Strengthen your planning skills, and emphasize skillful thinking by playing these best strategy games.


7 Best Free PC Games You Would Love To Play

‘Free to play’ games are a great way to kill your boredom. There are plenty of games for every gamer - FPG, MOBA or MMO. Although free games are infamous because of their association with nonsense apps or inclusive microtransactions,...


Why Should You Never Download Pirated Games?

It is not easy to make digital content and hence the software developers often charge money for their apps/games. However, some are not willing to pay the price and opt for pirated or illegal versions of the game and this can lead to copyri...


10 Best Story Games For Ultimate Drama In 2023

Your gaming experience becomes more exciting when you begin to feel a story behind it and act as a protagonist. If that holds true to you, story based games must be the ones you like the most. Somewhere you have to become an attorney wherea...


Top 10 Game Websites & Blogs To Follow in 2023

Game industry has tremendously evolved in the last couple of decades. And notably online gaming has skyrocketed with 32 Billion this year and expected to reach 33.6 Billion U.S. Dollars in 2019. As online options are constantly growing, ...

Driver Guide

How To Fix Serious Sam 4 Crashing & Stuttering on PC

Want to blast a bunch of aliens? It is not possible in real life, but you can try out Serious Sam 4, a first-person shooter game based on the concept of intergalactic carnage. This game has recently launched in August 2020 and is a prequel ...

For Mac

What is Game Center and How to Use it on Mac and iOS

Gaming has surely changed a lot, especially when we count the number of platforms they have. From mobile to consoles, Gaming has been a major entertainment source since the first video games surfaced back in the 70s. In this regards Appl...


Best Clash of Kings Alternatives for Android and iOS

[sys_content_toc title="Clash of Kings Alternatives" headers="h3" orders="0"] Released back in 2014, Clash of Kings is a popular real-time strategy building multiplayer game available for both Android and iOS platforms. The plotline of t...


10 Best Offline Strategy Games for Android

Amidst hectic lifestyle, stress is inevitable!! Hence, discovering various stress and coping mechanism for instant relaxation is a necessity. Playing video games can be one of them that comes in different genres like shooting games, car rac...