7 Best File Compression Software In 2023

Technology has been rapidly fabricating the digital world and requires storage to reside somewhere. Storage issues are untangled with SDDs, but it cost significantly. Transmission of bigger files can be troublesome when it comes to sharing them over Internet. Compression of huge files can take some load off overfilled drives by reducing their size.

The primary purpose of compression is to allow transmission of files over a connection that has a limited bandwidth without manipulating with the quality of original stuff. Smaller the size of file, faster the transmission will be. A compression software is the one which does this job for you. Apart from compression, it can directly share your files with multiple recipients and perform encryption of files with passwords.

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There is a glut of free file compression software in the market, the blog will let you settle with the Best one that comes with highest compression rates and number of supportable formats.

Before getting into the pool, let’s see an example of how to compress files with WinZip file compression software.

How to Compress Files?

The ideal file compression software is the one that is first & foremost easy to handle, should come with an array of features including amazing compression rate, has ability to convert files into handful of formats, and most importantly able to extract different kinds of files.

Here we are discussing how to compress files using a top-choice file compression tool- WinZip!

Step 1- Download WinZip and launch the utility software on your PC.

Step 2- Go to the files panel and choose the files you want to zip from your system/network or cloud service.

Step 3- Click on the option saying, ‘Add to Zip’.

Step 4- Now go to the Action panel and find option ‘Save as’.

Step 5-  Once you click on ‘Save as’, choose the location where you want to keep it.

 The application also allows you to share the files directly from the software.

Here’s a list of file compression software that are easy-to-use & highly flexible too.

Best File Compression Software 2023

Here’s a list of file compression software that are easy-to-use & highly flexible too.

1. WinZip

The eldest of all, WinZip has reached to version 22 and still going strong. WinZip’ s standard version is priced at $35.94. You might wonder that out of a huge number of free alternatives, why one would like to spend for WinZip.  This zip compressor software comes with several features such as integration with Microsoft Office for easy zipping.

WinZip’ s standard version provides splitting of files according to the media, cloud support and advanced file sharing options. It comes with highly responsive interface for different devices. Backup and security features are there to keep your files encrypted and secure.  The new version WinZip 22 comes with a bunch of exciting features such as Address book management for instant sharing, image format converter, Slack support and enhanced UI.

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Get it Here

2. WinRAR

RAR archives are known for its incredible levels of compression. All the compression software can extract RAR archives but cannot create them. WinRAR is considered as the best file compression software which can do both.

WinRAR can be used to compress files in almost every format possible. It offers a wizard mode that handles all your hard work on its own. Though interface is not that appealing, but its full RAR supports stands apart. To get a feel of themes and speed of compression, you can use the 30-day trial version.

Purchase the latest version of WinRAR

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3. 7-Zip

It is the most reputed program which is available for free of cost. Apart from a wide support for almost every format, 7-zip comes with its own file compression format, 7z.

According to the developers, it can compress huge files up to 16 billion gigabytes and that along with high compression rates. The interface is very elementary, making it easy for users to opt-out of the options they don’t require. A Right-click will let user to extract, zip or view what’s inside the file.

The only drawback of this zip compressor software is its ‘solid compression’ process. The process is very much fortunate in achieving tiny file size but sacrifices with compression speeds. It can be very slow at times.

You can download your free file compression software, 7-Zip from here.

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4. Hamster Zip Archiver

Its attractive and easy-to-use interface makes it the most convenient software to use. It comes with a drag and drop feature which makes it a handy task for even those who are not familiar with compression and decompression process.

The interface is very thoughtful which accounts for its easy and quick operation. It offers cloud support such as DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive or Yandex disk with automatic creation of shareable link. This free file compressor software is a brilliant option for those who readily share files over the web.

The software is currently available in 40 languages and has been installed in more than 50 countries in the world which makes it a diverse software.

Download Hamster Zip Archiver

Hamster Zip Archiver
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5. PeaZip

It might not be more popular than 7-zip, but its clean interface and easy-to-use-file browser give it a plus one than 7-zip. It is an open-source software and available in a portable version which is totally a self-contained software for archive management, therefore requiring no extra installations.

For security additions, it uses AES 256-based encryption and two-factor authentication along with a password manager. It is a cross-platform software that can work with WinRAR to provide full RAR support.

PeaZip file compression software
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6. ZipGenius

This is another option worth considering, ZipGenius is a free file compression software that is fast & elegant all-purpose file manager tool for Windows. Established since 1997, this eldest compression utility tool has strong abilities to handle more than 20 types of file compression in several formats including ARC, CAB, RAR, ZIP,7-ZIP, ARJ and others.

An ideal file compression tool for novices as the UI is effortless to navigate. The application comes with CZIP encryption feature, which simply infix ZIP archives in a secured package that employs strong encryption algorithms.

You can download the software right here from its official website!

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7. IZArc

If we have to describe this file compression tool in three words it would be Fast, Easy & Free. One of the most flexible compression tool available in the market right now, IZArc has quite straightforward to use and if you are someone who has never used a file compression software before, then iZArc is definitely worth trying not only because of its extensive features but how well it guides you through the process.

The range of supporting archive formats are: ACE, ARJ, MIM, MBF, ZIP, ZOO, CAB, CDI, CPIO, DEB and pretty much every format. Apart from this, the tool allows you easy to use drag & drop feature from and to windows explorer. You can also open CD image files here & convert files from one to another with ease.

CD image files
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 Winding Up: Best File Compression Software

Every windows system comes with functionalities to offer compression and decompression of files, but they are extremely limited. In this digital era everything is paperless and sharing files over the Internet has been vital process. With the limitation of bandwidth availability, compressed files make it easier to transmit files with limited resources requirement.


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    karan gupta
    very well explained and illustrated article.

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    WinZip and WinRAR are the most popular? Are you daft? wHo wRoTe tHiS aRtIClE? Everyone uses 7zip or built in zip utility in Windows.

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    Powerarchiver is not mentioned why not?

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