How to Fix ‘Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again’ Error in Google Play Store

Despite the availability of many app stores, the Google Play Store is the most popular destination to get Android apps. If you’re having trouble with Google Play Store and getting the ‘Something went wrong, please try again’ error, here are some helpful tips and tactics to help you resolve the issue. One of the most typical causes of this error is  when you’re logged in with numerous accounts. Data storage and cache data can also trigger the Play Store error. Poor internet access, date and time mismatch, and other factors are all common causes of the ‘Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again’ message in the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store

How To Fix ‘Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again’ Error in Google Play Store

Method 1: Internet Connection

Internet connections

The simplest way to resolve the Google Play Store error is to verify that your internet connection is functioning properly. The Play Store may be unable to connect to Google servers at times. So, as a quick remedy, try switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data to see if that solves the problem.

Perform a quick internet speed test on one of the finest internet speed test sites to see how fast your connection is. This way, you can rule out the possibility of a sluggish internet connection.

Method 2: Relaunch the Google Play Store App

Google Play Store App

The next best method to fix the ‘Something went wrong’ or ‘Try again’ error in the Google Play Store is to force quit and restart the app if you have good internet connectivity.

Swipe up from the bottom and hold in the middle of the screen, if you’re using full-screen gestures on your Android phone. Then, on the Play Store app card, slide up to force exit the app. Return to the App drawer and relaunch the Play Store to see if the error has been resolved.

Method 3: Check There isn’t any inconsistency in the dates and times

date and time

Incorrect date and time is one probable cause of the ‘Something went wrong, please try again’ issue in Google Play Store. Problems with the Play Store may arise if your phone’s default timezone does not match your region, or if the time is running behind or ahead of the actual time. Here’s how to repair the problem on your Android phone by changing the date and time:

Step 1:  Launch the Settings app and scroll down to the “System” section. To access system settings, tap on it.

Step 2: Select “Date & time” from the System menu and enable the “Set time automatically” and “Set time zone automatically” toggles. If they aren’t already turned on, turn them on to automatically set the time and date on your phone.

Method 4: Toggle the Airplane Mode On/Off switch

Airplane Mode

Toggling airplane mode may help to reset the network connection and restore Google Play functionality. To do so, go to the Quick Settings menu and tap the “Airplane mode” toggle. Airplane mode can also be accessed via Settings -> Network & internet -> Airplane mode.

Method 5: Clear the cache on the Google Play Store


Now, if the ‘Something went wrong, try again’ error is still preventing you from downloading your favorite Android apps from the Google Play Store, the next best course of action is to investigate data storage concerns. To see if the mistake can be fixed, we’ll delete the data cache for the Play Store app.

To do so, go to Settings -> Apps -> See all apps -> Google Play Store and select “Storage & cache” from the app info page. To erase the Google Play Store cache, go to Storage settings and touch “Clear cache.” We recommend tapping the “Force stop” button to force quit and restart the app before accessing it again.

Method 6: Clear the Cache for Google Play Services

Google Play Services has the potential to be a headache at times. As a result, deleting the Google Play Services cache may be a solution to your Play Store issues.

Go to Settings -> Applications -> See all apps -> Google Play services, hit “Storage & cache,” and then tap the “Erase cache” option to clear the cache of Google Play services.

Method 7: Manage App Download Preferences

It is also possible that the Google Play Store is showing you error messages due to this setting. As many might not know, but Google Play Store has an option to only allow download when connected to a selected network. Therefore, it is recommended to check and configure these settings. Follow these steps given below –

Step 1: Open Google Play Store on your Android.

Step 2: Tap on the Profile icon and select Settings.

Step 3: Here you can tap on Network Preferences and then App download preference to check your selected option. Change it to Over any network.


Method 8: Remove your Google account and re-register

If none of the previous methods worked, try logging out and back in again with your Google account. If you’ve recently changed your Google account password, this method will still work. To learn how it works, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Open the Settings app and select “Passwords & accounts” from the drop-down menu. Tap your Google account email address on the next screen.

Step 2: Sign out of your Google account by pressing “Remove account” on the Google account settings page, then tap “Remove account” again in the confirmation window.

Step 3: You can log in back into your account from the same page where you logged out. Simply choose “Add account” and sign in to your Google account.

The Final Word On How to Fix ‘Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again’ Error in Google Play Store

The above-mentioned steps are expert recommendations and have worked for many to resolve the Google Play Store error known as ‘Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again’. You can try each step and check if the issue has been resolved and then ignore the remaining steps. This is not a major issue and can occur due to cache or internet connection issues on your mobile phone.

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