Duplicate Files Fixer: The Ultimate Duplicate Removal Tool by Systweak

How often do you notice the files that eat up your disk space and you did not even have the slightest idea? We believe that happens with all of us quite frequently. But the thing that frustrates us more is a copy of the same files placed in the memory are lying idle, doing nothing but confusing us and taking the space. That’s why you need to fix duplicate files and save precious space for future storage.

What Is Duplicate Files Fixer?

Duplicate files fixer is a smart tool that scans out duplicates of files like images, videos, documents, music, and various other formats. This scanning results in the final number of files stacked in your PC and taking up space while asking your permission to remove them. Here, you have the liberty to choose files you wish to delete and ones to be kept. Once selected, all it takes is a click to remove these duplicates from your device, thus providing free space and ample storage for other purposes.

so forget the stress of manual searching and deleting the files and load up with Duplicate Files Fixer today!

Availability: Duplicate files fixer is available for Windows, Mac as well as Android devices.

How Can Duplicate Files Fixer Help in Recovering Disk Space?

Step 1: Install Duplicate Files Fixer in your device, to begin with

Step 2: Once you download and run it on your pc, you will be greeted with the first page as shown. It is best to click ‘Activate Now’ and enter the license key for smooth functioning of the software.

Duplicate Files Fixer

Step 3: As you enter the key, you will be taken to the page that opens like the image below.

enter the key

Step 4: Select the folder you wish to get scanned for finding duplicates within. Tick mark the box beside folders and click Start Scan.

Step 5: Scanning may take some time as shown in the image below.

Duplicate Removal Tool by Systweak

In the next section, check the scan report. You can find here how many files are scanned, how many duplicates are found and the space used. Choose ‘Go to fix duplicates’ for the next process. You can choose ‘Stop Scan’, if required.

Duplicate Removal Tool

Step 6: It’s time to fix the duplicate files now. In the list of duplicate files, select the ones you want to remove and choose ‘Delete Marked’. You can choose to sort the files based on size or type. You can segregate them in the tab of Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos and Other Files as well.

Duplicate Removal Tool

Other Options to Use:

  1. Learn your ‘Last Scan’

In the Tab below, tap the option of ‘Select folders and files’. Here, you can find the date and time of all the last scanned files.

Learn your ‘Last Scan’

  1. Notice Scan Results In Text & Chart Format

You would like to see the scanning results in a chart format as it mentions details in a specific and interactive manner. Yes, the text format is also available for simplification.

Very easy to understand, you can customize your deletion process so as to organize the final output. Whether you are willing to throw the files in Recycle Bin or you want to take them to another folder, the choice is yours.

Further options of exporting the Duplicate List and Clear Cache are also present on the other hand for your ease. 

How Duplicate Files Fixer by Systweak is Unique?

  • Simpler the process of its usage, happy the user is! On this basis, the software has been designed to be extremely user friendly.

And it turns out to have a very interactive interface that is easy to learn as well as to run.

  • An active Selection Assistant keeps your back up and you can select duplicates to delete by location, size, group or more.
  • You can easily remove duplicate files from the external storage device as well. Just plug in your external hard drive and run the duplicate fixer.
  • The software supports more than 14 languages including German, French, Japanese and more.
  • It scans all the file format with a good speed. This allows you to just sit back and relax while the fixer keeps working smoothly. If you wish to remove or add certain format from scanning, you can make the changes accordingly from Advanced Scan Settings.file type


Duplicate Files Fixer is a unique combination for saving space, deleting duplicates and optimizing files on your device efficiently. Moreover, from basic to advanced setting features, you can get more accurate, pinpoint results without manual effort.

We believe in resolving the clutters quick and smooth and hence this Fixer is perfect for you.

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