Why Data Backup is a Must?

No one knows when disaster can strike, therefore it is important to be prepared before it comes knocking on the door. This is the reason why March 31st is the day set aside to remind people about the significance of data backup.

data backup must

Backup is a reserved copy of important data that acts as a savior when your phone is lost, hard drive crashes or your system has been compromised due to a ransomware attack.

What Makes Data Backup Crucial?

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Most incidents of data loss take place due to human error or hardware malfunctioning both of which can’t be predicted that is, it is easy to lose data and everyday situations add more to it.

Data breach not only means loss of data it even poses the risk of losing reputation among the users. With data loss one thing is certain: downtime! Because without data organization and employees cannot work. This forces the businesses to do anything for data retrieval, even if it means paying ransom they won’t hesitate or give it a second thought.

Below we list some common reasons that make data backup important:


Data backup comes to our rescue when the system is compromised due to malware, ransomware attack. Using the backed-up data you can resume your normal working and can access all the data without paying anything. That also means that there will be less downtime and businesses will not have to spend a lot in getting the problem fixed. Backed up data will save your time and will let you fight against ransomware attack at your own pace.


We are all humans and hence make mistakes. Most of the time problems arise due to minor mistakes. Sometimes after deleting an important file we realize the mistake or after overwriting a file we regret, and want to get the file back. But it becomes impossible! In such a case if we have backup of our data there will be no problem, there will be peace of mind because we know we can restore data. Some data is irreplaceable and if we already have the backup nothing will be lost.


Like humans and animals, hard drives too have a limited time. As they age there are chances of an unexpected failure. Thus, making user face the distress of data loss that he has been saving on the disk for months or years.

Worst nightmare for both individuals and professionals! This problem can be solved by backing up data.  Data backup helps to handle such unforeseen situations. If your hard disk fails, infrastructure catches fire, backup will be your rescuer.

Using a cloud backup tool for this purpose is always good, as it takes automatic backup and allows you to set a schedule for data backup be it once a week or daily. It won’t ever let you lose your data.


Most business houses shut down after a data loss. But they can avoid this from happening by keeping backup of their data. Backed up data helps the organization from recovering the attack, ensuring long term success.


Laptop users are more prone to data loss due to its reduced durability. Therefore, data backup is a must for them as if they have it they can handle situations like dropping their device or spilling a drink over it.

Scenarios listed above aren’t based on any guess work. Businesses and individuals face these problems often but they are ignorant due to which they face problem. Someday we may become a victim to data loss too, but when no one knows. We all are at risk!

Therefore, the best way to handle this situation is to take a backup.

Businesses agree that data loss can take place due to – human errors, natural calamity, cyber criminals hacking into the network and regular data backup will surely help to deal with the shocking news of data theft.

Best defense against data loss is to be ready for the unforeseen!

How to take Backup of Your Data

how to take backup data

Most of us think backing up means copying the data on another drive or to other partition of the machine other than OS drive. But this isn’t the right way! Why? Because if your machine stops working then what?

To make things easier, here we bring certain guidelines for you, that will help in backing up data.

  • Use external drive to store data rather than storing it on the same machine on different partitions.
  • Use cloud storage it is more secure and reliable and allows you to access data anytime, anywhere.
  • Make several copies of your data. Storing data on both cloud and physical drive is the safest bet.
  • Don’t underestimate the value of physical copies always keep copies of your bank statements and tax records. Hard copy of important documents is an additional security.
  • Sort important things before taking the backup.
  • Organize the documents to make sure you have backed up all the essential data.
  • Use a cloud backup solution for regular and daily backup.

If you follow these guidelines you won’t have to worry about your data. Losing important data is scary but if you have your data is backed up you can handle the situation. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Using a cloud backup tool is the safest bet, as it will automatically take backup of your important data. 

