not work, you are not eligible to listen to music, make calls, hear the call ringer or simply, the phone is of almost no use. There are chances that it may begin to work after the water is completely evaporated which takes time. Before looking for iPhone’s water damage repair, let is dry for 2-3 days to check the effect.

3. If iPhone Won’t Charge?

If the lightning port has acquired water and still not evaporated, your phone has likely damaged. After trying to charge with various chargers, check the LCI as mentioned in the image below.

If it has turned red in color, damage has taken place and you need to approach to nearest support center immediately for iPhone’s water damage repair.

Image Source: Apple Support

4. SIM Card & Services Are Working?

It is again an annoying situation when your phone says, ‘No SIM Card Installed’ or show a sign of ‘No Services’. You might be looking at how to fix water damaged iPhone everywhere and the fault lies in its SIM card tray. When this tray is not showing any response, you may need to get it replaced through the service center.

5. Stuck At Apple Logo Or Restart Loop

In this case, you need to hard-reset your iPhone through simple steps and expectedly, water damaged iPhone will be repaired.

How To Gain Data Back From Your Water Damaged iPhone?

You have two good options to choose from here! We recommend using Right Backup that keeps all your data secure in an online storage. So, you can access it on any platform (Windows, Android, Mac) even when iPhone repair is in process at the support center.

right backup

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Second Method requires you to plug in the phone in the computer and open iTunes. Select the device and click ‘Restore Backup’.

But this method is only possible if a backup has already been made by you. Right-backup comes again here as a savior!

Water Damaged iPhone Repaired!

We wish you can fix water damaged iPhone with these methods at home only. Or else, nearest Apple support center is always there for your assistance.

We would like to hear which method worked for you or you can also send your feedback in the comment section below. Do not forget to follow us on YouTube & Facebook for more updates.

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