How To Lock Settings App On Android Device?

The most important app on your smartphone is the Settings app which holds control of your device. It is similar to the Registry Editor in Windows PC and holds the key for all the settings and features on your phone. Now if you use your phone, then you need to lock your social media and gallery apps only. But if your Android device is being used as a business tool and it goes into many different hands then it is of the utmost importance that the Settings app is locked so that your device cannot be tampered with. This guide helps users with how to lock the Settings app on Android with quick and easy steps.

How To Lock Settings App On Android Devices

There is no default method provided by Android OS to lock your Settings App and hence it becomes necessary to use a third-party app locker device. For this purpose, we have chosen App Lock – With Fingerprint, Pattern & Password, which is an amazing app that can lock your apps from prying eyes. Here are the steps to lock the settings app:

Step 1: From the Google Play Store, download and install App Lock – With Fingerprint, Pattern, and Password.

Step 2: When you launch the app once it has been installed, it will prompt you to set a four-digit pin, which is the primary way of app locking. Alternatively, you can use the Pattern lock.

Note: You can alter the locking method in the App settings at any time.

Pattern lock

Step 3: If you forget your lock code or pattern, a popup message will require you to create a recovery email address. You are secure from locking yourself out of the programs once you have entered the email address.

recovery email address

Note: Don’t forget to provide the application with the appropriate system permissions.

Step 4: The mobile screen will then display a list of all apps installed on your smartphone. Next to the app, you want to lock, tap the lock button.

lock button

Step 5: A pop-up window will appear asking you to provide Usage Access permission to the application; tap Allow. It will now take you to the Usage access options page, where you can turn on AppLock.

turn on AppLock

Step 6: A new pop-up window will appear, asking you to allow sketching over other apps; tap Allow. Turn on the toggle button for Display over other Apps on the Display over other Apps settings page.

Turn on the toggle button

Step 7: The app will be locked, and you’ll find it in the locked apps section of your home screen. You’ll have to utilize the Passcode/Pattern or your fingerprint to get into the locked apps.

locked apps section

Note: If you want to use your fingerprint to unlock apps, make sure your device is locked with a fingerprint lock. It may also be used to unlock applications that have been locked on your phone.

Step 7: To unlock any app, first launch it and then hit the lock icon next to it.

Note: When the app is not locked, there will be an open lock icon, and when the app is locked by App Lock – With Fingerprint, Pattern, there will be a different closed lock icon.

App Lock – With Fingerprint, Pattern & Password: The Perfect Solution To Lock Apps

App Lock

Several apps can be used to lock apps, but Tool Lock – With Fingerprint, Pattern, and Password is a superb app with many advanced features that make it superior to the others.

Easy-to-use. AppLock by Systweak Software provides an easy-to-use interface that requires no training.

Multiple Security Options. To unlock the apps, users can use a four-digit code, a pattern, or their fingerprint.

Light Weight. App Lock – With Fingerprint, Pattern, & Password is a lightweight app, which means it uses few system resources.

Simple Code Recovery. If you forget your four-digit pin, simply select the recovery option and the pin will be sent to your registered email address in no time.

Note: Before requesting a recovery, you must first add a recovery email address. As a result, when placing a lock on the application, make sure to include an email address.

What Apps Can You Lock With App Lock?

App Lock

The App Lock – With Fingerprint, Pattern, and Password is primarily used to protect personal information and lock apps from unauthorized users. Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media apps are the most commonly locked apps by AppLock by Systweak Software. Furthermore, this app must be used to encrypt all banking and financial apps via fingerprint, pattern, and password. I’ve also added Chrome Browser to the App Lock – With Fingerprint, Pattern, and Password category since I don’t want anyone to know what I’m looking at or what tabs are open. It’s up to you to make the decision and pick which app is most important to you.

The Final Word on How To Lock Settings App On Android Device?

The most suggested method for locking an app in Android is to use an app locker such as App Lock – With Fingerprint, Pattern, and Password. Your passwords and information will be safe and secure if you keep your apps locked. There are no restrictions on the apps you can lock, and the list includes everything from social networking to banking to wallet apps.

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