10 Best Money Making Apps That Pay You Real Money

From booking tickets to managing accounts, today there is an app for everything. But what if we tell you that there are apps that pay you real money? And we’re not just talking about app credits. There is real money involved here. Today we are assembling for you some of the best apps to make money. They aren’t going to make you super-rich, but who says no to a little side income and that too when you earn it on your phone. With these exciting apps, you can make money by selling goods, taking surveys, playing reward games, and all the different fun activities.  Let’s check out some of the best money-making apps and help you choose the best fit for you to earn some additional cash:

Earning Apps That Pay You Real Money

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards, without any doubt, is the easiest way to make money using an app. As the world’s biggest advertiser and digital marketer, it is Google’s job is to help businesses grow. And to ensure that, it has to take consumers’ preferences into account. So how do you take consumer opinions on a global scale? With this app, Google conducts consumer surveys across the globe, designated to individual users. Most of the surveys are about any latest service you have used using your Google account as your email partner. Google sends notifications for available surveys so as to remind you of a money-making opportunity. Taking each survey earns you some money in the form of Play Store credits, which you can use to make in-app purchases when required. For Apple users, this money goes into their PayPal account.

Download: Android || iOS

2. Rakuten (Ebates)


Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is a money-making app that lets you earn some cash just by doing some shopping. Rakuten has several shopping outlets and booking portals for movies and travel associated with it, including Amazon, where you can shop. All you had to do is make that purchase through Rakuten and make the payment as usual. Since Rakuten here is a referrer to the concerned shopping portal, it is entitled to some commission. The app then transfers a small percentage of that commission to the user that would be you. You can get add that money in your PayPal account three times a year from Rakuten app. The minimum reward earned should $5 to checkout.

Download: Android || iOS

3. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is another app that pays you money for shopping and surfing the web. Swagbucks is basically a search engine. Here you can stream videos, music, do online shopping, and take advertising surveys. Just like Rakuten, Swagbucks thrive on commissions being an advertiser and shares that portion of earning with the users. But there is a catch. You earn money on Swagbucks in form of SB points. You can use these points to earn coupons, gift cards, and offers on your Swagbucks purchases. There is an option to cash out your points, but the conversion rate won’t be as profitable to you. There are also entries to Swagstakes, a contest you participate in to receive free gift items.

Download: Android || iOS

4. iPoll


iPoll is a surveying application which pays users to take surveys concerning various topics and genres. One of the best money making apps, iPoll works just like Google Opinion Rewards. The app notifies you of forthcoming surveys which you can take in exchange for reward points, redeemable while purchasing Amazon gift cards. Though iPoll is a money earning app, it requires your personal details before you start taking on surveys. It’s those details that are used by surveyors and marketers for earning consumer details. However, it is well-proven iPoll isn’t a scam or facade.

Download: Android || iOS

5. Sweatcoin


If you haven’t been that much into fitness lately, then you must reconsider your routine. Here’s an app that pays you money to get yourself into shape. Commonly, laziness keeps us off the workout regimes, but when it’s paying you money, why not? Sweatcoin is a money-making app that gives you 0.95 “sweatcoins” for every 1000 steps you take. These reward coins can then be used to purchase fitness routines, gear, and even donate to charitable institutions. So, that means that every ounce of sweat counts. Get your shoes on and start walking.

Download: Android || iOS

6. Foap


Are you into mobile photography? Then for you, Foap is the destination app to make money. The app allows users to sell their photography skills to different agencies. This app works as a portfolio of your work. If someone like your photo, that particular buyer can cash you out through your linked PayPal account. For photographers, this app is not just a way to fill up their pockets but to do something they love.

7. BookScouter


If you’re trying to get rid of your enormous collections of academic books and literature novels, then why not earn some bucks rather than just giving them away. BookScouter is one of the best money making apps that allow you to sell your books online in exchange for some cash. A must download for students who are willing to pass on their used study materials and books, BookScouter is the perfect app to earn your pocket money. So, in case your shelves are full of unwanted hardbacks, use this app to pay yourself some money.

8. Money App – Cash for Free Apps

Money App - Cash for Free Apps

The highest-rated money making app on android, Money App has versatile means of earning money via an app. You can watch the videos, take surveys, test services, and endorse apps to earn some cash in exchange. The app is continuously being updated with new data to keep the element of fun intact. The best part is that Money App pays you in real cash. You can cash out your earnings in 2-3 days via your linked PayPal account.

9. Fluid – Truck Share

Fluid - Truck Share

Do you have a truck that you aren’t using because now you own a better car? Well, if that’s the case, we recommend you to rent it out to Fluid Truck Share rather than selling it off to someone else. This exciting money earning app lets you rent your trucks from pickups to cargo vans. These rented vehicles are then used either by people seeking transport for shifting furniture, taking goods, or for going out on a rally trip. Whatever it is, you, the owner, will get paid.

10. AppTrailers


You do know about those annoying ads that pop-up on every free-service app. Apps like YouTube, Facebook, and many more earn solely by running ads. And we hate them for it. But here’s an app to make money faster than ever. AppTrailers make you watch those annoying ads but in exchange for payments. The app also consists of trivia questions you can take to earn more reward points. Again, these reward points can be used to purchase Amazon gift cards and coupons or can be converted into PayPal cash.

Note: This app has been discontinued.

These apps are perfect for helping you out with your small expenditures and aren’t at all a waste. Don’t miss this opportunity and choose the best-fit app that pays you real money sitting back at home.

Note: Before you log in to these apps, it is advised that some of these apps that run surveys are associated with marketers. So, your responses are submitted to them for business research. Your entered details (such as age, gender, etc.) may be also shared. So please resort to your personal opinions before registering on any of these money-making apps.


  • comment_avtar
    is there anything extremely similar to Apptrailers? that sounds perfect for me

    2 years ago
    • comment_avtar
      Dheeraj Manghnani
      Hi Shay, You can try Swagbucks.

      2 years ago

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