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Mridula Nimawat

Mridula Nimawat is a tech enthusiast and works as a content writer at WeTheGeek Blog. Apart from being the digital content creator she holds a professional degree in Electronics and communication. You can also find her in the YouTube videos explaining the tech savvy community. More frequently writing about Android and Windows problem solving articles.

How to Use Focus Assist On Windows 11

Distractions are ubiquitous and the enemy of productivity. When app alerts appear, we get overwhelmed and excessively distracted. Being bombarded with app alerts on Windows 11 may be inconvenient. While you're having fun and playing games.,...


10 Best VPNs for Amazon Prime Video

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How to Unmerge Cells in Google Sheets (Quick Guide)

Spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets allows you to manage your numbers and data efficiently. With Google Sheets as a more prevalent online collaboration tool, multiple people are looking forward to using it. We are...


How to Hide the Taskbar in Windows 11

Do you want to hide the Taskbar in Windows 11 but unable to work around the steps? Let us tell you how to achieve this in this blog. The default behavior in Windows 11 is for the toolbar to be displayed. You may hide the Taskbar in Windows ...


How To Fix Something Happened On Our End Error In Microsoft Store

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How to Use a Random Password Generator

Passwords are critical in today's digitised world. Adding the correct password to each application and system is essential. If the devices are left unprotected without passwords, hackers will access our computers, making them insecure. All ...


What Are The Minimum System Requirements To Run Windows 11?

Are you looking to upgrade to Windows 11? It is the newest operating system from Microsoft, and it has been considered the best till now. The main reason for labeling Windows 11 as a notorious operating system is its system requirements. ...


How to Fix Remote Desktop Gateway server is Temporarily Unavailable

The error - 'Your computer can't connect to the remote computer because the Remote Desktop Gateway server is temporarily unavailable' commonly occurs on several Windows computers. As soon as the issue occurs, the server connection fails the...