How To Fix iPhone Speaker Not Working?

iPhone speakers are one of the things Apple is proud of. With stereo quality speakers, it is fun to listen to music or make calls. What if your iPhone speakers don’t work? You can clean them from outside and try and remember whether they have been exposed to water or not. If nothing works, you might have to take your iPhone to the Apple store.

However, before going anywhere, you should try to a few hacks to fix iPhone speaker not working. If you want to give it a shot, read on!

First, let’s check if speakers are working or not. You need to check whether the issue is with your hardware or just the volume issue. Plug in headphones and see if you can hear the music and after plugging out, you can’t listen to anything.

  • Locate Settings from the home screen and then navigate to Sounds.sound as ringer on ios
  • Look for “Change With Buttons” and make sure it is turned on.
  • With Change with Buttons, you can adjust the volume on your iPhone.sounds and haptics settings on iphone
  • Now press those buttons to increase the volume to the maximum level.
  • This will make it clear whether the Ringer or the headphones have the issue.
  • If you find issues with the latter then, the issue could be with the headphone jack. You can clean it.

If not, and you think the ringer has the issue, go ringer and alerts, under Settings and toggle the switch upwards and downwards a couple of times. You will get a ringtone, even the device is Silent.

If you get to listen to any sound, then there is an issue with speakers, for which you need to go to the Apple Store. However, if you could hear even a feeble sound, you could try a few hacks to fix iPhone Speaker not working

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Troubleshooting Steps:

The first thing to check is whether your iPhone is on silent mode or not. Check the switch present on the left side of the device, whether you can see the orange bar inside or not. If yes, then your phone is on silent.

You can also check whether your iOS devices are connected to any Bluetooth devices, which make the calls hands free. So, head to Settings and then go to Bluetooth to check the connections.

Another thing that you could do is check for iOS update. Locate Settings from the home screen. Navigate to General and then tap Software Update. The software update couldn’t do good until the issue is with volume. Although keeping the software updated is good for the smartphone.

You can do a soft restart to clear software issue. If you have iPhone 7 or older version, then press and hold Power buttons along with Home button for 10 seconds.

If you have iPhone 8 or a newer model, you need press Volume Up, and then press Volume Down. Now press and hold the Power button, till the Apple logo comes up. Once your phone restarts, use slider located under Ringer & Alerts.

Turn on iPhone’s Speaker

We often turn on the speaker to make the conversation convenient, as with the speaker on, we don’t have to hold the iPhone while talking on the phone. In case you are connected through Bluetooth with another device. The iPhone will show you the options to choose from.

If you want to make sure all the calls are on speakers.

  • Then head to Settings, and then locate General.
    general settings on ios
  • From General, navigate to Accessibility and then Call Audio Routing.
    call auto routing in ios
  • Now you can change the setting from Automatic to Bluetooth or speaker.
  • You can disable the speaker whenever you taking a personal call by tapping on Speakers icon.

Clean Speakers Of Your iPhone

We use our iPhones throughout the day, while we are indoors and outdoors. There could be a possibility for the dust particles to gather around the speakers. It could affect the volume. If the dirt is around headphone port, then it could let iPhone assume that external device is connected. So, keeping your iPhone clear could be the resolution. You can use canned air or air compressor to eliminate dust particles or dirt as it is a sensitive part. Also, you need to use it carefully so that you don’t mess up with the inner components. You can also toothbrush to remove the dirt or use a cotton swab with alcohol on it.

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Remove Water From iPhone’s Speakers

How To Fix iPhone or iPad Water Damage?

If you have damaged your iPhone with liquid, then your phone jumps out of warranty provided by Apple. Apple makes the devices splash resistant but with daily wear and tear could make your device less resistant. However, you can dry it if you have got liquid damage at your hands.

Note: Don’t put your phone on the charger, when it is wet. Keep your iPhone at a 45 degree with speakers facing in downwards directions?

Use an absorbing cloth, such as cotton to wipe the water on your speakers. To get out the water, tap the device gently and also put it near a small fan. You can also use silica gel as these are good at soaking moisture.

Play music to vibrate off the water droplets off the phone.

If the Speakers don’t work even after using any of the hacks then it is time to visit the Apple Store as we are sure that there is something wrong with the speakers. If these hacks could resolve your issue or if you have other hacks to resolve the issue, comment below.

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