8 Things You Need To Know Before Using Facebook Pay

This week on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, Facebook announced that Facebook Pay has rolled out in the USA.

Since Facebook keeps on tweaking with numerous ideas every now and then, this time it has come up with an amazing update wherein it has introduced Facebook Pay to make payments simpler in some parts of the world. It is set to limited apps and countries like the USA for now but soon will upgrade to be used by more people.

facebook pay

So, there might be a lot of queries hitting your minds after this mind boggling Facebook’s new feature of making payments simpler and easier.


Here, we have got you some useful FAQs that can help you know and understand Facebook Pay the better way.

1. What Is Facebook Pay?

fb pay

Just like Google Pay and other payment wallets, Facebook has come up with Facebook Pay that facilitates payments across Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. It will offer a convenient, secure and consistent payment experience. Earlier it was just open for fundraisers, person-to-person payments, tickets and in-game purchases and for some of the purchases from pages and businesses on this Facebook marketplace. But now, Facebook Pay supports most major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal.

2. How Does It Work?

To access Facebook Pay, you are just required to have Facebook app on your device and you are all set to use it on Facebook and Messenger in just a few taps:

  • On Facebook app or website, go to Settings.
  • Look for Facebook Pay.
  • Add a payment method and it’s done.

You can use Facebook Pay anytime for payments. For now, it is just available on Messenger but soon you can use Facebook Pay directly on WhatsApp and Instagram too.

3. Is It Safe To Use Facebook Pay?

When you ask is Facebook Pay safe? It is doubtful to confess its reliability. Although, Facebook assures its users that all your banking details are kept well protected, and you’re secure to share it on the app. But we can be sure of Facebook’s security check, once it launches Facebook Pay globally. It is doubtful to trust this platform as of now because of the history and debacles where Facebook continuously and surprisingly exposed users’ personal data without their consent.

4. What Can You Do With Facebook Pay?

While using Facebook Pay, you can always try your hands on these amazingly stated features:

  • Add your preferred payment method and use Facebook Pay where available to make payments.
  • It allows you to set up the service app-by-app, or choose to set it up for use across all the apps (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp).
  • Provides real-time customer support via live chat in the US.

 5. Which Payments Methods Does It Supports?

In the US as of now, Facebook Pay will support most debit and credit cards along with PayPal.

6. When Can You Start Using Facebook Pay?

Facebook has rolled out on November 12, 2019, but it is hard to say when it will be made available for use in all countries. Also, it still has not exactly revealed, when this feature will be available all across its apps.

7. Does It Secure Every Transaction We Make?

As per Facebook, it monitors all the transactions efficiently with its anti-fraud monitoring, customer support 24 hours a day, and data security. It stores your confidential data separately from your account data.

8. How To Control Your Facebook Pay Account?

Facebook Pay lets you stay in control with its efficient verification methods, transaction notifications, privacy purchases, and much more to be revealed sooner anytime in the coming time.

Wrapping Up:

Well, these were the most popular questions we feel you might be seeking answers to. We hope this FAQ guide to Facebook Pay is beneficial for you. Let us know what else you need us to answer you regarding this amazing payment platform by Facebook. We’d love to help you in any manner we can.

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