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Akshita Gupta is an experienced content creator with a strong academic background of Mass Communication and Journalism. Her interest in writing made her choose writing as a profession. Beyond this, she loves to dance and create poems to soothe her mind.

What are Snap Games and How to Play Games on Snapchat?

You hear it right! Yes, we are talking about Snap games. Snapchat is a platform that not only lets you share your stories with your friends but also lets you enjoy its fun games. Snapchat is a social media platform that is quite popular amo...


How to Download Online Flash Games To Play Offline?

Games have always been a love for people of all age groups and what else can be better than playing games online on a PC. Do you remember the times when smartphones were not that popular, and we used to spend our time playing games online o...


How To Fix Nvidia Shield Remote Not Working?

If your Nvidia Shield remote suddenly stopped working, you need to check issues with both your Shield TV and remote. Why Is Nvidia Shield Remote Not Working? The first step is to ensure that your remote is full of battery and to check thi...


How to Fix Fire TV Stick Alexa Remote Volume & Power Not Working?

Fire TV Stick Alexa Remote is one of the most popular products nowadays used in most of the houses and offices. What happens if any of the control buttons of the Fire TV  remote volume are not working? But what is there you can do with suc...


How To Remove Vocals From A Song

Editing a music file is quite common, nowadays,  Be it trimming and taking music from a song to making it worth karaoke. What if you want to remove vocals from a song while editing music? If you are looking for a solution, we have answers ...


How To Use, Read And Write NFC Tags In iOS 13

With the latest versions of smartphones, NFC is the feature that can help in transferring information from one phone to another. NFC is an abbreviation of Near Field Communication. It is a wireless connection that can be used to transfer in...


Quick Hacks On How To Make Money On Facebook

We all are aware of how wide Facebook’s network is? Along with this, we are aware of the immense influence it has on people who scroll through a Facebook page every now and then, multiple times a day. Other than just scrolling through yo...


8 Things You Need To Know Before Using Facebook Pay

This week on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, Facebook announced that Facebook Pay has rolled out in the USA. Since Facebook keeps on tweaking with numerous ideas every now and then, this time it has come up with an amazing update wherein it ...