How To Create And Open Zip Files On iPhone?

While working on computers for years, you must have heard the term ‘Zip’ or ‘compressed’ several times. Zip files are of great use for both individuals and businesses, wherein you can compress large files, and send them through emails. Zip files compress all data in a single folder and make it easier to download or transfer email attachments quickly. Using this way of sending files helps in sending multiple files in a go as all related files can be transferred and downloaded through emails with ease.

But, how to open zip files on your smartphone?

Usually, we use laptops or computers to send emails with multiple/large files attached. But, isn’t it great to get an option to zip or unzip files on iPhone or Android devices? Since, everything has turned mobile, accessing compressed files through our smartphones has also become easier. The option to create or open zip files is now made available in the mobile devices after the latest Android and iOS updates.

So, do you wish to access Zip files on iPhone or want to create one? Although Apple’s iPhone has a lot of limited options when it comes to file sharing and all. But, with its latest updates iOS 13, it has introduced a new feature, i.e. the native support for compressed files. iPhone’s files app is now made capable of handling zip files.

You have to update your iPhone to its latest version, and you can now access the option to zip files and photos and to unzip files. You might be thinking of the starting point, so here you go:

Part I: How to Create zip files on iPhone?

Part II: How to Preview zip files on iPhone?

Part III: How to unzip files on iPhone?

Steps To Create Zip Files On iPhone

After a few updates to iPhone iOS, users have been given an option to create Zip file by compressing multiple files. The feature of creating a zip has been introduced with the latest iOS update, i.e. iOS 13. Hence, you need to follow the following steps to compress multiple files and form a Zip file on your iPhone:

Create Zip File

  1. Open Files app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down to the folder having multiple files you wish to compress.
  3. Click on select icon to select the files you want to compress.
  4. Tap ‘three dots’ at the right corner of the screen.
  5. From multiple options, select compress.
  6. This will create a file with the name of ‘Archive’.

A single tap on the newly created file by the name of Archive to see all the files. After the latest iOS updates, you no longer need a third-party app to create zip files.

Also, you can compress multiple pictures and create a zip file. But, the process is a bit lengthy. To create a Zip file of photos from camera roll on iPhone, you first need to select necessary pictures and save them to files app on iPhone. After that, you need to follow the same steps as stated above. The created zip file is available for you to share amongst your contacts over WhatsApp and other media as a single Zip file for multiple files.

Steps To Preview Zipped Files On iPhone

You can preview before you open a zip file on iPhone with the Quick Look option. Herein, you can check the files before extracting it, to ensure you are unzipping the right zip file. For this follow the below-stated steps:

Preview Zip File

  1. Go to Files app and locate the file you want to preview,
  2. Once found, long press on the compressed file to get the list of options.
  3. Now, locate Quick Look and tap on it.
  4. This will display the file size and number of files in the compressed file.
  5. Now, tap Preview Content to get a full-screen display of all the files. Keep swiping sideways to check out all the files.

The preview file feature lets you have a look at the contents present in the zip file. You can ensure opening the right zip file on iPhone.

Now, that you have learnt how to create and preview zip files, it’s time to let you know the steps to unzip files on iPhone. The next part of this article will tell you ‘how to open zip files on iPhone’.

How To Open Zip Files On iPhone?

In the earlier times, sharing files through iPhone was considered to be one of the most daunting tasks as it used to lack in file handling features. But with the constant updates in iOS, the developers have made it possible to create zip and unzip files on iPhone. The best benefit of updating this feature is that it eliminates the use of any third-party app that used to be there on an iPhone to handle such files. Before proceeding, ensure your device is updated with the latest iOS 13 updates. Here are the steps you need to follow to open Zip files on iPhone:

Open Zip Files Iphone

  1. Go to Files app
  2. Locate RAR or Zip file you want to unzip.
  3. You can either tap on the file directly to unzip the files or you need to long touch on the Zip file to get an option to ‘Uncompress’.

The unzip files will be shown in the same folder, you have to locate it on your own. The only limitation of this feature is that it doesn’t prompt any dialog box asking for a confirmation to extract files at the targeted destination. Additionally, this iOS update has broken the bar with this added feature to unzip files on iPhone.

Have You Given It A Try Yet?

Well, this feature was although lesser-known to a lot of users. Therefore, we have highlighted the ways to create, preview and open zip files on iPhone. Since, you now know ways to unzip files on iPhone, don’t miss giving it a try. Let us know in the comments section below whether you have tried it or not.

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