How to Select Multiple Files on A Mac?

Mastering the art of selecting multiple files on a Mac significantly streamlines various administrative tasks. Once you’re familiar with this skill, managing files becomes notably more efficient. You gain the ability to manipulate multiple files simultaneously, whether it’s deleting or relocating them in bulk. In this article, we’ll unveil some handy tricks tailored for different scenarios, from swiftly selecting all files with just two keystrokes to utilizing your mouse or trackpad.

Let’s take a look at how you can select multiple files on a Mac.

How to Select More Than One File on a Mac?

macOS simplifies the process of selecting multiple files simultaneously, enabling swift actions like copying, moving, or deleting several items at once. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to various selection methods applicable to files, applications, and virtually anything on a Mac, empowering you to streamline your workflow effortlessly.

Method 1: Use the Command to Select Multiple Files on the Mac

Imagine you’re on a shopping spree, picking out just the items you want. That’s the magic of the “Command” key. Hold down the Command key (it looks like a cloverleaf symbol on your keyboard) and then click on each file you want to select. It’s like ticking them off a list! This method is perfect for grabbing specific files scattered around your folder, regardless of their order.

Select More Than One File

Continuously holding down the Command key enables you to add several files to your current selection effortlessly. Should you inadvertently include a file you didn’t intend to select, simply click on the already selected file while still holding down the Command key to remove it from the selection. This handy feature ensures precise control over your file selection process, allowing you to refine your choices with ease.

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Method 2: Use the Shift Key to Select Multiple Files on A Mac

Let’s say you want to grab a whole bunch of files in a row, like catching a wave of photos. Here’s where the “Shift” key shines. Click on the first file you want, then hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click on the last file in the sequence. Boom! Every file in between gets magically selected. This is a super-fast way to grab a block of files without clicking.

Select multiple files

Now that you’ve made your selections, you’re empowered to perform various actions with your Mac files, such as moving them to a different location, deleting them, or copying and pasting them elsewhere. This flexibility allows you to organize and manage your files with ease, ensuring optimal efficiency in your digital tasks.

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Method 3: Use ‘Click & Drag’ to Select More Than One File on a Mac

Click anywhere in the blank space next to your files (avoid clicking on a file itself). Now, hold down your mouse button and drag your cursor across all the files you want to select, creating a selection box. Release the mouse button, and those files are yours to command! This method is great for visually selecting a bunch of files that might be scattered around the screen.

multiple files

Simply release the mouse button to finalize your selection of the included files. In case you accidentally miss or select some files, don’t fret. You can easily refine your selection by holding the Command key and clicking on the respective files to remove them from your selection.

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Bonus Tip: Selecting All Your Files in One Go

select many files

Need to round up every single file in a folder? There’s a shortcut for that too! Open your desired folder and press the Command key (remember, the cloverleaf symbol) and A at the same time. This magic keyboard combo, Command + A, instantly selects all the files in that folder.

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How to Select Multiple Files on a Mac? You have Got This!

With these methods under your belt, you’ve become a multi-file selecting whiz! Now you can organize your music library, share photo albums with friends, and manage your school projects with newfound ease. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find the method that suits you best.

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