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How To Fix ASUS Laptop Screen Flickering?

Screen Flickering is one of the many frustrating issues encountered by Windows users. A flickering screen can be a distraction that produces fatigue. It decreases productivity as the user needs multiple breaks to reduce eye-strain and heada...


How To Fix ‘SD Card Not Detected’ on Windows?

Many times when you insert your SD card into your Windows PC, there pops up an error message saying 'SD card not detected' or 'SD card not showing up'. Wondering what to do in such a case? Do not worry, we are here to help you resolve this ...


How To Remove Bing From Windows 10

Bing search is generally enabled on Windows, and whenever you search for anything using Start menu, you get to see results both from your computer and Bing. This is anyways a better thing, but you can make the search process much easier by ...


How To Manage Virtual Desktop on Windows 10

When using Windows 10 PC for our work, we end up creating a mess by multitasking on a single desktop. This not only impacts your system performance but also restricts your productivity. We understand the need for multitasking, but it could ...


How To Fix ‘Unable To Initialize Graphics System’ Error

'Unable to initialize Graphics system' is one of the most general errors on Windows 10. You're not alone to encounter this problem, many gamers experience this, and the issue can easily be fixed using a few methods. Also known as Gra...


Fix – PS4 Audio Not Working When PS4 controller is Connected to PC

Are you a gamer and PS4 is one of your favourite gaming consoles? If yes, then this article is for all the awesome players like you. While enjoying your favourite game on PS4, there may be times when you experience a sudden and abrupt audio...


Microsoft Surface Pen Not Working? Possible Fixes To Know!

Is your Microsoft's Surface Pen not working? Well, if yes, then don't worry, it is easy to get your Pen working. The Surface Pen is a great device to use, but there are a lot of complaints when it comes to Surface Pen tip isn't working. As ...


Check Out These Ways To Know How To Scan Documents On iPhone

Being able to scan documents on your smartphone, be it Android or iPhone seems to be a necessity as it simplifies things. Till now, you might have tried a number of apps, but when it comes to iPhone, you might be looking for an app or a fea...


How To Use Apple Pay For contactless payments on iPhone in 2023

Apple Pay is one of the classiest ways to trade online and offline instantly with just a click, touch or by showing Face ID. You can use Apple Pay on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch to make secure purchases in stores, in apps, and on the ...