After Effects of Cyber Attacks and Data Loss

data loss

Data loss and cyber-attack lead to these common problems:

  • Businesses that are a victim to cyber-attack or data breach have to compromise with their brand reputation, customer loyalty and customer trust.
  • Companies that suffer attacks or breaches, lose business.

Any backup is better than none at all. Therefore, to prevent hardships and mishaps from occurring always backup your data.

Importance of Data Backup

why backup

Let’s face it, one day not only humans but computers and external hard drives too will also die (wear out). That’s the nature of any hardware device, thus having a data backup is important.

Even worse, the integral part of our lives Internet is full of threats like – Viruses and Trojans. These threats don’t just steal data, sometimes they even delete it and with the growing phenomenon of ransomware things are become more worse.

Hacker uses various ways to install a virus on computer or network and encrypt the data. Once a ransomware is successfully installed the first thing that is compromised is your data. Data is treasure trove for hackers.

If you consider data backup important there is nothing to worry. But those who think data backup to be of least importance they need to worry.

It doesn’t matter which method is used for data breach what matters is data loss. Therefore, you need to always keep your data backed up.

backup data resolution

Types of Data Backup

Data can be stored on various media.

Local and Network Backups

Earlier external hard drive, tape drivers and USB flash drives were the most common storage media used to save data. As they were usually connected to the network or were local data, access was not much a hassle. But there is a risk associated with physical storage media and online threats. Therefore, to secure data, you should always store at least one copy offsite as is required with the 3-2-1 rule (i.e. an offsite backup server or in the cloud.)

Cloud Backups

Nowadays, there are lot many discussions and talks about businesses uploading their data on cloud. For this they are taking help of backup solution. Meaning cloud backups are considered more secure than storing copy of data on the disk. It is a secure way of saving copies of data that can be accessed anytime anywhere via Internet. Undoubtedly, cloud backups are considered as the best option to secure important data that is instantly available when any online or physical disaster strikes. To upload and store data on cloud you can try using Freemium Right Backup.

Difference between Cloud Backups and Online File Storage

Most of us have misconception that both cloud backup and online file storage are same, but this isn’t correct. Online storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, store backup copies of important files whereas a true cloud backup service allows you to create automated backups of complete data stored on the system. For this purpose, you can try using Right Backup a robust Cloud Backup tool. Right Backup- The Trusted Backup Solution for Home and Enterprise users

right backup need of data

As discussed above there are many ways of creating backup of data. But not all allow you to access data anytime anywhere. Therefore, you need a backup solution that provides ease of access and is compatible with all the major platforms.

Right Backup is trusted by millions as using it you can take automatic and manual backup. You can take backup using 2 options:

Smart Backup and Custom Backup

  • Smart Backup takes automatic backup of all default folders.
  • Custom backup allows user to select important files to be backed up.

When an attack takes place, the first thing to be compromised is data therefore you need to secure it before anything wrong happens. Data loss not only means losing customers trust but it also means monetary loss. Therefore, to handle financial loss you need to have an instant access of it because no organization can work without data. With Right Backup you can quickly and easily restore all data or selected data in seconds.

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Features: Right Backup 

Right Backup is a freemium backup and data protection solution that can be used by both enterprises and home users. Here are just few of the benefits that Right Backup delivers:

  • Smart Backup and Restore
  • Custom Backup and Restore
  • Data access from all devices
  • Compatible for all platforms

cloud backup right backup

Right Backup is compatible with all major operating systems. Not only it is compatible with Windows and Mac, but the software is available for Android, iOS users.

Flexible Storage Options: With Right Backup you can take backup of your device and network storage without installing expensive backup or media servers.

The list of features explained above, clearly explains how Right Backup is the perfect tool for all. However, if you still have doubts and want to find out yourself why Right Backup is the best protection tool, you can start with the free trial today.

Hope you liked all the information we have shared with you on the importance of backup and do’s and don’ts. Your feedback is valuable to us, please share your views on the topic.


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