How To Find The Best Duplicate File Finder And Remover

Whenever you are short on disk storage on your computer or phone, the first instinct is to start decluttering your system for unwanted data. One of the most important steps in clearing junk is duplicate files. You must remove the unwanted copies of files which take up unnecessary memory space. But if you take this forward manually, it can get confusing and takes far more time than a duplicate finder software. But if you are to choose a duplicate finder, which will be the best for your device.

This blog post will help you find out the best duplicate file finder and remover for your device. Let’s begin with the points one needs to keep in mind before selecting the software for removing duplicate files.

  • User-friendly Interface – Everything needs to be mentioned clearly on the home screen to be used by a beginner. The simple design and intuitive interface is required to direct a user to the function of the tool easily.
  • Scans all duplicates- It must be proficient enough to check for the duplicates in different file names. It must identify the same file formats for photos, text, audio, and video files.
  • Accuracy in results- The volume of the scanned files must not hamper the results. It should be precisely accurate when looking for duplicates. The scan results should include every duplicate file presented to the tool. The scan accuracy, along with speed, to show results matter as well.
  • Exclusion list feature- The tool must provide the option to exclude files and folders from the scan. This makes it flexible and gets most work done without wasting time to scan one folder at a time.
  • Protects specific duplicate files- Protecting a few files from the scan is necessary. A tool that supports this feature will be great as it stands different from the files on the Exclusion list. One can check for the duplicate files present on the Protected folder, but it does not get removed by the automatic method. It gives the user the liberty to choose whether to delete files in the locked folder added in the Protected folder or not.
  • Supports external disks- Having an option to scan the externally connected drives adds to the tool’s skills. It lets you scan the external drives as well as the device on which it is installed. It should check USB flash drives, external hard disk drives, and other drives scanned for duplicates.
  • Automatic and manual selection – Providing automatic and manual selection options for the scanned duplicate files makes it favorable for the user. It is for the masses as one can choose to save time and click on the Automatic selection of duplicates to get rid of them in one click. It also works for another who takes up the manual selection of duplicates and marks them one by one and then removes them all.

When looking for all these features, we have the name for the best duplicate finder and remover tool. It is named Duplicate Files Fixer and developed by Systweak Software. You can get it on your Windows, Mac, and Android devices. It is compatible with the latest versions of all of the above-operating systems.

How To Delete Duplicate Files With Duplicate Files Fixer?

It is effortless to use Duplicate Files Fixer on any device ( Windows, Mac, Android). \

Step 1: Download Duplicate Files Fixer on your device from the download button given below.

Step 2: Now, give it necessary permissions respective to your operating system for installation.

Step 3: Open Duplicates Files Fixer, add the files or folder in the assigned Section named Add files/folder.


Duplicate file remover


Step 4: Add any folders to Exclude Folder to avoid getting the duplicates scanned for that particular folder.

Step 5: Add any folder to the Protect folder to exclude the files in it from the file removal process in any case.

Step 6: Once done with adding files to it, click on the Scan for Duplicates button.

Step 7: The duplicates are shown in the separate groups; you can check them with the preview options.


Duplicate files


Step 8: Click on Auto-Mark to get all the duplicates selected, leaving one file in each set. You can also select all the duplicates manually by marking the checkbox.


Duplicate file finder


Step 9: Finally, click on the Delete Duplicates button to remove all the duplicates at once. 


Best duplicate file finder and remover


This is the best way to find out the duplicate files on your device.

As the duplicates are removed, you quickly get a lot of storage space in your device. This is a must-have duplicate finder and remover software with all the features explained above. You will find out why it is called one of the best duplicate files finder and remover once you use it.


To solve the storage problem on your device and to declutter it from the numerous copies of files, you use a duplicate finder. The software gives the most accurate results, and that too in a short period is the best. Therefore, we recommend a Duplicate Files fixer to remove duplicate files from your device. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Android; check the links below to get it on your respective device.

We hope the article lets you know the easier way to remove duplicate files. We would like to know your views on this post to make it more useful. Your suggestions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Share the information with your friends and others by sharing the article on social media.

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  • comment_avtar
    Camila Saunders
    Duplicate Files Fixer is an awesome tool. It automatically scans for all the duplicate files in the system. What else do we need!

    4 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Gajendra singh
    Duplicate files fixer helps me in remove duplicate images

    4 years ago

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