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How To Disable Auto-Brightness In iOS13?

Is your iPhone constantly changing phone screen by turning its light to dim or bright on its own? This is because of your iOS device’s auto-brightness setting enabled. Depending on the light and surroundings of the location you are in,...


How To Send Encrypted Emails Using Gmail And Outlook?

Security is one of the major concerns of all. Whether it is social media or e-mails, the threat to privacy remains stagnant over the web. Therefore, it is important to encrypt emails to keep them safe from notorious cybercriminals. Since...


Live Chat Software For Websites For Better Customer Experience

A lot of times, many users misinterpret live chat software to be the ones you can chat live on like Skype, Line or other platforms. But, we are talking about the live chat software for websites that can help your customers solve general que...


Organize Your Work With These Best Appointment Scheduling Software

Having everything planned is quite beneficial as it helps in managing work and personal lives accordingly. If you’re a business tycoon, having an online meeting scheduler in hand can make you moderate everything like a pro. Are you fed...


How To Create And Open Zip Files On iPhone?

While working on computers for years, you must have heard the term ‘Zip’ or ‘compressed’ several times. Zip files are of great use for both individuals and businesses, wherein you can compress large files, and send them through emai...


Online Budgeting Tools To Help You Manage Your Expenses

Tracking your daily expenditure is an important thing to stay in line with your budget.  Logging all of them manually can be a real task. Therefore, to do the job, you must have a comprehensive online budgeting tool. These apps help you in...


How To Turn All Websites On Google Chrome To Dark Mode?

With the recent update on Chrome browser, it has turned to version 78 wherein several new features are introduced. Chrome78 has come up with bug fixes, security patches and much more. One of those several features includes ‘enable force d...


Ease Your Life With These Best Productivity Apps For iPhone 2022

Productivity is something that is needed every time to make something possible that can otherwise be impossible. With productivity apps, things get sorted, simpler and faster. What if you are asked for a copy of your graduation certificate ...