Quick Hacks On How To Make Money On Facebook

We all are aware of how wide Facebook’s network is? Along with this, we are aware of the immense influence it has on people who scroll through a Facebook page every now and then, multiple times a day.

Other than just scrolling through your newsfeed to check what people around you are doing, sending messages to your friends or taking quizzes, Facebook is also open for sellers and buyers too.

If you have a full-fledged business or a small startup where you’ve just an item to sell, Facebook is the platform for you to make money online. So, here’s the question arises, how to make money on Facebook?

But, before you move ahead, do you know who can make money online on Facebook?

Can I Make Money On Facebook?

There are no particular standards to earn money from Facebook but like everything and especially business you need to take risks. You have to be patient to get desired results like all kinds of marketing involves.

First and foremost, you have to build up a strong Facebook profile that cannot fail in making the first impression. Always ensure that your profile seems real to everyone and related to the products you’re selling. With your profile, you can set reliability and gain people’s trust to get an awesome response for your business.

To sell on Facebook with a real profile always put a profile picture, either a picture of yourself or a picture of your business emblem. Put on all the details, the city your trade-in, the contact information and a website link to your business. All this information will let you enhance your credibility.

So, while planning to make money via Facebook, create a separate business account and this is how you can make money on the Facebook page. And, if in case, you wish to keep everything under one roof i.e. under one account, you can do it using a Craigslist alternative.

Now, since you know if you can make money with Facebook page or not, it is time to know what you can or cannot sell.

What I Cannot Sell On Facebook?

Well, you are free to sell everything on Facebook, but there are always some limitations to anything you wish to sell on public platforms. Herein, while using Facebook as your shop to cater to maximum buyers, you cannot sell any of the following products:

  • Alcohol
  • Illicit Drugs
  • Tobacco
  • Firearms
  • Animals
  • Real Money Gambling Products
  • Certain Healthcare Products

Nowadays, people are more into creative things, and Facebook is one such platform to sell their handmade items, along with selling used cars, items, ebooks, etc. And now you are sorted with the product you are selling, so here’s how you can earn selling them with Facebook.

How To Make Money With Facebook?


Everything is all set, now it’s just how to earn money. You have to make sure, you choose the right path to sell the right way. Here is what you need to know to start selling with Facebook:

1. Write A Post For Your Product On Facebook 

In the ‘What’s on your mind?’ section of Facebook, you can create a curating and interesting post, and share it on your wall to let people know about your business. To begin with, start typing what you want to sell. Also, you can even you should include pictures of the items, you’re selling through your Facebook page.  Once you have posted your products for sale, it’s time to take follow-ups. When anyone expresses his interest in the things you’re selling, continue the conversation on Facebook Messenger. It will let you stay in touch with your existing and new customers.

2. Join Local Business Groups

If your main target audience is all local, you probably need not have to sell products to your friends or close contacts. You can build your business page the way it can bring more sales for you. For this, you can hit a trial by joining local business groups on Facebook. Such pages allow you to add a post on that group stating the ‘Product on Sale’ or any such phrases and list all the required details to let people on that group know you’re a seller selling products locally. Every group has different selling policies so ensure that you read the group guidelines before you post.

3. Try Selling On Facebook Marketplace

As already stated, to earn money from Facebook, you can make your own page, join new pages and also you can try selling on Facebook Marketplace. Do you know about Facebook Marketplace? It is a free-for-all feature for Facebook users that they can use to trade anything within the local area. Anyone can access Facebook Marketplace, and anyone can share the posts within their friends and that can draw you some sales or something you might have been looking for so long.

4. Enter Contests And Giveaways

While using Facebook as a business platform, you are suggested to go through some contests and giveaways, and you can earn entries by sharing your link on Facebook or you can follow the Facebook page. You can find new opportunities with this step and the only requirement is your time. The giveaways and contests are different, but you can always have a chance to win gift cards by Amazon or something that might be somehow useful.

5. Create Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is one of the essential tasks that need your attention while working on your Facebook business profile. Creating a page takes just a few minutes and once created, you can share your posts with your followers and can write posts on your personal timeline. You can send regular messages to your prospects and loyal followers and can make money by posting ads on Facebook to cater to people who do not follow your Facebook Ads.

6. Go Live To Build Brand

Facebook Live is another option to let you build your brand and gain audience trust. This is a fun way wherein you create behind the scenes videos or videos on how you work. This gives people a sense of understanding of how work is progressed and this real-time process of sharing your products with your followers, can increase your business.

Well, this is a brief guide on how you can make money on Facebook. Although ways to make money is not limited to the steps listed above. You can make more money in more ways such as by joining local and outstation Facebook groups, earn being a social media manager and much more.

Wrapping Up:

These things listed in this article can help any person to make money using Facebook. You can sell your products locally or you can promote an online website by joining groups and interact with Facebook members, or even you can run a paid ad to help you consistently earn using Facebook.

Have you ever thought of making money using Facebook? Do you know any other efficient ways to make money on Facebook? Let us know in the comments section below.

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