How to Use Focus Assist On Windows 11

Distractions are ubiquitous and the enemy of productivity. When app alerts appear, we get overwhelmed and excessively distracted. Being bombarded with app alerts on Windows 11 may be inconvenient. While you’re having fun and playing games., you should conceal your alerts from view. 

Using Focus Assist in Windows 11 is an excellent approach to help us with this. While you’re occupied, this function will hide all alerts until you’re ready to see them again. Here’s what you’ll need to do if you want to use Focus Assist with Windows 11.

What is Focus Assist in Windows 11?

Microsoft’s Focus Assist was initially launched as one of the features when the 2018 update of Windows 10 came out. Replacing an old feature known as Quiet Hours, and while Windows 11 doesn’t bring any significant changes, it makes the tool easy to use. Focus Assist in Windows 11 prevents alerts from appearing on your screen and may be engaged automatically when you go to presentation mode, play a game, or use an app in full-screen mode.

How to Enable Windows 11’s Focus Assist?

If you are thinking about how it is not deployed on your computer, let us tell you that Focus Assist is turned off by default. So, if you want to use Focus Assist in Windows 11, activate it. 

One of the easiest methods to enter focus mode quickly is to click the network, battery, or volume icon on the left side of the clock on the taskbar, or press Win+A, and then pick Focus assist.

Use Focus Assist in Windows 11


You may achieve this by typing Focus Assist into the search box. Click the option and then select one of the available alternatives based on your requirements. 

You can turn it off, set only alarms, and prioritize only. With the alarm option enabled, everything but the alarms will be blocked. Only the alerts you put on that list will be received if you select the priority option. All of the others will be disabled.

Note: If you notice a moon symbol to the far right of the taskbar, to the right of the time, Focus assist is already enabled.

Now that you know how to quickly use Focus Assist in Windows 11 with all the default settings, here’s how to modify it. Everything else you need to know about Windows 11’s focus mode is included below.

How Can You Customize and set up the Focus Assist Feature?

In the previous section, you only learned how to configure Focus Assist in default mode. If you want certain Focus Assist specifications, you’ll need to access Settings to personalize the notifications you want to see and hear and define predefined rules.

Let’s take a look at the steps required to do this:

Step 1: First, you must open Settings (look for it on the taskbar or type Settings in the search box) and select System. There, you’ll discover the Focus Assist option. Click on that.

Step 2: You will get the option to toggle between two modes: Priority Only, which only shows notifications from applications you pick, and Alarm Only, which only indicates alarm alerts but conceals all other notifications.

Choose any of these to activate and immediately use Focus Assist in Windows 11  in a specific mode. As previously explained, this may be carried out directly from the taskbar.

Use Focus Assist in Windows 11

Step 3: If you wish to choose which alerts can bypass Focus assist, you need to modify the priority list from the Customize priority list option.

From here, you can allow all the calls and different reminders to pop up, as well as the alerts from the pinned contacts or any other app in the list on that page. You need to select the option Add an app if you want to include any other apps for which you want to get notifications. To delete one, select it and hit the Remove button.

Use Focus Assist in Windows 11

Step 4: Scroll down to the Automatic rules section to change those settings:

During These Times: Choose a start and end time for Focus assist to starting/stopping automatically. It might happen every day or only on weekends or weekdays.

When I’m duplicating my display: Enable this to disable notifications when duplicating your display to another monitor.

When I’m playing a game: Full-screen games can activate Focus help if enabled.

When I’m using an app in full-screen mode only: This setting, like game mode, disables notifications while you use an app in full-screen mode.

For the first hour after a Windows feature update: The meaning of the feature can be understood from the name itself.

Use Focus Assist in Windows 11

And you are done customizing the Focus Assist on your Windows 11.


Q1. What is focus assist? 

Ans: Focus assist is a powerful feature on Windows which prevents alerts from appearing on your screen. It may be engaged automatically when you go to presentation mode, play a game, or use an app in full-screen mode.

Q2. How to turn off focus assist in windows 11?

Ans: Navigate to Windows Settings –> System –> Focus assist (Windows key + I)

When you open the Focus help window, select Off to disable Focus assist.


You can’t always ignore the notifications, no matter how hard you try, primarily if you use social media on your computer. As you keep telling yourself, it’ll just be a second, but it turns out to be more of a time-consuming activity. Thanks to Focus Sessions, you may temporarily ignore such alerts that can wait. However, when using Focus Assist in Windows 11, you may allow crucial alerts to pass through.

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