How To Take a Backup Of System Files In Windows 10?

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It is important to take a backup of system files and create a system restore point in Windows 10. This ensures that you can restore your computer in case of mishaps like computer freezes or system crashes. The idea here is to take a backup and create a restore point when the computer is working correctly with no issues. If an anomaly occurs, then the computer is taken back in time to the date when it was working fine. This can cause a loss of programs installed after the backup point was created but will not affect any data.

There are two ways on how to take abackup of your system files in Windows 10: Manually using Windows in-built tool & Automatically using third-party software.

How To Take ABackup Of System Files In Windows 10Using The System Restore Tool?

Microsoft has inculcated a default tool in Windows 10 which can help to create a backup of system files. It enables users to undo system changes by reverting the computer to a previous restore point. Here are the steps to do this:

Step 1: Type “Create a Restore Point” in the search box located on the left bottom corner of the taskbar.

Step 2: From the search results that appear, click on the appropriate outcome, and a new dialog box will appear.
backup of system Files Windows

Step 3: Click on the Create Button, and it will initiate the process of creating a system restore point in Windows 10.

Step 4: You can also click on the Configure button to manage all the restore points created in your system.

backup of system Files Create restore point

Note: To restore your computer to a point in time, you can click on System Restore Button and choose from the points created. Follow the on-screen instruction, and it will restore your system to the point in time when the system restore was created.

backup of system Files success

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How To Take A Backup Of System Files In Windows 10 Using The Advanced System Optimizer?

You can always use Advanced System Optimizer (ASO), which is a third-party system utility tool to create a restore point. This tool helps you create the System Restore point to your desired location, unlike the default Microsoft tool. It also can restore your system in quick and convenient steps. Here are the steps to use ASO to take a backup of system files:

Step 1: Download and Install the Advanced System Optimizer from the below button:

Step 2: Once installed, launch the app and register the software using the Activation Key you received in your email after purchase.

Step 3: Click on Backup & Recovery on the left panel of the application window.

Advanced System Optimizer

Step 4: Next click on System Files Backup and Restore from the right panel.

Step 5: Wait until a new app window pops up. Click on Take Backup Now button.

Step 6: Select the location where you want to save the backup and click on Start Backup Button.

Step 7: Wait for the process to complete and click on the Finish button.

Note: To restore your backup, you can click on Restore Tab on the top and click on the Restore Backup button.

The Final Word On How To Take ABackup Of System Files In Windows 10?

As you have seen that it is simple to create a system restore point in Windows 10 and take a backup of system files which can be used to restore your system to its best working state. This feature is essential in case your system crashes, freezes or has issues in functioning correctly. Restoring your computer to a point in time does not delete any data but will remove any programs installed or settings modified after the point was created. Using Advanced System Optimizer also helps you to optimize your system, updates your drivers and frees up storage space by deleting temporary and junk files.

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