How To Remove Vocals From A Song

Editing a music file is quite common, nowadays,  Be it trimming and taking music from a song to making it worth karaoke. What if you want to remove vocals from a song while editing music? If you are looking for a solution, we have answers to the question. But why is there a need to remove vocals?

Why Remove Vocals From A Song?

There are various reasons to eliminate vocals from songs. The major reason is to add other different vocals over it. It is useful to create everything from karaoke or a cover album.  Well as per sound engineers, removing vocals is difficult than isolating as the voice and music are recorded simultaneously to generate audio data.

But, to remove vocals from a song, you have to be experienced enough to mix your choice of vocals over the original music track to create an audio that is not similar to the original. Whereas isolating vocals tends to blend multiple tracks altogether wherein the voice in one track is mixed over with the music of others. The technique of removing and isolating voice from a track is tricky enough.

How To Remove Voice From Songs?

Well, isolating or removing vocals is not that easy, but the process is in high demand to get a music-only track. It is difficult to extract instrumental from a song as the music and vocals are integrated efficiently to create a perfect song.

Still, there are ways that can help with removing or isolating vocals from a song. Both isolating and removing is different. As compared to removing vocals, isolating them is more difficult. There is no such way that can entirely remove vocals from a song. You can try things such as:

  • Try out phase cancellation isolation that can cancel the noise in the instrumental track by placing an instrumental track entirely out of sync with each other.
  • Equalize the frequencies where the vocals are; this will remove a lot of vocal noise.
  • Base and treble can be adjusted and equalized out to leave a tight range keeping vocals on the track.
  • Try using software plug-ins to isolate vocals, but at times such software can hamper the quality of the track while removing vocals from a song.

Use Audacity Like Software To Remove Vocals From Mp3

Audacity is one of the most popular audio editing software, and moreover, it is a free utility-plugin that works well on both Mac and Windows. For vocal removal, you can try its feature of audio canceling, following the process below:

1. Download Audacity > Launch it > Drag the track you want to remove vocals from.

Image Source:

2. On the left side of the track and click on the drop-down arrow. From the list of options, select ‘Split Stereo Track’.

3. Now, double click on the blue part at the bottom, and you will see it turning bit dark. Now, you can remove vocals from MP3.

Remove vocals using audacity
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4. Then, click go to Effects tab > Invert, and the track will flip. Now, again go to the drop-down arrow beside the song’s name and select ‘Mono’. It is necessary that you do this with both tracks so that the audio signal will consider only the single channel.

Mono tab audacity
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5. Play the file, and check the saved version. The voice will be removed from the track now.

Since all done. Proceed to File > Export > Enter File Name and click OK to proceed. Follow the process above as this will let you remove vocals from Mp3, leaving with you only the accompaniment. Audacity is among the pretty powerful piece of software for a tool that is free to use. Audacity is not only capable of removing vocals from MP3 but can also isolate them.

What’s Your Take On Removing Vocals From a Song?

Do you know any other ways to edit vocals from MP3 songs? If yes, we’d love to hear other possible ways. Let us know in the comments section below.

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