Why Should You Never Download Pirated Games?

It is not easy to make digital content and hence the software developers often charge money for their apps/games. However, some are not willing to pay the price and opt for pirated or illegal versions of the game and this can lead to copyright infringement. Many games and apps are offered for free by their developers and it is perfectly fine to download such apps and use them. But when the official version of an app is paid then downloading it from an unauthorized source is illegal and can land you in prison with a hefty fine.

Why Should You Never Download Pirated Games?

Legal troubles are not the only issues that you will face if you will download illegal games. There are certainly other major concerns that can arise after you have installed a pirated game in your system. Here are a few other issues that you should be warned of:

pirated game

Malware Issues

Malware Issues

Most pirated games contain malware in the form of viruses, adware, spyware, trojans, worms, etc. Once the victim downloads or extracts or installs a pirated game, there are chances that malware is injected into the system which would then damage the normal functioning of your system. The only solution to malware is a powerful real-time antivirus like Systweak Antivirus that can scan, identify and remove all threats in no time.

Systweak Antivirus: The Perfect Answer to Malware

Systweak Antivirus

Systweak Antivirus protects your computer in real-time against all forms of malicious threats. It also includes the StopAllAds browser plugin, which filters unwanted advertisements and safeguards the computer by preventing malware and other types of malicious software from being downloaded or accessed. Systweak Antivirus guards your computer against exploits around the clock, 365 days a year. It boosts the computer’s present performance by acting as a one-stop-shop for all security needs.

Security in real-time. One of the few antivirus systems that can detect potential threats/apps based on how they behave on your computer is Systweak Antivirus.

It’s quite easy to use. This program offers a simple user interface that everyone in your family can use.

Light-Weight. Software that uses the fewest system resources is considered the best because it won’t hog your CPU resources.

Secure Web Browsing. It’s a term that describes the act of surfing the internet in general. This tool allows you to browse the internet while filtering adverts with an ad blocker plugin.

Control the starting menu on your computer. Users can turn off components that slow down the computer’s startup time.

Crypto Mining

Cryptominers score significantly higher than adware in the spectrum of unpleasant things people might obtain from unlicensed games. Gamers become great targets for bitcoin freeloaders, thanks to their beefed-up PCs and beefy video cards — and a miner hidden inside a game with high system requirements can go undiscovered for a long time, while the computer is working for a hostile third party.

Fake or Incomplete games

Incomplete games

Another issue that is commonly faced by gamers while downloading illegal games is the fact that these games are generally not full versions or fake games. Many times, gamers have reported downloading a game that installed perfectly fine but never started. This is a clear example of malware that has now been installed under the pretext of your favorite game. Apart from fake games, incomplete games also ruin the fun of playing a game as you would be stuck in the middle without the complete game files.

Additional Software Required


Most of the pirated games require gamers to use Mods, cheats and crack files requiring them to download these files additionally. So while the main game file might not be infected, the extra file could be laden up with malware. Minecraft is still a favorite cyberattack bait, even on mobile phones and tablets. We discovered more than 20 dangerous apps disguised as game mods on Google Play in 2020, and we experienced the same thing this year. The game is also a front for the Hqwar malware, which displays an installation issue and asks the user to uninstall the software. In reality, this just eliminates the icon; the malware continues to operate in stealth mode, harvesting online bank details.

Vesub, another clever spyware, can be found in unlicensed copies of Brawl Stars and PUBG on Android. When the malware is launched, it appears to load very slowly before disappearing. When the victim realizes the game isn’t working, he or she gives up. At that time, the icon vanishes from the screen, but the Trojan stays on the device and begins its operation.

Data collecting is what’s going on throughout that phony startup: Vesub takes data from the system and waits for future instructions. It can then subscribe the victim to paid services, send text messages from their smartphone, play YouTube videos, view app pages on Google Play, and open advertising websites while operating in the background.



You should know by now that downloading unlicensed games is significantly more trouble than it is worth. If that’s the case, your gaming experience has just been a whole lot safer. However, you should be aware of another way cybercriminals take advantage of gamers’ need for freebies: providing 99 percent off game bundles, promising mountains of free or nearly-free in-game cash, and inviting players to participate in fictitious tournaments.

Cybercriminals steal victims’ e-mail addresses, social network identities and login passwords, and game information by hiding behind well-known games like FIFA 21 and Apex Legends, as well as GTA Online and Pokemon Go. On the dark web, even without passwords, such information fetches a price. Is it necessary to point out that entering your password on an unauthorized site puts your account at risk of being lost? Even worse, if the victim agrees to provide payment card information for “verification” then there are chances of the customer losing a lot of money.

Bonus: Swarez: Modus Operandi

Image: Kaspersky

Most gamers are aware that official games may only be purchased through a dedicated store such as Steam. They use search engines to find a “Minecraft crack” or a “virus-free FIFA.” Cybercriminals take advantage of this by setting up websites that sell free keys, cracks, and unlocked versions of games, as well as Trojans, and pushing them to the top of search results. Alternatively, they can use existing warez sites to upload infected pirated copies.

The Swarez loader is delivered in this manner. Users who try to obtain Minecraft cracks, for example, are sent to a page with a ZIP package that contains another password-protected ZIP and a text file with a key. Unzipping the archive installs Swarez on the victim’s device, which then installs Taurus spyware, a Trojan that captures screenshots and steals crypto wallets, desktop files, passwords, and other information stored in browsers.

The Final Word On Why Should You Never Download Pirated Games?

Pirated games pose a threat to your computer in many ways. It is thus recommended not to download illegal games because you might not know what other issues you are installing on your PC. If you currently have a pirated game on your PC, then it is recommended to install it with immediate effect and use Systweak Antivirus to scan your system and eliminate malware and viruses, if found,

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