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Duplicate Photo and Video Remover in 2023

We have heard many people saying that duplicates are keeping them stuck on the same page for longer hours. When in a jiffy, we open our folder and see that there are numerous pictures and videos. Now it’s simply tough to finally locate yo...


5 Best File Converter Apps For Android Phone

With smartphones becoming the easiest way to handle our documents, we are more in need to get essential apps which are handy like file converter apps. We usually install such apps when we are in need to open a certain file. Isn’t it incon...

Duplicate Photos

How To Find And Remove Duplicate Files In Windows 7

There are many ways to free up that space on your Pen Drives or Hard disks like removing unwanted files, compressing the existing files, or buying a new storage device altogether. But have you realized that space can also be freed up by ...

duplicate files

Best Software To Find and Remove Duplicate Videos

Over time, it is normal to have duplicate videos, images, files, and documents on your computer. It can be very annoying as these similar files, especially videos, take up unnecessary space on the computer. Sorting them manually could take ...