How Do I Restore My Android Phone From a Backup?

Does this question often swirl in your mind? Do you struggle when it comes to restoring your data present on your Android phone? Do you think if you lose your data on your Android device to a virus attack or other damage, it is impossible to recover? The answer is not always, no.

This is a common misconception as to recover data from a backup is very much possible. All you need to remember is that the data has been updated on cloud storage. There are multiple cloud services available and therefore you can choose from them. Google Drive, One Drive, Right backup are a few to name among the best.

Before you start the restoring process, you need to remember a few things to make sure you get your data back. We know that Android is driven by Google and therefore the default settings of the operating system are related to Google. Although, the settings might differ for phone to phone. However, you can easily create Google backup on all Android devices.

Remember, if you are trying to restore the Android backup from a higher Android version to a lower Android version, it might not be possible as the features might vary.

How Do I View My Google Backup?

For media files, you can enable Google Photos sync with your phone photo library. It will automatically keep all the images and videos uploaded in Google Photos account. Other than this, you can upload all other documents and files to Google Drive manually. It is required to keep the data updated timely so as to have fewer chances of losing any of it. In cases where your phone gets lost, stolen or damaged, Android backup will be helpful.

To check if Google Photos is taking a backup, follow the steps:

Step1: Launch Google Photos app.

How Do I View My Google Backup

Step 2: Swipe to right to get the side panel.

How Do I View My Google Backup-2

Step 3: Click on Settings. Now check the option for Backup & Sync and select one of the Gmail accounts you use.

NOTE: Every time you open Google Photos app, it shows a message above the pictures as Backup Complete. It will take the backup on Wi-Fi or Mobile Data as per your instructions. You can make backup folders for convenience.

For other files, use Google Drive. Follow the steps to upload the data on it.

Step 1: Open Google Drive app.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Add’ button and select the files from your phone storage.

Wait for it to upload and then Voila, you are done in a few moments!

To backup data and Settings in one go, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to Settings in your Phone.

Step 2: Look for System and select Backup.

Step 3: It will show you two options: – Automatic or Manual. Automatically will keep a log of apps and settings updated regularly.

Manually will require to keep a check on backup yourself from time to time.

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There are a number of ways to keep a backup of your Android phone. Including the timely transfer of data on a Cloud or external drive. Also, the regular update by Google Automatically for the Photos app and manually on Google Drive. Other methods include using a third-party tool like Right backup which makes your data available on other platforms too.

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