11 Facts About PUBG That You Probably Weren’t Aware Of

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is not a name that needs some kind of introduction. And there is hardly anything about the game controls and the tricks to excel in it that pro players haven’t scrutinized yet. In PUBG’s fantastic run for the last two-and-a-half years, players have accessed and mastered everything from high-grade weaponry, sniping points, and looting areas to gameplay tactics, headshot mechanisms, and vehicle maneuvers. However, despite having all knowledge on how to play the game at your best, you are probably not aware of some facts that define PUBG’s phenomenal fan-following across the globe.

Here we bring you some unknown PUBG facts, that not just sound interesting but will leave you in awe. Let’s take a look at some underground facts about PUBG:

1. The Name

The Name

The first PUBG fact revolves around its name. PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which seems like a strange name for an arcade shooting game. Well, there is a little tale behind how PUBG came to be known by such a catchy abbreviation. PUBG’s lead developer is Brendon Greene, an avid gamer himself.

Brendon uses “Player 1” as his player name for most of the games he has previously played. All he did was took a little inspiration and changed it to “Player Unknown” for the release. Little had he known this trick would lead his game to become a catchphrase for game events, memes, and video game podcasts/panels.

2. An All-Time Record Holder

An All-Time Record Holder
Image Source: Statista

It is not an unknown PUBG fact that the game is highly popular in every continent. It became a household name just after his launch, it just didn’t gain immense popularity, but set numerous records that remain unbroken even after two long years. Firstly it registered record sales and became the second-best-selling game with 24 million copies sold. It even went on to create a world record for the greatest number of simultaneous gameplays, with 1,342,857 players online at a time. It surpassed DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to win this title.

3. The Ban

The Ban

PUBG has been known for hacks. Many players have tried to violate PUBG policies by creating hacks where they remain immune from bullets, can see through walls, and can get unlimited upgrades on protective gear without searching for them. Being a free game, PUBG Mobile has attracted more such nuisances than its paid PC version.

But, for those who don’t know, PUBG has strict policies if your account is caught violating game rules using hacks. PUBG developers can ban you for the next 100 years if caught in any such violation. The developers gave a taste of their ruthlessness when they banned 30,000 players in a single day over the most minute cases of violation. So hackers, get his fact about PUBG straight to your heads!

4. The Chicken Dinner Folklore

The Chicken Dinner Folklore
Image Source: PUBG Forums

There is another interesting tale for how developers came with the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner phrase that goes to the winning squad/player at the end of one session.

During the time of the Great Depression in the 1930s, people used to gamble for earning cash. It was a belief that any winner would get enough to afford chicken in the night’s meal. That established chicken as a dish for winners, which was rebranded, rephrased, and ultimately used as a catchphrase in PUBG.

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5. The Pacifist

The Pacifist

I have tried my best to do so but I have never ever finished a game of PUBG without killing anyone. Plus, what good playing a battle game if you’re unwilling to shoot down your opponent players? But, if you ever manage to live through the battle without a kill (which is highly unlikely because I would kick-out the non-shooter of my squad immediately) and win the game, then you’ll be called a Pacifist.

A Pacifist is someone who believes that war is unjust and that’s what PUBG hails you as if you fail to get a single kill shot in the entire battle.

6. Erangel


We pronounce Erangel as Er-Angle. A lot of people I’ve heard do that and even I followed the protocol for too long. But did you know that it is actually Er-angel. Yes, it’s “Angel” as in God’s Angels.

The map is actually named after Brendon Greene’s daughter Eryn. She’s Brendon’s angel and that’s how Erangel got its name. Eryn-Angel!

7. Pochinki, Russia

Image Source: PUBG Lite

Pochinki, the most common drop point in Erangel is known for its hiding spot, its reputation as a looting hub and the most fierce battleground in the game. But, did you know Pochinki is an actual place, or should I say places? Pochinki is the name given to various rural localities in Russia. In fact, a number of drop-point names in the game are derived from the names of Russian villages and districts. Ironically, the building structures at Pochinki in the game are also inspired by early Soviet structures. Looks like Russia resides in PUBG itself.

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8. The Bandana

The Bandana
Image Source: PUBG Forums

PUBG offers various artifacts, advanced weapons, outfits, and protective gear that are to be unlocked or purchased. Players have spent hundreds of dollars on PUBG Unknown Cash currency to get these items. One such item is the red bandana.

It is the rarest of items which were earlier included as an outfit companion in the drop-boxes. But later, it became extinct from the drop-boxes and is now a purchasable item. People have spent up to $1000 to own this rare PUBG item.

9. 3D Replays

3D Replays
Image Source: PUBG

One of the little-known facts about PUBG is that it allows you to record gameplays in multiple cinematic camera views. 3D here refers to the fact that you can view a replay in PUBG from any camera angle apart from the third-person or first-person shooter angle. You can even record gameplay from other player’s viewpoint until the moment they or you yourself are killed.

10. Zero-Pay Marketing

The most “profitable” PUBG fact is that it hardly spent a penny on marketing in its opening year. The word got out so fast that the developers did not feel the need to go extravagant on the marketing budget. They just let the game speak for itself and us players did the rest. Today, PUBG is the fastest-selling game and it registered the highest number of game downloads and item purchases in its mobile versions.

11. PUBG The Movie

PUBG The Movie

No No! There is no movie set to release about PUBG. The actual PUBG fact here is that the game itself is based on a movie. In 2000, a film called Battle Royale was released in Japan. The film featured a group of students who are trapped inside a territory run by a totalitarian government. It’s just like in PUBG, where players engage in a gun battle to death inside a limited territory. The film is highly acclaimed and is also said to be the key behind the evolution of the battle royale genre in movies and video games.

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PUBG is here to stay and it doesn’t seem to go underground against its competitors. And as players, it’s important that we know some interesting facts about PUBG so that we can flaunt our nerdiness to other players. You can’t call yourself a PUBG pro if you don’t know the ins and outs of the game, which includes some trivial facts about it. And now, you have grasped of the most interesting ones should know.

Now go create a squad on PUBG and stand tall as a pro! Get that chicken dinner with pride.

Let’s Roll Out A PUBG Mania:

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