Best Android Backup Software In 2022

There are a plethora of reasons that we love and rely on our Android device without a second thought so as to save documents, files, pictures, movies, videos, applications, and whatnot. But aren’t you scared of losing all this data within a blink of an eye due to any reason?

Yes, you may lose it all due to data corruption, phone damage, or virus infection, and this is why you need to look for any of the best Android backup software right now. Take a look at different types of data backups and why you need them.

Let’s just not lose any of the precious data and go through smart Android backup software.

Top Android Backup Software

1. Right Backup

Call it a comprehensive package for your Android backup to PC as it is highly secure and can have a cloud backup of your important data, be it photos, videos or contacts. You don’t need to hunt on various software when Right Backup aligns with your PC and Android.

Even if you lose your phone accidentally, your login credentials can make you reach the data, which is well secured by this best Android backup software.

Right Backup
Other features include:

  • Set up a 12-hour scheduler so the data gets backed up every 12 hours smoothly.
  • ‘Smart Restore’ option helps in restoring selective folders quickly. Whereas ‘Custom restore’ will help in restoring it manually.
  • One account helps in logging through multiple devices.

You definitely want to call it an amazing Android backup software for PC by the end of the day!

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2. Dr. Fone

Dr.Fone is the most flexible way for Android backup to PC. Why so? It is the best Android backup software for PC because of its unlimited support for 8000 Android devices. It allows selective backup options and takes data like photos, videos, SMS, music, and call logs!

Dr. Fone
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You do not need to stress about any kind of data loss during transfer as Dr. Fone can take care of it very finely. This is all why you want to call it the best Android backup software.

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3. MOBILedit

Get yourself this fantastic phone manager, which is the core of the phone’s content management. This Android backup software can take media files and the android file system apart from basic contacts, pictures/videos, etc.

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You also get to choose the backup option within

  • Low-level device backup (automatic data backup)
  • Selective backup (comprehensively selected backup)
  • Cloud stored backup (takes backup on the cloud which can be accessed from PC or mobile later)

Moreover, it also helps in finding deleted data from the phone, editing the phone content from the PC, cleaning it up, transferring data from one phone to another, and ultimately protecting your data from getting lost. Indeed, an excellent Android backup extractor!

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4. Moboplay

Using Moboplay is another best way to back up an Android phone which acts as an efficient phone manager and cleans space, helps transfer files, and restores the backup. Moreover, you can also backup apps without root, along with APK files.

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It also offers selective backup, so you may decide what needs to be restored and what not. However, Moboplay saves files in ‘dat’ format which doesn’t allow users to preview the data.

5. Fonedog

Fonedog is another efficient inclusion in our list of Android backup extractor. Download it in your laptop and computer, and any issue of the broken or damaged phone can be certainly sorted out when your data can be retrieved back easily.

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This Android backup software for PC is very easy to use and you don’t need to have extra technical knowledge for the same. Interestingly, it also encrypts the backup and helps in maintaining the security of your data. So sit back and relax, let all your contacts, call logs, messages, audios, videos, documents, etc. reach safely via Fonedog.

6. Mobisynapse

Android desktop manager that can easily sync your Outlook contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, reminders between the devices is Mobisynapse and is known as the best way to backup Android phone hassle-free.

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This Android backup software can also sync apps, music, videos while supporting USB and Wi-Fi connection between android backup to PC.

7. Moborobo

Best way to backup Android phone is the use of Moborobo, an android backup extractor that takes your call logs, contacts, messages, files, and more and you can access them all through your PC comfortably.

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Not just that you can take the backup, but you can manage or edit this content using your PC. Moreover, Moborobo’s interface is so simple and easy to understand that you may decide to call it the best Android backup software for PC by the end of the work.

8. SyncDroid

As the name suggests, SyncDroid is a smooth Android sync manager to connect call logs, bookmarks, music, videos, etc., between PC and phone. This free method for Android backup to PC also supports USB connection and Wi-Fi connection by using USB debugging mode and SyncDroid.

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Frequently Asked Questions –

Q1. What is the best free photo backup app for Android?

Cloud storage such as Google Drive and OneDrive provide free photo backup software in Android. You can upload the pictures up to a limit of 15 GB for free.

Q2. Is it possible to backup everything on an Android device?

Yes, with the help of that third-party Android backup tool, you can easily backup your data. Use the Backup & Restore option for the inbuilt opportunity to take a backup of your settings, files etc.

Q3. How can I backup my Android for free?

If you wish to backup your Android for free, you can easily use the inbuilt option to upload data on connected cloud storage or manually transfer the files to another device.


Data backup is certainly a solution for fear of losing your precious files and saving it from accidental loss. Whether you pick Right Backup or any of the best Android backup software, it has to be seen that all your necessities get space back in the cloud without many manual efforts.

We hope you have chosen the right android backup software for your PC! Would you mind sharing the one with us? Your suggestions and choices can be placed in the comment section below.

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