Mridula Nimawat

Mridula Nimawat is a tech enthusiast and works as a content writer at WeTheGeek Blog. Apart from being the digital content creator she holds a professional degree in Electronics and communication. You can also find her in the YouTube videos explaining the tech savvy community. More frequently writing about Android and Windows problem solving articles.

Author: Mridula Nimawat

iOS, Tech News - 2021-11-17

iPhone Secret Tricks Revealed by Ex-Apple Employee

Ever since TikTok made its way into the public platform, people have been using it for many means. Many people are sharing life-saving hacks and it is one of the most popular sections of video-sharing platforms. This time, an ex-Apple employee has gone viral for one such  TikTok video. It has been making rounds for…

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How-To, Tips & Tricks - 2021-11-12

How To Create A Facebook Cover Photo?

Image can speak for itself and therefore it is very important to choose the best ones depicting your or your business. However, Facebook profile images are quite small but they compensated with the large Facebook cover images. You can use them to express yourself and showcase your work. If you want to stand out of…

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For Android, How-To - 2021-11-10

How To Hide Conversations On Snapchat

Why does one need a lock on their private conversations? To save you from people snooping on your phones or accidently taking a look into your private chats when you hand it over. It is one of the utter needs to have a lock set on our digital lives. Especially when it comes to social media…

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For Windows, How-To - 2021-11-09

How To Resize Bulk Images On Windows PC?

Images are required to be of different sizes to be uploaded on different platforms. To resize them, we need special tools other than image editing tools. Professionals use photo management software which gives them a lot of options to manage the bulk images. But if you do not know anything about it, we have dedicated…

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Tech News - 2021-10-29

Facebook Is Now Meta: Rebranding With A New Name

As a part of the major rebranding, Facebook has moved on to a new name and identity. It has ditched its decade-long name and changed it into Meta. Now, you will be a part of the Facebook metaverse when using any of its services. This will include some of the very new and interesting concepts…

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The Firefox logo isn’t a fox

It is a common misbelief that the furry creature in the Firefox logo is a fox thanks to its name. But it is rather a Red Panda.