How To Find And Remove Duplicate Files In Windows 7

There are many ways to free up that space on your Pen Drives or Hard disks like removing unwanted files, compressing the existing files, or buying a new storage device altogether.

But have you realized that space can also be freed up by removing duplicate files on Windows 7? We all have multiple copies of the same file on our computer or mobile unknowingly.

Just last Halloween I received an astonishing number of 200 “Happy Halloween” messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media apps. Believe it or not, at least 80 of them were duplicates sent to me by different people.

These 80 files accumulate space on your hard drive and clog it up. I almost wasted 2 hours sorting and deleting those duplicate files, when I realized that there must be an app to do this for me and that’s when I found Duplicate Files Fixer.

What is Duplicate Files Fixer?

Duplicate Files Fixer is one of the best software to find duplicate files on a Windows 7 computer. Duplicate files may include your computer’s images, documents, videos, or audio files. You can carry out this process manually, which would involve opening each file, sorting it accordingly, and deleting the duplicates.

But before you even reach half of the pile, you will have a new load of files downloaded or received from the internet. To simplify this never-ending task, it is recommended to use software like Duplicate Files Fixer, which will not only find but also remove duplicate files on Windows 7.

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Why is the computer making duplicate files?

The user makes duplicates while transferring or copying data. The computer does not create duplicate files on its own. When we download the same files multiple times or save edited files, they all accumulate to become duplicates.

Why do we need to Find Duplicate Files?

Multiple copies of the documents, photos, and videos can make finding the correct files impossible. It can create confusion and also fills up the storage space unnecessarily. Therefore, it is recommended to use a duplicate finder like Duplicate Files Fixer to quickly find

Steps To Find & Remove Duplicate Files in Windows 7

The most important benefit of using the Duplicate File Cleaner is that the user interface is very easy to use. Here are a few quick steps that can delete the duplicate files and free up some Hard disk space that you really need.

Step 1. Once you have downloaded and installed the Duplicate files Fixer, launch the application and it will take you to the following screen where you will get various options.




  1. Clean Now. This will automatically scan your entire computer and present all the duplicate files in the form of a list.
  2. Add Folders. This option allows the users to add entire folders for scanning.
  3. Exclude folder. This option lets the user exclude a specific folder among many.
  4. Include Files. Users can also add certain files to the scan list.
  5. Start Scan. Once you have selected among the options and decided what you need to scan, Press on START SCAN to initiate the process of removing duplicate files on your computer.

Step 2. The next major step is to choose what to remove.



  1. Modify Selection. This button provides various options to mark the duplicates among the selected files and filter them as per date, time and file size.
  2. Manage your duplicates. This button allows the user to actually delete the files and create a list of deleted files.  create-list-of-deleted-files
  3. Using this button, users can retrieve their accidentally deleted files.
  4. Auto Mark. This magic button automatically marks all the duplicates while retaining the original file.
  5. Delete Marked. The final step is to click on Delete Marked and the software will delete the file and place it in the Recycle Bin.

Step 3. After you click on Delete Marked, you will get a prompt confirming your action.

duplicate files fixer delete records confirmation

Note: If the file is on a network then it would be permanently deleted.


Other Software than can Find and Remove Duplicate Files in Windows 7

Apart from Duplicate File Fixer which can find and remove duplicate files on Windows 7, there are a couple of specialized software as well.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. This software specializes in finding and removing duplicate photos on Windows 7. It is more sophisticated and focuses on a variety of parameters like the location of the image, the metadata, similar and exact matches and so on.

Duplicate Music Fixer. This software focuses on removing duplicate music files on Windows 7 and takes into account the file size, length, and other features of the audio file.

What are the Benefits of Using Duplicate File Fixer?

Duplicate Files Fixer not only does a miraculous task of finding and removing duplicate files on Windows 7 but also provides benefits to users in other ways such as:

  • It helps recover valuable disk space.
  • It saves time and effort as manually this task would be considered next to impossible.
  • It can scan and detect different file types and various extensions. For Example, in image files, it considers various extensions like GIF, JPG, PNG, etc.
  • It is available on Windows, Mac, and Android devices.
  • It can take a backup of your files.


Q1. Does Windows have a duplicate file finder?

No, it does not have any duplicate file remover Windows 7. Therefore, using a duplicate file finder is important to delete the copied files from your computer quickly.

Q2. Is it OK to delete duplicate files?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to delete duplicate files from your computer. Duplicate file finders make it easy to scan the entire computer or specific folders and detect duplicate files.

Q3. How do I find duplicate files with different names?

Using Duplicate Files Fixer is a tool that can easily find duplicate files with different names, sizes, and paths.


That brings an end to our journey of finding and removing duplicate files on Windows 7. There is other software that can do the same but the question remains, What other features do they provide and How reliable are they?

Having personally used this software over the years, I have not faced any issues in its seamless operation and successful removal of duplicate files on Windows 7.

Do share your thoughts on removing duplicate files and if you face any issue while using Duplicate File Fixer in Windows 7 then post your query and my technical team would definitely help to resolve your issue.

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