How to Boost Wi-Fi Signal on iPhone

iPhones which are designed to work as the best smartphones in the world. These devices work amazingly over mobile data but when it comes to Wi-Fi you may face some annoying issues sometimes.

6 Ways to Boost Wi-Fi Signal on iPhone

Websites might take forever to load, you are not able to send pictures or simple text messages. If you usually face such issues, then do not worry they can be resolved. Here is how to boost Wi-Fi Signal on iPhone.

1. Hard restart your iPhone:

There could be some hidden processes which are running in the background and consuming resources. To quit all such processes the best way is to hard reboot your iPhone. To do this you need to press power and the home button together until you find the device is restarting. From iPhone 7 onwards you can do this by pressing sleep/wake and volume down key together. Most of the times this resolves poor internet issues if everything is alright with your router and internet coverage is good.

2. Try removing case/Cover:

Yes, uncasing your phone makes a lot of difference because some of the covers overlap signal antenna which is hidden under the body of your iPhone. So, if you have recently bought a new cover for your iPhone and facing Wi-Fi signal issues then you should consider that the problem could be because of the new cover. Remove the new cover and check if you get better Wi-Fi coverage.

3. Update your firmware:

Next you should try to check firmware update to boost Wi-Fi signal on iPad or iPhone because if the issue you are facing is a software issue then apple might have released an update to fix it. You should always keep your iPhone Up to Date with the latest version on iOS. It fixes lots of issues automatically.

4. Check the storage space:

Sometimes problem is not where we are searching for it. If your iPhone will not have enough storage space, then it will not be able to accept new cookies and cache this will make your internet connection non-responsive. To resolve this, you can straight away clear cache and browsing data or you can delete some data from your phone to make more space.

Check the storage space

5. Setup DNS Manually:

If you are facing serious issues in internet speed, then this is the first thing which you should try. Let us understand what DNS is and how to set it up manually on your iPhone.

What is DNS (Domain name System):

In simple words DNS is a Phonebook for Domain names actually when we try to reach a website we need to type a website IP address, but it is hard to remember the combination of numbers thus we search websites with name. A DNS provider decode this name to an IP address and thus makes us able to access the website with name.

So far you might have understood that DNS plays an important role in the functioning of internet on your computer so here is how you can Change the Default DNS on your iPhone.

  1. Go to settings from the home screen of your iPhone.
    What is DNS Domain name System
  2. Navigate to Wi-Fi you will find the connection name to which you are currently connected.
  3. Tap on i Icon and scroll down to configure DNS. Tap on Configure DNS and Choose Manual.
    What is DNS
  4. Tap on Add Server to add a DNS.
    what is dns step-4

Here are some popular DNS Servers.

Google –;

OpenDNS –;

  1. Enter any of them and tap on Done to configure these settings.
  2. Now reconnect to Wi-Fi and check if this trick works as iPhone signal booster.

6. Reset the router:

If nothing works on your Phone, then now you should check the router contact your ISP and get the steps to reset your router. Sometimes placing of the router makes a lot of difference. Your Wi-Fi router should not be hidden behind other objects also it should not be surrounded by other devices which may create disturbance in the signal strength.

So, these were Wi-Fi signal booster tips for iPhone users. Try these tips and beat the slow speed Wi-Fi. If some other random tricks worked for you to enhance your Wi-Fi speed please let us know in the comment box.

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