Important Tips & Tricks For Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the official market to download apps, books and more for all the Android users. This is a virtual gallery that allows you to try and buy your desired apps and more. Play Store app is installed on your Android by default when you buy a new Android. Though it is among one of the highest used application on your device, you may hardly know all the tricks to use it at its maximum. Today, we’re going to unearth some of the useful tips and tricks for Google Play Store that you can apply on your routine usage:

1.Update it Yourself:

You may wonder how you don’t see Google Play Store as an app in the Play Store itself whenever you try to lookout for an update. Well, updating the Play Store app has been made an automatic process. The maker makes sure that you’re notified through various push notification and push updates on time. However, there are times when you reset your phone to its factory settings and lose the updated version of the app. Here, you can manually update the Google Play Store by launching the app and going to the Settings. Scroll down to the bottom and tap the Play Store Version
option for a few times. If you’re using the latest Google Play Store version, it notifies you with a message else the update starts instantly.

update google play store

2. Authentication to buy:

Google is one of the most trusted brand that you come across and this is the reason why you don’t think twice before linking your credit-card to it. However, there’ve been cases where children have made purchases and the money got debited. Well, you may not control children but can set Google Play Store to authenticate every payment before finalizing a purchase.  need to go to the Settings and tap Require authentication for purchase.

authentication for buy google play apps

3. Install apps from PC to Android:

This feature sets you free of touching your device to install an app. Simply launch Google Play Store on your computer, login to your account and search for the app that you want on your phone. As soon as you click Install, the app gets downloaded to your Android. Make sure that your phone is connected to a working Internet connection in order to be able to get the app.

install app pc to android

4. See Ratings and Reviews:

Ratings make an app grow and if you wish to see what are all the ratings you’ve given to the apps, you don’t’ have to go the app pages one by one. The Ratings and reviews section of Google Play Store lets you see the ratings and reviews you’ve given to all the apps. Just swipe the tray from right to left to see the older entries.

see rating and reviews

5. Content Restriction:

Google Play Store lets you restrict the content. It becomes important at times when you’ve kids at home. You certainly don’t want them to watch something that isn’t intended for them. Just go toparental control and set up the restriction based on the kids age.

content restriction on google

Overall, almost every useful app has several of its tricks that may make your experience even better. With above tricks, you can now explore Google Play Store even more and better your searching’s. It is important that you keep the Play Store updated to fetch the maximum features that it offers. Should you know more interesting tips, do let us know in the comments below.

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